Trump Thanks Kim For 'taking The First Bold Step Toward A Bright New Future'

1 week ago
Donald Trump told reporters in Singapore that he expects Kim Jong-un to uphold his part of a landmark agreement that requires him to destroy his entire nuclear weapons and missile programs
Trump said he addressed human rights with the North Korean dictator and said economic sanctions will remain as long as Pyongyang is a major abuser
Sanctions relief also depends on Kim's follow-through on denuclearization
'Our eyes are wide open, but peace is always worth the effort, especially in this case,' Trump declared, saying he had been up for more than 25 hours to oversee the negotiations
Trump said joint U.S.-South Korean military exercises will end and called them 'provocative' to the North, but hs spun that decision as an economic one, not as a negotiated concession
The press conference began with the playing of a video, first in Korean and then in English, that Trump said his delegation showed Kim on an iPad to encourage him to choose the right path 
Trump said he spotted inviting-looking beaches in the footage, and said: 'Look at that beach, wouldn't that make a great condo? ... Think of it from a real estate perspective!' 
Trump called Kim's stockpile 'a very substantial arsenal' but predicted he would be tearing it up
He said 'we're much further along than I would have thought,' and projected a time when the two nations have exchanged ambassadors and he has personally visited Pyongyang and invited Kim to the White House
In an interview taped before the summit, Trump told ABC News of his North Korean adversary that 'I think he trusts me, and I trust him'

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