Us Bishop Michael Curry Raises Eyebrows At The Royal Wedding

1 month ago
The Most Rev Bishop Michael Curry attended the Royal Wedding to give a fiery address at St George's Chapel
He mentioned slavery, the Old Testament and quoted the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr in his unusual speech
Speech provoked a few chuckles in the chapel - and even Harry and Meghan couldn't help but giggle at one point
Prince William seemed to be desperately trying to hold back a fit of laughter 
Camilla and Kate also shared a look of bemusement during the sermon
Rev. Curry also talked about how 'fire made it possible to text and tweet'
He even mentioned 'old slaves in America's south who explained the power of love' during his wedding speech
Rev Curry is the 27th presiding bishop and primate of the Episcopal Church
The Episcopal Church in America is part of the wider Anglican communion

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