Florida Boy Dies Of Rabies After Touching A Sick Bat
  • Ryker Roque's father Henry found a sick bat in their garden in Orlando, Florida
  • He put the bat in a bucket and told Ryker not to touch it - but he did and got scratched
  • The parents ran his wound under water but agreed not to go to hospital because Ryker was afraid of shots 
  • A person can survive rabies if the vaccine is given immediately after infection
  • A week later his head and fingers went numb and he couldn't walk 
  • The family has set up a GoFundMe for their medical bills 
The Real Reason Women Crave Chocolate During Their Period
  • Dietitian Melanie McGrice says women crave comfort foods during their period
  • She says it's a combination of physiology, psychology and cultural conditioning
  • She advises women to exercise, limit coffee and increase protein and fibre  
Snl Cold Open Mulls Oprah 2020 In Riff On Morning Joe
  • New SNL took shots at both Trump-obsessed liberal media and Steve Bannon
  • Bill Murray made surprise appearance to portray the former Trump advisor
  • Fred Armisen played author Michael Wolff as flippant about the truth
  • Cast member Leslie Jones played Oprah in both cold open and Weekend Update
How Obama Showed Off His 'dad Moves' With Prince
  • A clip of 'My Next Guest Needs No Introduction with David Letterman' was released two days ahead of its Friday debut 
  • The first guest on Letterman's new program is former President Barack Obama
  • The clip show the once Commander-in-Chief recall a story of him dancing with his daughter and late musician, Prince 
  • Letterman bid his final, emotional farewell on the CBS late-night show on May 20, 2015 in front of the studio audience and a huge 13.76 million viewers 
Charlie Sheen Says He Considered Suicide After Hiv Diagnosis On Good Morning America
  • Charlie Sheen said in an interview that aired Wednesday he is feeling 'good' and 'grateful' just over one year after revealing he is HIV-positive
  • The actor admitted that he considered suicide after be was diagnosed, but did not want to shoot himself in front of his mother
  • He also spoke about his 2011 meltdown during which he proclaimed that he had tiger blood and was a 'high priest Vatican assassin warlord'
  • 'Way too much testosterone cream, trying to keep the old libido up. It metabolizes into steroids,' said Sheen, claiming he was in a 'roid rage
  • The actor, 51, also said that he has grown much closer with his five children and granddaughter over the past year 
  • Sheen will also star in the new film Mad Families alongside Leah Remini, Naya Rivera, Charlotte McKinney and Chanel Iman
A Stressed Ronda Rousey Shows The Strain As She Is Pictured For The First Time Following Her Humiliating 48-second Ufc Defeat And After Discovering Her Home Had Been Vandalized
  • Ronda Rousey's Venice Beach home was vandalized last night
  • She has maintained a low profile since her return to UFC which ended in a loss 
  • The fighter took a 48-second beating from Amanda Nunes in December
  • This is her second career loss, after a similarly devastating experience in 2015
  • The Olympian hasn't decided yet whether or not she'll return to fighting   
Chrissy Teigen Sends Nicholas Dress To Rebecca Howe After She Gushed To Her On Twitter
  • Rebecca How, of Corning, New York, received Chrissy's dress on Christmas eve
  • Opened the box immediately and unfolded the Nicholas red dress in front of her
  • Public relations grad had just told Chrissy on Twitter that she loved the dress
  • Chrissy, who wore it on Lip Sync Battle, asked Rebecca to send her address
  • The Nicholas dress arrived the next day; Rebecca will wear it on New Year's Eve
Trump Blasts Un Resolution Calling For Halt To Israeli Settlement And Urges A Veto
  • President-elect Donald Trump on Thursday called for the veto of a UN resolution calling for a halt to Israeli settlement activities
  • He called the resolution 'extremely unfair' and said it 'puts Israel in a very poor negotiating position'
  • Trump's pick to be ambassador to Israel backs settlement contstruction 
  • The Obama administration has called for a halt to new settlements, which it considers an impediment to negotiations and reaching a peace agreement
  • Resolution calls for Israel to 'immediately and completely cease all settlement activities in the occupied Palestinian territory, including East Jerusalem' 
Manhunt For Berlin Terrorist Intensifies As Officers Arrest Four Of His Friends
  • Elite commandos blew up front door and witnesses reported hearing gunfire
  • The target was the 'Fussilet 33' association's building in Perleberger Straße 
  • Four men held in Dortmund - where Anis Amri once lived with a hate preacher 
  • Elite police units also search Berlin flat and refugee centre in Eastern Germany 
  • Border guards are searching cars leaving Germany for France near Strasbourg 
Ikea Pays Out $50m To Parents Of Toddlers Killed When Malm Dressers Fell On Them 
  • Ted McGee, 22 months old, was killed by an Ikea Malm dresser in February 
  • He was the third child to be killed in a Malm tip-over accident since 2014
  • All three families were awarded $50m to split equally between them Wednesday
  • The company recalled 29 million dangerous dressers six months ago
  • But it has been aware of the risks to children of Malm tippings for years
  • 14 Malm tippings were reported from 1989-2015, with 4 injuries and 5 deaths
Emily Fodness Who Survived Being Trapped Under A Collapsed Building In South Dakota, Recalls Her Rescue
  • Emily Fodness, 22, was alone in her South Dakota family's home when it caved in
  • She and her dogs were trapped underneath thousands of pounds of rubble
  • But she was able to communicate with rescue workers using her iPhone 
  • After three hours in freezing conditions, she was finally found and hauled out
  • A load-bearing wall had been knocked through by renovation workers 
  • One of those workers, Ethan McMahon, died - the only fatality in the incident
Meghan Markle Goes Shopping After She Had To Miss Patrick J Adam's Wedding
  • Markle was not at Patrick J. Adams' wedding to Troian Bellisario on Saturday
  • Co-stars agreed her attendance could attract 'wrong kind of attention' since her relationship with Prince Harry began
  • They both thought it 'sucked' she couldn't come after years of working together
  • Markle was instead seen going to yoga and shopping in Toronto this weekend 
Ted Cruz Makes Speech Describing How Much He Loves Texas Queso
  • Dairy fan Ted Cruz described eating queso at the Senate cheese competition
  • He described the dish as 'a visceral, emotional, powerful family bond'
  • He has previously declared his love for cheese and dairy
Marine Le Pen Says Migrants Should Not Have Access To Free Education Or Healthcare
  •  Marine Le Pen said migrants to France should not expect free healthcare
  •  She said: 'If you come to our country, don't expect that you will be taken care of'
  •  The leader of the Front National, she is running for President next spring 
  •  French Education Secretary Najat Belkacem said Ms Le Pen was 'totally indifferent' to the plight of migrants and ignorant of French values and laws 
New York's Abandoned Leper Colony May Be Reopened To The Public
  • New York's parks department is considering granting 'limited' public access to North Brother Island
  • Opened as a quarantine center in 1885, it was once home to hundreds of residents, including 'Typhoid Mary'
  • It closed in 1963, it is now a haunting labyrinth of crumbling ruins -  just 350 yards away from South Bronx
  • The parks is considering lifting the strict ban on access, after Manhattan Councilmember Mark Levine was granted funding to study the feasibility of hosting small, seasonal tours
  • Study will not be complete for several weeks but early signs look good for the public to get their first glimpse of the island in 50 years
10 Workers Die In Bridge Collapse, Colombian Officials Say
  • Ten workers killed after bridge they were building collapsed about 60 miles from Colombia's capital Bogota
  • The $2.5billion structure crashed down into a canyon as the labourers were working on a drainage system
  • Many of the 200 workers at the construction site were on lunch when the suspension bridge gave way
  • The 1,338ft highway bridge, due for completion in March, was set to connect Bogota and city of Villavicencio
Crocodile Swims Up To Shore To Chomp Into A Giant Groper
  • A salt water crocodile was seen heading to the shallows of a beach for breakfast
  • Footage shows the crocodile chomp in to the carcass of a massive groper fish
  • The croc, known to locals and named Bismark, gnaws on the fish before leaving
Powerclown Singer Arrested For Smuggling Coke Into Japan
  • Daniel Whitmore, the lead singer of Powerclown, had cocaine in a guitar case
  • Japan has notoriously strict laws against drug trafficking
  • If convicted, the musician could face up to 10 years in a Japanese prison
Heartbreaking Photograph Of Childhood Cancer In Florida
  • Ally Parker's  five-year-old daughter is fighting a losing battle against an aggressive form of brain cancer and may only have weeks to live
  • She uploaded a gut-wrenching photo to Facebook on Sunday showing her father wailing by his granddaughter's hospital bed
  • Her father, Sean Parker, also suffers from a devastating neurological disease 
  • Parker now faces the bleak reality of losing her both her daughter and her father in the coming weeks 
  • Braylynn Lawhon was diagnosed with Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma - the most deadly form of brain cancer - on December 6 
  • They are currently collecting donations via a GoFundMe page that seeks to raise $300,000 for a revolutionary procedure not covered by insurance
Marine Le Pen Leads In Poll For First Round Of French Presidential Voting 
  •  Marine Le Pen, of the National Front, is ahead in the polls with 26.5 percent 
  •  But in the second round of voting she is likely to be defeated by Francois Fillon
  •  In 2002 her father Jean-Marie was beaten by Jacques Chirac in second round 
  •  Mr Fillon said today that France needs to introduce a form of immigration quotas
Who Said Romance Is Dead? Single Man Claims He Has Found The Secret Formula To Ensuring A 100% Success Rate On Tinder: Creating Funny Poems Out Of The Women's Names
  • A 25-year-old from Montreal, Canada, claims to have worked out how to ensure almost none of his Tinder messages go unanswered
  • The copywriter, who uses the pen name  'Joe Bagel', found his fortunes on the dating app markedly improved after he started sending love interests acrostics
  • Taking each letter of the woman's name, he writes a word for each per line
  • Since he adopted the technique he said he has been inundated with responses and doubled the number of women who reply
Nigerian Suicide Bomber 'lynched By Mob' After Explosive Vest Fails To Detonate
  • The female suicide bomber failed to detonate her explosive vest at the market
  • Her accomplice managed to successfully detonate but only killed herself 
  • A mob spotted the second woman desperately trying to set off her bomb 
  • Police defused and removed the bomb after the woman was killed by the mob
Strip-club Owning Man Is Sent To Prison For Having Sex With Young Girls In Peru
  • Michael D. Billings, 61, was sentenced Wednesday after admitting to traveling some 37 times to Iquitos, Peru, to have sex with young girls
  • Billings, who once owned two strips clubs, had traveled to foreign countries for at least a decades to have sex with children, court records show 
  • The married ex-attorney had even 'introduced others to this practice'
  • The FBI and its Peruvian counterpart identified at least three 16-year-old victims
  • In court, Billings claimed he'd only had sex with one 16-year-old girl once — and pleaded to have be sentenced to a just four years  
Berlin Attack Suspect's Fingerprints Have Been Found On Steering Wheel Of Truck Used
  • Police continue to hunt for failed Tunisian asylum seeker Anis Amri in connection with Berlin terror attack
  • Fingerprints on wheel and ID under seat in truck used in Monday's attack where 12 died and 48 injured 
  • US officials say Amri researched bomb-making, communicated with ISIS and barred from flying to America 
  • Wire-taps revealed he had told hate preacher who would volunteer as suicide bomber but still not arrested
  • Security services face difficult questions after it emerged that he should have been deported months ago
  • Lifelong criminal was jailed for four years in Italy and convicted of aggravated theft with violence in Tunisia 
  • Authorities say the 24-year-old  has at times used six different aliases and three different nationalities 
  • Officials have denied reports four people with links to the suspect have been arrested in Dortmund today
Cat Forgotten And Abandoned For Years By Alzheimer's-suffering Owner Is Found Covered In Horror Matted Fur 'dreadlocks'
  • Paul Russel's 82-year-old distant relative with Alzheimer's relocated to a nursing home - leaving his cat behind
  • Russel checked on the man's cats and discovered Hidey had severely matted fur that resembled dreadlocks 
  • The overweight cat struggled to move with the extra two pounds of fur and was promptly taken to a vet
  • The vet shaved over 2 pounds of fur from Hidey who is now living with Russel and his wife Jane in Pittsburgh
Candlelight Vigil Held For Astronaut John Glenn In Hometown Church
  • Glenn died at age 95, one week after being admitted to James Cancer Hospital in Columbus, Ohio, with an unknown illness
  • The hero-astronaut made history on February 20, 1962 by becoming the first American astronaut to orbit the Earth, circling the globe three times
  • There was a candlelight vigil to honor Glenn's legacy at his hometown church
  • He will lie in state from noon to 8 p.m. on Friday in the Statehouse Rotunda in Columbus, Ohio. The event is open to the public 
Critics' Choice Awards 2016: Rita Wilson Accuses Producers Of Snubbing Female Nominees
  • Rita Wilson attended Critics' Choice Awards in Santa Monica, California Sunday
  • About 45 minutes into the awards ceremony, she tweeted: '@CriticsChoice why do the male nominees get film clips but not the female nominees?'
  • But it remains unclear which female nominees she was advocating for, since the producers of the show included footage for some not others
  • In some cases, it was the actors whose work was not showcased
  • Producers played clips showing work of Best Supporting Actress in a Drama Series, while men in the corresponding Supporting Actors category did not
  • The opposite was true for other categories, and in other cases, film reels were shown for both the men and women
Michael Imperioli's Son Vadim Arrested For 'scrawling Swastika On Wall'
  • Vadim Imperioli, 19, was arrested for spray painting a swastika in a dorm
  • The SUNY Purchase College student has been charged with criminal mischief 
  • He is the son of actor Michael Imperioli who played mobster Christopher Moltisanti on HBO's The Sopranos
Rolling Stones Frontman Sir Mick Jagger Becomes A Father Again At The Age Of 73 
  • Rolling Stones frontman Sir Mick Jagger has become a father again at aged 73
  • Welcomed latest addition to brood, his eighth child, with Melanie Hamrick, 29
  • Sir Mick's eldest child, Karis, is now 46. The singer is also a great-grandfather 
Tennessee Wildfires Death Toll Rises As Fire Crews Discover More Victims In Gatlinburg Rubble
  • Eleven are dead and more than 50 were injured in the Tennessee wildfires
  • Victims include Alice Hagler, who lived in Chalet Village, Gatlinburg
  • She had frantically called her son Monday night after the house caught fire
  • Roughly 700 homes and structures were damaged in the blaze on Monday 
  • More than 14,000 people were forced to evacuate from resort towns of Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge as high winds fanned the flames 
  • Dollywood was also evacuated and tourists fled the area and Dolly Parton has pledged to pay affected families $6,000 each
  • Jesus statue was the only thing left after blaze destroyed one home
  • Dollywood employee Isaac McCord also claims to have found a burned Bible page referring to the fires of doomsday while cleaning up 
Pet Dog Kills 3-year-old Girl After Just Days In The Home
  • Rylee Marie, 3, was at home with her grandmother when the family dog attacked and killed her on Sunday in Duncan, Oklahoma
  • Her father Jason Dodge gotten the dog just five days prior
  • Dodge said the dog, which he called a pit bull, had played well with his son 
  • Police shot and killed the dog, which they described as mixed breed, when they arrived on the scene 
Tamiflu Leaves Six-year-old Texas Girl With 'psychosis'
  • A family from Allen, Texas gave Tamiflu to treat their six-year-old daughter
  • Shortly after administering the treatment, they said that their daughter began exhibiting alarming side effects
  • They reported her experiencing hallucinations and and an attempt, they believe, to hurt herself
  • New CDC data shows that this year has been especially deadly, with 20 children and more than 85 adults succumbing to the flu already this season 
Trump Signs Opioid Bill To Stop Illicit Drug Flow
  • Trump signed legislation on Wednesday that aims to stop the flow of opioids
  • He spoke about the record number of overdoses from the powerful drugs
  • Trump added that the drugs were even dangerous and fatal to the sniffer dogs working with authorities to find them
  • It is not clear if there are any recent known cases of sniffer dogs dying from drug-related deaths
  • There have been instances where K-9s have overdosed on powerful opioids
Photo Shows President Barack Obama Snorkeling Off The Coast Of His Native Hawaii 
  • A dramatic image has been released showing President Obama snorkeling among coral in the Pacific Ocean 
  • Wearing just a pair of swimming shorts, the president glides through the water off the coast of Midway Atoll 
  • President says growing up in Hawaii helped him to understand and appreciate the importance of the ocean
  • Photographer Brian Skerry, who snapped the image, said President Obama was a 'strong and athletic swimmer'  
  • The photo of President Obama  is from the February issue of National Geographic magazine and appears in Sea of Hope: America's Underwater Treasures, premiering Sunday, January 15 at 7/6c on National Geographic.  
Revealed: Seven Home Remedies To Keep Your Child Healthy As Hacking Cough Sweeps The Country (and They Even Include Chocolate) 
  • Hacking cough is sweeping across Britain and shows no sign of slowing down
  • Parents concerned about their children are advised to seek medical advice
  • These remedies can help keep youngsters healthy - and make them feel better
  • you've had a cough for more than three weeks
  • your cough is particularly severe or is getting worse
  • you cough up blood or experience shortness of breath, breathing difficulties or chest pain
  • you have any other worrying symptoms, such as unexplained weight loss, a persistent change in your voice, or lumps or swellings in your neck
Kidnapped Supermom Sherri Papini Is Pictured For The First Time Since Escaping Her Captors As She Leaves Home With Her Husband And Two Kids 
  • Sherri Papini was pictured leaving her house with husband Keith on Saturday
  • The 34-year-old was held captive for three weeks in California in November
  • She was found bound, gagged and beaten by side of road on November 24
  • Sherri told police she was taken by two armed Hispanic women while jogging
  • Shasta County Sheriff's Office has not made any arrests in the case
Burma's Chin Tribe Where Women Wear Huge Earrings And Face Tattoos As Part Of Tradition
  •  Women of the Chin tribe in Myanmar still bear the scars of a 'barbaric' ancient tradition from long ago
  •  When they were aged 12 to 14, women in Burma had their faces tattooed to make them ugly to avoid kidnap
  •  The 'barbaric' tradition was stamped out in the 1960s but the older women still live with their scars
Questions Over How Police Missed Berlin Attack Suspect's Id In Truck For 24 Hours
  • Lutz Bachmann said on Monday night he had been told attacker was Tunisian
  • Leader of far-right PEGIDA said information was from 'internal police source'
  • At the time, police had only revealed their arrest of a Pakistani asylum seeker
  • He was later released without charge having denied involvement in the attack
  • Some have also questioned the 'convenient' discovery of Tunisian suspect's ID
Passenger Hides $80k Worth Of Cocaine In A Pair Of Spandex Shorts At Newark Airport 
  •  Rowald Tromp, from the Netherlands, was arrested at Newark on December 14
  •  He arrived at the New Jersey airport from the Dutch Caribbean island of Aruba
Afd Leader Hugh Theodore Bronson Blames Political Correctness For Isis Berlin Attack
  • German politician blamed Berlin attack on 'institutional political correctness'
  • Suspect Anis Amri, 23, was a known ISIS fanatic who was monitored by police
  • It is claimed he would not have been free to act if police had enforced the law 
Schengen Zone Nations Must Border Check As Terrorists Are Pretending To Be Refugees
  • Documents suggest implementing a 'filter function of Europe's external borders'
  • German officials reportedly fear terrorists are disguising themselves as refugees
  • The details emerged from minutes of a meeting of EU ambassadors in Brussels 
Kangaroo Cat Hops Around After His Front Paws And Tail Were Electrocuted Off
  • 'Able'  received a high voltage  electric shock that  fried off his limbs and tail
  • The electric shock was so loud, neighbours thought it was a bomb 
  • He was found lying on the streets of Chiang Mai, Thailand  
Jocelyn Wildenstein Seen In Mugshot After She ‘slashed Boyfriend With Scissors’
  • Jocelyn Wildenstein is seen in her mugshot after being arrested early Wednesday for felony assault
  • Wildenstein allegedly gouged boyfriend Lloyd Klein's face with her nails 
  • She is also accused of stabbing him twice in the chest with the scissors
  • The socialite was charged with felony assault, appeared in court Wednesday
  • Fight allegedly began when Wildenstein got mad that Klein was on his laptop
  • Sources say the assault marks the end of their 13-year relationship  
  • Wildenstein is famous for her numerous plastic surgeries and the largest divorce settlement in history  
Pennsylvania Boy 'shot Dead His Mother And Brother While They Slept'
  • Jacob Remaley, 14, charged as an adult with two counts each of criminal homicide and third-degree murder
  • Remaley has allegedly confessed to shooting dead his mother, Dana Remaley, 46, and brother, Caleb Remaley, eight, in their sleep 
  • Teen allegedly said had his Iraq War veteran father, David, been at home, he would have killed him too 
  • Court documents state after gunning down his family, Jacob called 911 and said his father shot his mother and brother
  • He met paramedics in the front yard wearing a T-shirt and boxer briefs, and repeating the word, 'Mom'
  • Police say Jacob and his parents were not getting along well lately 
  • A family friend described Jacob as a straight-A student and a 'good kid' who was devout and  involved  in sports
  • Jacob's step-grandmother said months earlier, he told her he was bothered his mother was 'mad at God' for the death of her own mother
Thailand's Crown Prince Maha Vajiralongkorn Today Became The King
  • Crown Prince Maha Vajiralongkorn is made king 50 days after the death of his father, Bhumibol Adulyadej
  • Accepted invitation from parliament to succeed his brother, and was crowned at Dusit Palace in Bangkok
  • Palace workers seen lying on the floor behind him - similar to scenes in the 1956 film The King and I