Djokovic Completes Grand Slam Collection
  • Djokovic wins fourth straight major
  • Last accomplished in 1969
  • Murray won first set
  • Djokovic now with 12 majors
Adolf Hitler Quote Makes It Into Maine's Bangor High School Yearbook
  • Bangor High School has asked students to send the offensive books back 
  • They want to apply a sticker to cover the offensive words by Nazi leader 
  • Principal of Maine school, Paul Butler, said the printing was 'regrettable' 
Iraqis Wade Across Euphrates To Escape Isis In Fallujah
  • Iraqis – some carrying the elderly in blankets – swam, waded and crossed Euphrates in makeshift boats to safety
  • ISIS has launched a brutal and desperate crackdown on deserters as Iraqi forces begin operation to retake the city
  • Offensive has been stalled because ISIS are using 50,000 hostages as human shields as troops enter stronghold
  • See more of the latest Islamic State news as Iraqis wade across the Euphrates to escape ISIS in Fallujah
Bodies Of Migrants Who Drowned Last Week Found Washed Up On Libyan Beach
  • Bodies among hundreds of refugees who died in the sea last week as departures from North Africa to Italy surged
  • It comes as a major rescue operation was underway to save hundreds of migrants whose boat capsized off Crete
  • Two patrol boats, a plane and helicopter sent to the scene and at least four ships have joined the rescue operation
Glass-fronted House Shaped Like A Ribbon Near Lake Zurich With A £5,300-a-month Price Tag
  • The Flexhouse is a two-bedroom house the banks of Lake Zurich in Switzerland, shaped like a ribbon
  • The four-storey home, which boasts two roof terraces, is available to rent for £5,300-a-month
  • The unusual shape of the house comes from the oddly-shaped plot of land it is built on 
Prince Died Of Opioid Overdose, Law Enforcement Official Reveals
  • Prince died of an opioid overdose according to a law enforcement official
  • The singer died on April 21 at the age of 57 at his Paisley Park estate just outside Minneapolis, Minnesota
  • There had been reports shortly after his death that the painkiller Percocet had been in his system when his body was found 
  • There were also reports that Prince had been treated for an overdose of Percocet just six days before his death 
  • Prince's former drug dealer said in April he believed opioids were behind his death, saying the singer bought large amounts of Dilaudid and Fentanyl
  • Prince was last pictured the night before his death leaving a Walgreen's near his home, the fourth time he had been to the pharmacy that week
Asia To Make America's Cup History
  • Japan to host America's Cup series
  • Two-day event in Fukuoka in November
  • Japan has first team since 1999
Best-selling Celebrity Biographer Of David Bowie, Patrick Swayze And Arnold Schwarzenegger Falls To Her Death From Balcony Of Apartment Overlooking Thames
  • Wendy Leigh, 65, was found dead outside central London flat on Sunday
  • Writer was biographer to stars including David Bowie and John F Kennedy
  • Friends said journalist had struggled with the death of her mother last year
Etihad Introduces £55,000 Return Fare From London To Melbourne In Its 'residence' Suite
  • The Residence suite is a three-room 'penthouse in the sky' that has its own butler and chef on an Airbus A380 
  • Its living room has a 32in flat-screen LCD TV, leather double sofa and two fold-away dining tables
  • Guests are also able to snooze on a double bed and freshen up in a bathroom that has a shower and hair dryer 
  • Price trumps previous most expensive ticket - £52,000 for a return stay in The Residence from New York to Mumbai
Paris Bans All Cars Made Before 1997 In A Bid To Reduce Smog
  • New laws come into force next month to tackle toxic air pollution in capital
  • Motorcycles registered before 2000 will also be banned in city on weekdays
  • Move is part of larger plan to outlaw cars more than ten years old by 2020 
  • Reforms will hit those who can't afford the more modern cars the hardest
Barcelona's Lionel Messi Is Jeered As He Arrives At Court Over Tax Fraud Charges In Spain
  • Argentine striker arrives to take the stand for the first time in tax fraud case
  • Spanish government accused him of defrauding the government of £3.2m
  • The allegations against him and his father, Jorge date back to 2007-09
  • Case has seen him miss part of Argentina's preparations for Copa America
  • See more news on Lionel Messi as he arrives at court for his tax fraud trial
Egyptair Crash Flight Ms804 Black Box Signals Found In Mediterranean Sea By French Navy
  • EgyptAir plane carrying 66 on board crashed into Mediterranean on May 19
  • French ship picked up black box signals from under Mediterranean Sea 
  • But devices only have enough power to emit signals for up to five weeks
  • See more EgyptAir crash news as black box signals are located 
Eu Drug Agency: Ecstasy Is Making A Comeback Among The Young
  • MDMA, also known as ecstasy, is growing in popularity across the EU
  • MDMA sales across the EU is now believed to total almost £540 million
  • Party drug was popular in the 1990s but sales dipped in the 2000s
  • New 'marketing techniques' include online sales and 'special edition' pills 
Hillary Clinton Leads Donald Trump 45 To 41 In New Quinnipiac Poll
  • The latest national poll shows Hillary Clinton ahead of Donald Trump, but the race is basically tied once the Libertarian and Green parties are let in
  • The poll shows that women and men are divided on their presidential choices, while party faithful are voting for their own candidate 
  • The survey shows Bernie Sanders as a stronger candidate against Donald Trump, but Democrats overwhelmingly favoring Clinton  
Iran's Taraneh Alidoosti Sparks Outrage After She Reveals Feminist Tattoo On Her Arm
  • Taraneh Alidoosti, 32, showed the 'women power' symbol in Tehran
  • Came after she returned from promoting new film at Cannes film festival
  • Some accused her of supporting abortion, which is illegal in Iran
  • Tattoos are also regarded as being signs of immorality and Westernisation
The Long, Sad Story Of Falluja
  • Falluja has suffered more than any other Iraqi city
  • Residents are again fleeing the city as it comes under siege
Pittsfield Bear Cub Tranquilised By Animal Welfare Officers Outside Massachusetts School
  • The bear cub was roaming around Pittsfield in Massachusetts yesterday when animal welfare officers were called 
  • After several hours it clambered up a tree overlooking the town's school and refused to move from the location
  • Animal welfare officers shot the bear twice with a special tranquilizer dart in an effort to relocate it to the woods 
  • The bear fell into a safety net almost an hour later when the drugs started to work allowing the cub's safe removal 
Namibia Waterhole Sees Furious Stallions Square Up For Vicious Fight
  • Two stallions reared up on their back legs with each trying their best to kick and bite their opponent in the battle
  • Series of pictures show the zebras fighting over the Salvadora waterhole at the Etosha National Park in Namibia
  • Dramatic scenes were captured on camera by 69-year-old Ditch amateur wildlife photographer Marianne Berger
Paris On Red Alert As River Seine Rises To Its Highest Level In Three Decades
  • Parisians urged to avoid banks of the river Seine and Louvre museum shuts doors to evacuate priceless artwork
  • Horserider swept away to his death by flood water near capital as deadly floods wreak havoc in France and Germany
  • Pensioner found dead in flood-hit German town of Simbach am Inn while roads and houses have been swept away
  • See more of the latest Paris flood news and updates as the River Seine rises to its highest level in three decades
Pornhub Features Bbc Sex Scenes From Versailles, The Night Manager And War And Peace
  • Sex scenes from popular BBC dramas appearing on pornography site
  • Scenes from Versailles, The Night Manager and War and Peace 
  • BBC is said to be working to get footage taken down
  • Comes after Game of Thrones scenes also appeared on Pornhub
Doctor Reveals 10 Commonly Ignored Cancer Symptoms
  • Dr Tony Bartone has revealed ten cancer symptoms people usually ignore
  • Symptoms include fever, fatigue, heartburn or pain swallowing
  • A symptom that is persistent and abnormal should be addressed by a GP
Businessman Risks All To Free Yazidi Slave Girls
  • Once a successful businessman, Abdullah Shrem now works to rescue fellow Yazidis from ISIS
  • His network of smugglers risk their lives to bring captives out of ISIS territory
  • Those who have escaped say they were used as sex slaves and bomb makers
Is This The Answer To The Migration Crisis – A Man-made Island In The Mediterranean? Architects Design A City Incorporating The Best Of Europe And Africa Which Would Sit Off Of Tunisia
  • Dutch  architect  designs a man-made island to be built in the Mediterranean between Tunisia and Italy
  • Europe In Africa would be a sovereign state inhabited exclusively by refugees  hoping  to enter the EU
  • The EU would rent the 'land' from Tunisia and Italy for the first 25 years, then island's citizens would pay
  • After five years of living on the EIA island, citizens could apply for a EU passport to move to Europe 
Who Run The World? Wisconsin Roofing Magnate Worth $4.9billion Tops Forbes List Of 60 Richest Self-made Women, With Beyonce And Taylor Swift Making The Cut 
  • Roofing magnate Diane Hendricks topped Forbes' list of self-made women 
  • ABC Supplier co-founder has a $4.9billion fortune after starting firm in 1982
  • Oprah came in second and health IT firm CEO Judy Faulkner was in third
  • Beyonce, Vera Wang, Barbra Streisand and Taylor Swift also on the list
San Francisco Angler Lands Amazonian Fish Known For Its Human Looking Teeth And Biting Unsuspecting Swimmers' Testicles
  • Juan Gallo was fishing in a duck pond in Petaluma City in California 
  • He landed an unusual carnivorous fish called a pacu from the Amazon
  • The pacu is known for attacking male swimmers and biting their testicles
  • Anglers can identify the dangerous fish by its human-looking teeth  
Parking Dispute Leads To Arrest For Pentagon Official
  • Pentagon official Bryan Whitman was arrested and charged with theft 
  • He allegedly stole the license plates from a neighbor's nanny's car 
  • Came amid a parking dispute within his neighborhood on Capitol Hill 
  • Charges could be dropped if he completes 32 hours of community service
Amber Heard's Dire Financial Situation Revealed In Johnny Depp Divorce Documents
  • The actress has filed court documents showing her income and expenses 
  • Comes after she filed for divorce from estranged husband Johnny Depp
  • It shows that she has a basic monthly income of $10,000 per month 
  • However her 'basic expenses' including rent and clothes total almost $44,000 per month 
  • See more of the latest news on Johnny Depp and Amber Heard's divorce 
Ancient Roman Text Discovered At London Building Site
  • Earliest handwritten text ever found in UK, dates back to 57 A.D.
  • Over 400 ancient Roman writing tablets preserved in river mud
Ballarat Grandfather Cut His Face Off With A Chainsaw And Drove Himself To Hospital
  • Man drives himself to hospital after 'slicing his face open with a chainsaw' 
  • Bill Singleton, 68, was working on his property in Ballarat, near Melbourne
  • Gruesome hospital photos show the extent of the grandfather's injury
  • The 68-year-old lost control of his chainsaw and cut into his face on May 6 
  • Surgeons said he was 'one centimetre' from severing his carotid artery 
Aston Martin Prototype Set To Sell For £1million
  • The Aston Martin DB2 has a rusty engine and a cobweb-covered interior - but it's still likely to fetch up to £1million
  • It was driven at the famous Le Mans 24-hour race in 1949 and finished seventh in the race and third in its category
  • The British car has been raced at numerous European circuits, left in a garden for years and was then stolen
  • It is up for auction at the Bonhams' Goodwood Festival of Speed sale near Chichester, West Sussex
How We Got Here, Why It Matters
  • Falluja was the first Iraqi city to fall to ISIS in January 2014
  • UNICEF: More than 20,000 children remain trapped in the city
Russian Man Chops Off Friend's Genitals With Axe After Losing Penis-measuring Competition
  • Russian, 52, attacked friend, 47, after penis-measuring competition
  • Angry at losing out to his friend, he hit him over the head with an axe
  • The 52-year-old then grabbed his friend's manhood and chopped it off
Kuwaiti Girl Gives Favourite Teacher Mercedes As Thanks For Helping Her Graduate Kindergarten
  • Little Noor Al Faris thanked her teacher 'Nadia' with a Mercedes
  • The little girl gifted the car to the teacher after leaving kindergarten
  • Dad  explained  car was thanks for supporting Noor after her mum died
Charlie Jung Photographs The World's Most Breathtaking Underwater Caves
  • Scuba diving instructor Charlie Jung, from Korea, has captured underwater caves in Turkey, South Korea and Japan
  • Jung, 40, said that during his explorations, he feels a sense of anticipation, excitement and the  presence  of God
  • He said there are many high-risk factors involved in cave diving but that the photographs he captured are thrilling
We Are On The Brink Of 'post-antibiotic Dystopia' , Warns Professor Roger Pickup
  • 'Golden era' of antibiotics shifted leading cause of death from infection
  • Currently, most infections can be treated, and few are actually resistant
  • But, history shows this will change with colistin resistance growing
  • In a world without antibiotics TB will rise,  pneumonia  will become a mass killer once more and transplant operations will be impossible 
  • Professor Roger Pickup from Lancaster University explores the issues 
Mother Who Spent £8,500 On Botched Breast Surgery
  • Kayla Cole, 26, from New South Wales, spent £8,500 on the procedure 
  • Was desperate to fix her breasts that were left 'saggy' from breastfeeding 
  • But the hairdresser has been left with drooping, uneven boobs
  • Kayla says she can't afford the £2,500 needed for corrective surgery
Germany: Armenian Killing Was Genocide
  • Resolution passed by 'striking majority,' with just one politician voting against
  • Fears it could place strain on Germany-Turkey relations and EU migrant deal
Cincinnati Zoo's Small Safety Barriers Around The Gorillas Enclosure Are Revealed
  • First pictures emerge showing the 3ft-tall metal and wire fencing at zoo
  • That leads to 4ft of bushes before a 15ft drop into the gorilla enclosure
  • Zoo insist the barriers are safe and said children can 'climb over anything'
  • Zoo said it would review the barrier but made no promise to redesign it 
  • Elsewhere, police recommend not pursuing charges against boy's parents
A Thief Is Maimed For Life By Isis Thugs Who Chop Off His Hand With Cleaver... While Six Men Are Executed For Selling Cigarettes
  • Thief's hand is held on surface while a cleaver is positioned on his wrist
  • Heavy metal bar is used to strike down on the blade and slice off his hand
  • Comes as it emerges ISIS in Iraq executed six men for selling cigarettes
  • They were killed by firing squad after being taken to public square in Mosul
Sheryl Sandberg Denies Facebook Knew Peter Thiel Was Funding Hulk Hogan's Lawsuit Against Gawker For Publishing His Sex Tape And Says The Billionaire Will Remain On The Board 
  • Sheryl Sandberg insisted she knew nothing of Peter Thiel funding lawsuits
  • Facebook board member revealed he gave money to suits suing Gawker 
  • Among them was a suit by Hulk Hogan who sued Gawker for $140million
  • Sandberg has confirmed Thiel acted independently from Facebook role  
Philippines' Duterte Denounced For Defending Killing Of Some Journalists
  • Duterte also called bishops 'sons of wh***s' and joked about a rape victim
  • His comments do not appear to have dented his popularity in the country
  • But president-elect's  remarks  about killing journalists have sparked  fury 
  • He said: 'Most of you are clean, but do not ever say all journalists are clean'
Fingers Or Toes? Woman Stuns Internet After Posting Pictures Of Her Bizarre Digits
  • Web users are surprised to find out these long digits are in fact toes
  • They belong to a Taiwanese student who shared pictures of her feet online
  • The woman is 4ft 11in and her second toe, the longest of all, is two inches  
New York Developer Breaks Up With Wife Of 57 Years For Younger French Girlfriend
  • Sources tell the New York Post that Harry Macklowe told his wife Linda, both 78, he was leaving her last week 
  • He then immediately moved in with his new, younger, French girlfriend Patricia Landeau, 60
  • The Macklowes have been married for 57 years and sources say that the break-up came as quite a shock 
  • Harry is worth an estimated $2billion, and is currently developing 432 Park Ave, the world's tallest residential building
West Australian Beach Sees Great White Shark Found Dead Caught On Drum Lines Near Falcon
  • A great white shark was found dead on Wednesday near Falcon, WA
  • Surfer Ben Gerring, 29, was attacked at the same beach on Tuesday
  • His life was saved by a paramedic who happened to be nearby
  • Mr Gerring lost part of his leg above the knee during the attack
  • He also didn't have a pulse for 30 minutes and was revived by CPR 
  • It is unknown if the shark found on Wednesday also attacked Mr Gerring 
  • WA Fisheries released capture gear into the water a day after the attack 
World's Longest Tunnel Opens
  • Gotthard tunnel's length overtakes Japan's Seikan Tunnel and the Channel Tunnel
  • Leaders of Germany, France and Italy were on hand for opening ceremonies