Bulgaria Is Far Cheaper Than Nice, And Nearly As Nice!
  • Airline easyJet has launched direct flights into the Bulgarian resort of Varna
  • The holiday hot spot on the Black Sea coast wants to open up to British tourists
  • The beaches have deep blue, warm water - and the sand is soft and golden  
Spain Urged To Boycott Ryanair Flights
  • A Spanish transport body has slammed new rules on cabin baggage by Ryanair 
  • Passengers will only be allowed one bag in cabin unless they pay an extra charge
  • But Asetra has said the new rules are akin to 'looting' and says it's a 'clear abuse' 
  • It has called on the Spanish government to cut back on the airline's slots
Americans Are Warned Not To Travel To Five Mexican States
  • The State Department issued new guidance on travel to Mexico Wednesday 
  • Five states have been issued a level 4 warning due to crime and violence, putting them on a par with the likes of Yemen and Somalia 
  • 11 others have a level 3 warning, meaning people should 'reconsider' going there
  • Mexico itself is under a level 2, meaning people should show 'increased caution'
Blast Off In A 'shuttle' And Touch Moon Rock In Florida
  • Captivated by space, Ash Bhardwaj fulfills his dream of seeing a Space Shuttle  
  • Atlantis's home is the US's Kennedy Space Center, from where it was launched
  • It's not just science geeks who will enjoy this thrilling and interactive day out
Tripadvisor Reveals Top 10 Trending Destinations For 2018
  • The travel site has revealed its most-popular holiday spots for globe-trotters wanting something different
  • Ishigaki island is the favourite, despite having a low profile among competing Japanese destination points
  • Other must-see areas in the shortlist include Canada's Halifax, Costa Rica's San Jose and Croatia's Rovinj
Winter Wonderland Visitors In Bakewell Are Shocked After Finding A Muddy Field
  • There was 'not an ounce of Christmas cheer' at the Bakewell event
  • People paid £13 for a ticket and parking but called it 'a shambles'
  • Some waited hours to see Santa whose grotto had not been built
From Croatia's Glimmering Lakes To Finland's Crashing Waterfalls: Europe's Most Magical National Parks Revealed
  • Finland's Oulanka National Park straddles the Russian border and hosts vast wetlands and waterfalls
  • Germany's Bavarian Forest is a 2,400-hectare wonderland which has inspired countless writers and artists
  • Croatia's UNESCO-listed Plitvice National Park boasts 16 terraced lakes and is perfect for long hikes
The World's Most Extreme Sports Revealed
  • 'Skyaking' involves leaping 13,000 feet out of a plane in a kayak, which is  unsurprisingly tricky to balance
  • In places such as Nicaragua, it is possible to snowboard down the sides of active volcanoes 
  • Two men once bodyboarded down Europe's largest glacier, the Aletsch in Switzerland, fitted with flippers
Museum Of Broken Relationships Opens In Los Angeles
  • Museum dedicated to heartache opened this weekend in Los Angeles  
  • Items include a transplant caregiver manual and half-empty cologne bottles
  • Hollywood museum is a sister site to an exhibit in Zagreb, Croatia
My High-seas Hell: A Seafarer Who Dreamed About Being Swept Off Her Feet By Captain Jack Discovers That Real Pirates Are A Far Cry From Her Fantasy When They Raid Her Yacht
  • Six years ago, Meraid Griffin left her home and job for adventure at sea
  • She travelled to the Arctic before meeting skipper Dan and sailing to Africa
  • The pair's yacht was targeted by pirates in Morocco who stole from them
Aer Lingus Celebrates Anniversary With Vintage Photos
  • Aer Lingus, Ireland's flag carrier, is celebrating the 80th anniversary of its first flight, from Baldonnel to Bristol
  • Dublin-based airline operated three routes and carried just under 900 passengers during its inaugural year
  • Today it flies to more than 100 destinations and carries more than 12 million travellers on Airbuses and Boeings 
Our Holiday D-day! How Normandy Proves To Be A Family Triumph 
  • Region is the site of the D-Day landings and home to the Bayeux Tapestry
  • Normandy is just a 40-minute drive from the ferry port in Ouistreham
  • Destination is home to five beaches stormed by the Allies on June 6, 1944
Now This Is Getting Away From It All: The Luxury Kenyan Safari Lodge In A Wilderness Three Times The Size Of Manhattan That 14 Guests Have All To Themselves
  • The Sanctuary at Ol Lentille is in a land just north of the equator where Google Streetview will probably never go
  • It nestles on a rocky outcrop and offers guests fantastic levels of hospitality, with butlers and an infinity pool
  • Local wildlife includes elephants, zebras, baboons, impala, wild dogs, hyenas and even the occasional leopard 
Disney Channel's Zendaya Stays At Airbnb In Rio De Janeiro, Brazil
  • Disney Channel star and singer Zendaya stayed at Casa do Luz with her family while in Rio for a Louis Vuitton event
  • At 10,800 square feet, the villa has four bedrooms, a colourful living room and an infinity pool overlooking the sea
  • TV star and fashion model posted photos for her 26million Instagram followers showing her relaxing by the pool 
'shoots, Tweets And Leaves': Britons Spend Just 38 Minutes At Famous Landmarks And Nearly Half Use That Time To Take Selfies They Share On Social Media
  • Britons take a photo within 13 minutes of arriving at their destination
  • 15 per cent post it on social media as soon as they have a Wi-Fi signal
  • Almost one in ten post their first holiday snap within an hour of arriving
Jaw-dropping Jordan Is An Epic Adventure 
  • The 400-mile Jordan Trail, a long distance hiking route, has opened in Jordan
  • It allows tourists to retrace the steps of British officer and WWI hero TE Lawrence
  • Also on the route is Petra's most famous building, the 2,000-year-old Al-Khazneh
Swimming Amid Roman Ruins On Bargain Trip To Istria
  • The historic resort of Istria is a Croatian holiday resort on the Adriatic Coast 
  • For Brits, their holiday money goes further as Croatia is outside the Eurozone
  • The history and restaurants mean it is easy to think you are in a part of Italy  
Qantas Names London To Perth Dreamliner The Quokka
  • Qantas' non-stop Perth to London flight will be named after the iconic Quokka
  • The name was revealed on Friday following the results of a 60,000-strong poll
  • Quokka will be Qantas' third Dreamliner, which will go into service on March 24 
Passengers Reveal Comedy Pilot Announcements
  • One pilot who landed in bad crosswinds said: 'That's why I'm paid big bucks' 
  • Another warned of mechanical failure, then revealed coffee machine had broken
  • Then there's the pilot who pretended that it was his first ever attempt at flying 
Twitter Erupts With Hilarious #tripsidontwanttowin Tweets
  • The trending topic went viral on Wednesday and highlighted travel's flip-side 
  • Shows creative interpretations of worst-possible trips and 'destination don'ts' 
  • One person tweeted 'a trip to see the world's biggest ball of twine'
Enda O Flaherty's Eerie Photos Of Ireland's Abandoned Schools Reveal Rotting Desks, Discarded Bibles And Writing Still Scrawled Across Walls
  • Photographer Enda O Flaherty, based in Ireland's Cork, has captured nearly 150 abandoned rural schools
  • Some still have walls and blackboards inscribed with the doodles of long-departed schoolchildren
  • He wonders 'how much of an impact these now rotting buildings may have had on the lives of many'
As Sully - Miracle On The Hudson Hits Cinemas Steve Landells Reveals Risks Birds Pose
  • The movie recounts the heroics of Captain 'Sully' Sullenberger in New York
  • After his plane was knocked out by a bird strike he landed in the Hudson 
  • Here pilots reveals how planes are designed to withstand them
Jon Bowles' Stunning Infrared Photos Taken From The Cockpit Of Dubai
  • These incredible photos provide a rare look at stunning landscapes or famous landmarks under infrared light 
  • Photos capture everything from Dubai's man-made Palm Islands to the rugged coast of Labrador, in Canada 
  • Aerial images were taken by British pilot Jon Bowles, 55, from Bolton, during his travels around the world 
United Airlines Unveils New Polaris Business Class
  • New Polaris cabin will be available on intercontinental flights between the US and destinations such as London
  • Custom bedding, including duvets, lightweight day blankets and a large and small pillow, is from Saks Fifth Avenue
  • Business class travellers will have access to new pre-departure lounges at nine airports, including Heathrow 
Follow In The Sand Prints Of Beyonce And Leonardo Dicaprio: How To Holiday Like A Star On The Caribbean Island The A-listers Flock To
  • Rest and recover the A-list way on the favourite French Caribbean island
  • Stay at Le Guanahani  situated  on St Barts’ most irresistible private enclave
  • Experience the five-star resort's world-renowned Clarins My Blend spa  
Dancing Waiters And Abandoned Beaches... It Can Only Be Greece
  • Naxos is home to 20,000 people and is the largest of the Cyclades islands
  • Hotel Grotta has 20 rooms, simply and elegantly decorated, with fine views 
  • Breathtaking Naxos has four neighbouring islands, all accessible by ferry
Celebrity Cruises Infinity Ship Crashes Into Dock In Ketchikan, Alaska
  • The 965ft Celebrity Infinity was mooring in Ketchikan when it hit the pier 
  • Celebrity Cruises, which owns the ship, blamed inclement weather 
  • No one on board was injured but the ship was forced to stay overnight 
Tripadvisor 10 Best-rated Tourist Landmarks In Europe Revealed
  • TripAdvisor's Travellers' Choice Awards 2016 has revealed the site's top picks for the world's must-see attractions
  • Ranked highly by guests is Milan Cathedral, which some consider to be the 'most beautiful church in the world'
  • Other unmissable landmarks include the Acropolis in Athens, the Alhambra in Granada and Notre Dame in Paris
  • No UK attractions made the list, with Big Ben and Buckingham Palace failing to feature in the coveted top 10 
Jonathan Quinonez Assures Mother He's Fine In Hilarious Instagram Photos
  • Jonathan Quinonez has more than 15,000 followers on his Instagram page
  • In almost every travel snap he poses with a sign reading 'Mom, I'm fine'
  • One shot showed the thrillseeker skydiving over Playa del Carmen, Mexico
  • He has gone scuba diving in the Caribbean Sea and posed with a sloth
End Of A Ruff Life: Chicago Hotel Employs A New Concierge - Parker The One-eyed Rescue Pug
  • Parker the pug is the newest staff member at the five-star Park Hyatt hotel
  • She is described as a 'sweet, plump couch potato' and greets new arrivals
  • The pampered canine is treated as a celebrity by staff and visitors alike
  • Parker had arrived at an animal rescue organisation in 2015 with injuries
How To Avoid The Holiday Crowds In 2018
  • China is emerging as an economic power with a growing number of tourists 
  • Experts agree 200 million Chinese will be travelling abroad every year by 2021
  • As cities such as Venice reach capacity, limits could be placed on visitors
  • Here are some suggestions on how you can avoid the crowds on holiday   
Why Europe Has Some Of The World's Greatest Driving Roads
  • Photographer Ervin Boer from Romania went on a 1,250-mile road trip across Europe from Belgium to Austria 
  • He snapped pictures of luxury cars travelling on the famous winding alpine roads across the continent 
  • Mr Boer says he was hypnotised by the landscapes he saw as well as the curvy roads he was travelling on  
The Spirit Of Iceland
  • Jeremy Clarke tries Super Breaks new Iceland package, around Lake Myvatn
  • He finds that Icelanders like their drink, and he's more than happy to join them
  • Fish eyes and rotten shark flesh are on the menu during this quirky adventure
The Most Infuriating Pictures Ever
  • There are vast numbers of pictures on the internet that are infuriating
  • Other examples include a lazily mislaid layer of cheese in a cheeseburger
  • And shame on the person who put the fresh toilet roll on top of the holder 
Game Of Thrones-themed Hotel Opens In Lapland
  • A Game of Thrones-themed hotel that is carved entirely out of ice has opened in the Snow Village in Lapland 
  • Intricate ice sculptures of characters and themes from show grace the 14 bedrooms and 10 suites in the hotel 
  • The themed hotel's bar is made entirely from ice and all drinks are served to customers in ice-carved glasses 
  • For couples looking to seal the bond between their houses and marry, there is even an on-site wedding chapel
Praying, Turning The Engine Off By Accident And Letting Kids Play With The Controls: The Worst Blunders Made By Pilots Before A Crash Revealed
  •  In 1994, Aeroflot Flight 593 crashed over Siberia after the relief pilot's children took the controls
  •  TransAsia Airways Flight 235 went down in 2015 when the captain turned off the only working engine
  • In 2009, pilots of the downed Tuninter Flight 1153 were found to be praying, not performing procedures
Hotel Hubertus' Swimming Pool Juts Out 40 Feet Above The Ground And Has A Glass Bottom
  • 82ft long pool is part of a new extension at Hotel Hubertus, a wellness resort for skiers in South Tyrol, Italy
  • Thrillseekers can plunge into the pool's fresh mountain water and float above the Dolomite panorama
  • Cantilevered infinity pool, designed by Noa architects, is perched above the ground on larch tree trunks
Easyjet Flight From Liverpool To Amsterdam Delayed By Disruptive Passengers
  • Plane was forced to return to Liverpool due to one unruly passenger
  • As it was preparing for departure another 15 passengers were kicked off
  • No one was charged, but the flight was scrapped until the following day
Is Fowey The Perfect Place For A Long Weekend In Cornwall?
  • Fowey is a good place to stock up on local pasties and saffron cake
  • Greenacres Cottages is a complex of ten properties set on an elevated site
  • Small town is three miles away from the stunning famous Eden Project 
Awkward Family Photos' Most Embarrasing Beach Holiday Snaps
  • Families have revealed their cringeworthy images from beach holidays on the website Awkward Family Photos
  • A family portrait taken in front of the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco was ruined by a naked man
  • In another snap, a family poses for a happy photo unaware of the sunbather in a lewd position behind them
Awkard Family Photos' Most Embarrasing Beach Holiday Snaps
  • Families have revealed their cringeworthy images from beach holidays on the website Awkward Family Photos
  • A family portrait taken in front of the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco was ruined by a naked man
  • In another snap, a family poses for a happy photo unaware of the sunbather in a lewd position behind them
From House Music To Holistic Absolution: The Exclusive Ibiza Concierge Service That Grants Your Every Wish For An Outrageously Glamorous Experience
  • Chic Ibiza Villas provides properties and a concierge to sort your itinerary
  • It can lay on a private chef, boats trips and visits to swanky restaurants
  • Plus celebrity DJs and mixologists for stylish in-villa club nights
China Unveils Nine Ways Its Tourists Can Be Banned From Travel
  • List was part of a new law introduced by China's state tourism department
  • It covers holidaymakers as well as those who work in the tourism industry 
  • Offences include uncivilised behaviour and damaging public transport
That's One Way To Earn A Crust! Meet The Man Who Quit The Rat Race To Travel The World Selling Sandwiches From His Van
  • A few years ago adventurous Franco Paltrinieri gave up his marketing career and purchased an old Volkswagen van
  • The 24-year-old's goal is to journey from Argentina to Alaska and he has so far visited eight countries since 2012
  • The Argentinian funds trip by selling steak sandwiches cooked in local liquors from countries he visits on the way
Now You Really Can Walk On Water! Pedalboards Use Stepping Power To Move Across The Water
  • The Mirage Eclipse board has been developed in two colours and sizes
  • It allows users to move themselves across water using a stepping device
  • The Hobie Eclipse board can move at 7mph and costs from $2,500 (£1,721)