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Brit Boy Missing After Barcelona Attack In Las Ramblas
  • 14 people are dead and 130 injured after two terror attacks on Barcelona and Cambrils, in Spain
  • Julian Cadman, seven, who was born in Kent, is among the missing as is Jared Tucker, 43, from California
  • Rex Tillerson said one American is confirmed dead and 'we are still confirming death and injuries of others' 
  • Italians Bruno Gulotta and Luca Russo have been identified as among those killed, along with 44-year-old Belgian Elke Vanbockrijck, who was with her husband and sons, and Fransisco Lopez Rodriguez, 57
  • A three-year-old Spanish boy, believed to be Mr Rodriguez' grand-nephew, has also died, while a woman reported to be the boy's aunt was injured trying to protect the boy
  • A 74-year-old Portuguese woman was confirmed dead while her granddaughter, 20, is still missing
  • The injured come from 34 countries as far afield as China, Pakistan, Kuwait, Macedonia, Peru and Venezuela 
  • Police are still hunting for Moussa Oukabir , 17, believed to be the van driver from Barcelona, though Catalan police suggest could have been among the five terrorists shot dead during a later attack in Cambrils;
  • Officers said four people have been arrested over the attacks - three in Ripoll and one in Alcanar . Three are Moroccans and another is a Spaniard from the North African enclave of Melilla , none of them have any terrorist background, they are aged between 21 and 34
  • Authorities named three other men they are searching for as Mohamed Hychami , Younes Abouyaaqoub and Said Aallaa , all Moroccan and aged between 17 and 24
  • Police said the men had been planning the attack 'for some time', working as part of a cell operating out of Alcanar. Chief Josep Luis Trapero said the exact number is unknown, and could not rule out further attacks ;
  • Spanish authorities said that citizens of 34 countries were among the wounded, including those from as far afield as China, Honduras, Kuwait, Venezuela, Pakistan and Australia;
  • King Felipe led a minute of silence in Barcelona as thousands of people turned out holding Catalan flags to pay tribute to the victims. 
Plaid Leader Brands Barcelona Attack 'far Right' Terrorism
  • Welsh AM Leanne Wood criticised over response to deadly Barcelona attack
  • Posted on Twitter that the atrocity appeared to be more 'far right terrorism'
  • Critics accused her of politicising the attack and avoiding calling it Islamist 
Women On Contraception Less Likely To Suffer Arthritis
  • Women who take the Pill are less likely to suffer arthritis, according to research 
  • Those who take the contraceptive pill for several years are statistically safer 
  • Study of 7,000 women in Sweden suggest pill takers 13% less likely to suffer 
Welsh Man Spent 10k On Car Only To Be Trapped In Garage
  • Peter Froud splashed the cash to soup up his 'pride and joy' for summer drives 
  • But he was horrified when a water company dug a hole outside his garage
  • The 41-year-old, from Barry, Wales, was unable to take the car out for six days
Mi5 Identify 'hard Core' Of 100 British Isis Jihadists
  • Scotland Yard and MI5 have identified a 'hard core' of 100 British jihadists
  • Would pose a major threat to national security if they come back to the UK 
  • But it is thought only 10 or 20 'hard core' British jihadists are expected to return
  • Means there now appears to be a greater threat from 'stay at home jihadis' 
Theresa May Condemns 'terrible Attack' In Barcelona 
  • The Prime Minister condemned the attack in Spain this afternoon
  • US president Donald Trump said the country will do 'whatever necessary to help'
  • French President Emmanuel Macron voiced his country's 'solidarity' with victims
Sas Hero Of The Iranian Embassy Siege Sells Medals
  • Warrant Officer Ian White is selling his medals for £30k to fund his retirement
  • He was one of the first to enter the Iranian embassy during the 1980 siege
  • It was played out live on TV and ended with the SAS killing five gunmen
  • He is also auctioning off a never-before-seen copy of floor plans of the embassy 
David Bryson Who Stalked Two Exes Avoids Jail
  • David Bryson began relationships with Heather Munro and Ciara Nelson, 32
  • Property developer gave gitfs of a horse, purse and Louis Vuitton handbag 
  • But police were called in after relationships soured and he harassed them
  • Admits stalking but he's now in relationship with Miss Nelson and avoided jail
Chloe Ayling Suspect's Brother Fights Extradition To Italy
  • Michael Herba, the older sibling of Lukasz Herba, appeared before court hearing
  • The 36-year-old arrested outside flat in Tividale, West Midlands on Wednesday
  • It is understood that Italian police have asked Britain for Herba to be extradited
  • Model Chloe, from Surrey, is said to have been kidnapped after Turin photoshoot
Cyclists Ride In A Pack At 5mph On Busy Road In Rush Hour
  • A group of around 40 cyclists held up traffic on a busy Birmingham road
  • They rode their bikes at 5mph in the middle of the road during the rush hour
  • One driver filmed it after calling the police and claims they swore at her too
  • The mother-of-two said she feared the craze would get someone killed 
Cory Bernardi Slams Pauline Hanson's Senate Burqa 'stunt'
  • Pauline Hanson shocks the Senate by walking into the chamber wearing a burqa
  • The Queensland Senator was pictured in the Islamic garb in Parliament Thursday
  • Australian Conservatives leader Cory Bernardi said he doesn't like stunts
  • Her appearance was met with outrage and laughter from her fellow senators
Girl 'raped By Grandfather' Writes Letter To Grandmother
  • Megan Morrison said in court  she was raped by grandfather Malcolm Harrison
  • He denied charges and was later found in a burning car in a suspected suicide
  • Miss Morrison bravely speaking out resulted in estrangement with grandmother
  • Now, after confiding in her mother Vanessa White and waiving her anonymity to speak out her ordeal, the teenager hopes to rekindle their 'strong relationship' 
Couple Arrested At Manchester Airport After Getting Drunk
  • Darren Stanway, 39, and his wife Nadia, 34, drunk beer and three bottles of wine
  • They ended up having a foul-mouthed bust up after missing their flight to Malta
  • Mr Stanway told police: 'I'm going to f***ing sit here and drink my f***ing beer'
  • Stanway was fined £260 following a hearing at Manchester Magistrates' Court
Incident At Dutch Radio Station May Be Hostage-taking
  • Unknown man threatened female employee of Dutch public radio
  • She was forced into the building where the man held her hostage
  • The man was arrested and the woman attended to by paramedics
Duke Of Beaufort Who Was Owner Of Badminton Estate Dies
  • David Somerset, the 11th Duke of Beaufort, died in his sleep yesterday 
  • Left behind widow, Miranda, and children Harry, Anne, Edward and John
  • Leaves behind £315million including 52,000-acre Badminton Estate
Brit Tells Of Efforts To Comfort Boy Injured In Barcelona
  • Harry Athwal, from Birmingham, rushed to comfort the child on Thursday
  • He saw the boy lying injured on the pavement after being hit by the van
  • Vehicle believed to be driven by teenage jihadist Moussa Oukabir killed 13
  • Mr Athwal, 44, said the child was not breathing and had a serious leg injury 
Map Shows Jihadi Attacks Across Europe In Two Years
  • Below is a map which documents the 16 attacks carried out by jihadis in Europe over the past two years
  • There were six incidents in France, three in Germany, three in Britain, two in Spain, one in Belgium and one in Stockholm
  • One person is also feared dead in Finland after a man went on a rampage in southwestern city of Turku today
  • A total of 364 people are confirmed to have died and hundreds injured in six different countries across Europe
  • Each time the attacks have occurred people have joined together in solidarity and refuse to be scared 
Vaping Teenagers Four Times More Likely To Start Smoking
  • New British study finds vaping teenagers are four times more likely to smoke
  • Vaping with e-cigarettes have helped 22,000 people quit smoking each year
  • But experts have warned teens could be using them as a 'gateway' to smoking 
  • Doctors in the UK have repeatedly insisted no link between vaping and smoking
Royal Tunbridge Wells In Uproar As 500 Swingers Takeover
  • 500 revellers are set to attend Flamefest in Royal Tunbridge Wells for 'kink rave'
  • Three-day festival promises an outdoor S&M dungeon and 'adult play area'
  • Festival-goers will 'explore pain, experience pleasure and fulfil their fantasies'
  • However locals have expressed their disgust at the festival in the sleepy town 
How Ian Huntley Gave Away Seven Signs Of Deception
  • Fifteen years ago schoolgirls Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman went missing
  • Killer Ian Huntley murdered them in his home and later dumped their bodies
  • Expert analysed Huntley's body language from an early police interview
  • Reveals how there were seven signs of deception in his three-word response
Pistorius Prosecutor Willing To Take Case Against Mugabe
  • Gerri Nel secured a murder conviction against former Olympian Oscar Pistorius
  • Gabriella Engels, 20 , claims, she was beaten by Grace Mugabe with a cable
  • Nel said Engels has turned down a cash offer from a third party to drop the case 
Barcelona Attack: ‘moroccan’ Man Who Rented Van Identified
  • Four terror suspects have been killed in a shootout 70 miles from Barcelona as police responded to an attack
  • Video footage shows the terrorists strewn across the ground in the coastal town of Cambrils this morning 
  • The terrorists were reported to have explosives strapped around their waists when they were gunned down
  • Just hours earlier at least 13 people were killed and more than 100 injured after a terror attack in Barcelona
Leeds Schoolboy Who Killed His Love Rival Faces Jail 
  • Irfan Wahid, 16, was stabbed outside a Yorkshire Bank branch in Leeds this year
  • The defendant, who can't be named for legal reasons, denied murdering Wahid
  • A court heard Wahid punched the defendant who then got a knife from his bag 
  • The defendant was convicted of manslaughter today at Leeds Crown Court
  • The 17-year-old was remanded in custody until his sentencing on September 15 
Child Abuse Victim Meets Abusive Uncle And Punches Him
  • Tracey Davison shouted 'this is for all the abuse' as she hit Douglas Richardson
  • Richardson then sprinted off from the Asda in Cramlington, Northumberland
  • The 59-year-old was jailed for three years for abuse of Tracey and sister Donna
  • The sisters are now speaking out after a judge halved Richardson's sentence
Now Reserving A Seat Can Cost More Than The Flight Itself
  • A study suggests passengers could pay twice as much choosing where they sit
  • Plane companies, such as Ryanair and BA, have come under fire for their policy
  • Holidaymakers have argued the system forces them to pay extra to sit together
A-levels: Near 45k Last-minute Uni Courses Still Available
  • 416,310 people have taken up places so far, down 2% compared with last year
  • Many options still available for students hoping to start degrees this autumn
  • It's claimed some universities are lowering entry levels to attract students
  • More than 4,800 Russell Group courses potentially have places on offer
  • The number of UK 18-year-olds gaining a place is 201,270, a similar level to last year, and the highest number recorded on A-level results day.
  • A total of 26,090 EU students have been placed, a fall of 3% compared with last year, but still the second-highest recorded.
  • The number of international students accepted has increased by 4% to 30,350.
  • Record numbers of UK 18-year-olds from the poorest backgrounds have been accepted on to courses - 21,470, in total. However, the most advantaged teenagers are still almost two-and-a-half times more likely to win places.
  • If you just missed a grade then you could consider appealing an exam result by getting it reviewed
  • Look for vacancies in Ucas Clearing, with more than 4,800 courses on offer at top universities. Some 65,000 students got a degree place through Clearing last year
  • Consider other options such as a gap year, work or an apprenticeship
  • Speak to a careers adviser via the Department for Education's exam results helpline on 0808 100 8000
  • Get in touch with Ucas via 0371 468 0 468 or on social media on Facebook or the Twitter handle, @ucas_advisers 
Is Victorian Sex The Key To A More Passionate Love Life?
  • The practice of karezza encourages a focus on intimacy rather than orgasm 
  • The phrase, which is taken from the Italian word for 'caress', was coined by Chicago obstetrician and gynecologist Dr. Alice Bunker Stockham in 1896
  • By not having a 'finish line' couples will experience sexual energy for longer 
  • Smiling, with eye contact 
  • Gazing into each others eyes for several moments 
  • Synchronised breathing 
  • Cradling, or gently rocking, your partner’s head and torso 
  • Holding, or spooning, each other in stillness for at least twenty minutes to a half-hour 
  • Wordless sounds of contentment and pleasure 
  • Stroking, hugging and massaging with intent to comfort, rather than gain something 
  • Lying with your ear over your partner’s heart and listening to his or her heartbeat for several moments 
  • Touching and sucking of nipples/breasts 
  • Gently placing your palm over your lover’s genitals with intent to comfort 
  • Making time together at bedtime a priority, even if one partner has to get up and work on something afterward
Cyclist Accused Of Killing A Mother Is To Give Evidence 
  • Cyclist, 20, crashed into mother-of-two as she crossed a road in east London
  • Charlie Alliston on trial for manslaughter and causing harm by 'furious driving'
  • The then 18-year-old said today a front brake 'wouldn't have made a difference'
  • Alliston hit Kim Briggs before he 'jumped up, turned around and just went blank'
  • Courier had no idea bike was illegal on roads and says employers never told him 
A-levels: Around A Quarter Expected To Get Top Grades
  • Boys are likely to outperform girls again in A*s and could also close gap with female classmates in As too
  • Last year 25.8% of A-level entries got A* or A, compared to 25.9% the year before and 27% five years ago
  • New system now implemented includes AS results no longer contributing towards a final A-level mark
  • But PM's former policy chief Nick Timothy says A-level students are being forced into costly degrees
  • If you just missed a grade then you could consider appealing an exam result by getting it reviewed
  • Look for vacancies in Ucas Clearing, with more than 4,800 courses on offer at top universities. Some 65,000 students got a degree place through Clearing last year
  • Consider other options such as a gap year, work or an apprenticeship
  • Speak to a careers adviser via the Department for Education's exam results helpline on 0808 100 8000
  • Get in touch with Ucas via 0371 468 0 468 or on social media on Facebook or the Twitter handle, @ucas_advisers 
  • The number of UK 18-year-olds gaining a place is 201,270, a similar level to last year, and the highest number recorded on A-level results day.
  • A total of 26,090 EU students have been placed, a fall of 3 per cent compared to 2016, but still the second highest recorded.
  • The number of international students accepted has increased by 4 per cent to 30,350.
Andrew Pierce On How Sarah Champion Was Seen As A Traitor
  • Sarah Champion resigned from the front bench in failed coup against Corbyn
  • She has never really been forgiven for making enemies of Corbynistas
  • Her fate seemed to have been sealed when she appeared in The Sun
  • Moderate MP Luciana Berger was threatened with de-selection while on maternity leave
Barcelona Terrorists 'wanted To Kill More With Big Trucks'
  • Police believe the terror cell behind Thursday's atrocity in Barcelona planned attack of 'bigger scope'
  • Killers were forced to abandon plans to use butane gas and plastic explosive TATP following accidental explosion on Wednesday
  • One person died and police believe there may be a second corpse in rubble of home in Alcanar, 120 miles from Barcelona 
  • Investigators think vans were used because jihadists didn't have the right permit to rent a large lorry 
Sir Bruce Forsyth Dead Aged 89
  • Sir Bruce Forsyth has died peacefully at home with his family around him, a statement confirmed today
  • The veteran TV presenter currently holds the Guinness World Record for the longest television career 
  • He first appeared on TV as a singing and dancing 11-year-old in 1939 and co-hosted Strictly for a decade 
  • Entertainer suffered two aneurysms in October 2015 and died after he contracted bronchial pneumonia
The Mystery Of How Migrating Birds Navigate Is Solved
  • A study of reed warbler birds has shown how the birds are able to navigate 
  • They use a trick by measuring the variation between true and magnetic north
  • Birds use a natural phenomenon called declination to work out their longitude
  • How birds solved the longitude problem has long perplexed scientists
Actress Laila Rouas Caught Up In Barcelona Attack
  • Former Holby City actress Laila Rouass, 46, caught up in Barcelona terror attack
  • Thirteen people are believed to have been killed and more than a 100 injured
  • Mrs Rouass wife of snooker star Ronnie O'Sullivan reported the attack via Twitter
  • The actress is now understood to be safe and has thanked restaurant staff
Shrink Pizzas And Ready Meals To Beat Obesity
  • Government drawing up guidelines aimed at cutting calories in savoury foods
  • Manufacturers will be told to make products smaller or change ingredients
  • The guidelines will apply to unhealthy foods commonly eaten by children 
Alcanar Explosion Linked To Barcelona Attack, Police Say
  • Six other people were injured in the explosion in Alcanar, Catalonia, which is 120 miles south of Barcelona
  • It could have been caused by butane gas canisters of which there were more than 20 kept at the property
  • A second explosion took place as emergency service workers sifted through the wreckage at the site
  • A police source said it is believed the residents in the house were preparing explosives using gas cylinders 
  • Spanish police confirmed explosion on Wednesday was linked to today's attack which killed at least 13
Prince William And Harry's Poignant Final Tribute To Diana
  • Diana: The Day Britain Cried will air on ITV later this month 
  • Will give minute-by-miute account of Diana's funeral on 6th September 1997
  • Royal florist Lisa Webb organised floral tributes from princes
  • Prince Philip persuaded grandsons to walk in funeral procession  
Fears Eu Could Delay Brexit Trade Talks Until Christmas
  • Concerns mounting that discussions on trade deal will not start until December
  • EU has said it will not talk trade until 'sufficient progress' made on divorce terms
  • German elections being held next month thought to be hampering engagement
Powerball Jackpot Soars Past $510million
  • Saturday night's Powerball jackpot is an estimated $510million after no tickets matched the numbers drawn on Wednesday
  • Jackpot is now the eighth largest in lottery history 
  • The odds of winning are 1 in 292.2 million
  • Powerball is played in 44 states, Washington, D.C., Puerto Rico and Virgin Islands
Corbyn Denies 'problem' With Pakistani Men Grooming Girls
  • Sarah Champion warned of 'problem' with Pakistani men grooming white girls 
  • Jeremy Corbyn effectively sacked her last night after backlash from activists 
  • Labour leader today denied there is any 'particular problem' with grooming in Pakistani community
Haddington Teen Scarred After Drain Cleaner Attack
  • Emily Bowen poured drain cleaner into a viola case owned by Molly Young, 17
  • She described that today as being 'like someone holding a blowtorch to your leg'
  • The 18-year-old admitted carrying out the attack at Knox Academy, Haddington
  • Bowen was sentenced to 21 months in prison and banned from contacting her
Devon Hotelier Arrested After Hurling Rocks And Glass
  • Shirley Bothroyd, 59, was apprehended by police who were called to incident
  • Pictures emerged of five police officers dragging her out of her £1.5million hotel 
  • Ms Bothroyd is well known for running Devon hotel like real-life Fawlty Towers
Care Home Assault Cases Double
  • Number of reported assaults in care homes has more than doubled in 3 years 
  • Police forces from across England and Wales heard of almost 2,500 assaults 
  • Officers recorded a staggering 5,400 reports of crimes in care homes last year 
Dublin Shooting: Woman Seriously Injured And Pair Killed
  • Mother-of-six Antoinette Devoy, 42, was shot dead in a machine-gun attack
  • Her friend  Clint Sheridan also died in the attack in front of terrified children
  • The attack's target, Ms Devoy's brother Derek, was holding a baby at the time
  • He fled over a fence but the baby suffered a head wound being thrown to safety
  • Neighbours told of the horrific scene as they battled to save the victims
  • Police sources said the attack marked a 'new low' in an ongoing gang war 
Most Battle Of Britain Memorial Flight Planes Grounded
  • Iconic Spitfires, a Hawker Hurricane and Lancaster Bomber kept out of the air
  • A historic aviation expert has warned of a 'wider issue' with the engines 
  • But the BBMF claims the grounding is a mere precaution after a routine check