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Kim Jong-un Plans A Benidorm-style Resort In North Korea
  • Twenty officials from North Korea spent a month touring cities throughout Spain
  • The officials were said to be left unimpressed by the culture-rich Barcelona
  • But they were ere enthralled by Benidorm's beach resorts like Costa Blanca
  • North Korea is planning its own beach resort in the eastern port city of Wonsan
Woman Bragged Of Attempt To Murder Police On Twitter
  • Christine Connor, from Belfast, used fake name and photo in her online profile
  • Connor, 31, stole images of model Sanne Andersson to lure in male accomplices
  • In May 2013 she lured officers with fake 999 calls and threw blast bombs at them 
  • Dissident Republican was jailed for 16 years and four months for her terror plot
British Airways Asks For Fee To Guarantee Seats Together
  • Furious travellers complain they are being split up from loved ones on flights
  • Only way to ensure a seat with your family is to pay a minimum £7 reservation fee
  • Even BA's executive club members awarded 'companion vouchers' to go on a romantic break or honeymoon with their partner are being separated on flights
Is Boris Becker's Marriage To Model Lilly On The Rocks?
  • Boris Becker was  made bankrupt over debts of more than £3million last week
  • Now friends say his marriage with model Lilly Becker could be on the rocks
  • He shrugged off claims that they were splitting when leaving his London home
  • He and wife Lilly were leaving the house in a Porsche to celebrate her birthday 
Business Keeps Faith In Uk Economy As Confidence Hits High
  • British business leaders' confidence is at its highest level since the start of 2016
  • Overall confidence index rose to 24 per cent, double what it was after Brexit vote
  • The index tracks expected sales, orders and profits over the next six months 
  • The figures came as the BCC upgraded its economic growth forecast for the year
Jane Park Left 'unrecognisable' After An Allergic Reaction
  • The millionaire, from Edinburgh, travelled to Turkey last week for the procedure 
  • She has reportedly now spent £50,000 of her winnings on cosmetic procedures
  • The 21-year-old won £1million on the EuroMillions when she was just 17
Residents Flee High-rises To Mattresses On Centre Floors
  • At least 34 high-rise buildings have been identified as potential deathtraps
  • Already 4,000 residents in Camden have been forced to abandon homes
  • Many families were forced to spend the night at leisure centre on airbeds
  • government has made u-turn on plans to cut fire safety standards in schools
  • Birmingham's council leader urged the Government to intervene with emergency funds, warning that people 'up and down the country are going to bed afraid';
  • Camden residents refusing to evacuate were threatened with removal by police;
  • Others were promised temporary flats in a development workmen said was 'still a building site';
  • It emerged Grenfell could have been prevented had fire safety rules in England been as tough as in Scotland;
  • One of the nation's leading businessmen, who is behind a Grenfell fundraising initiative, said the 'chaotic' response to the disaster had led to a 'breakdown of trust' between politicians and people. 
Figures Reveal Nearly Half Of Young People Are Overweight
  • Nearly three million 16 to 24-year-olds risk dying earlier than their parents 
  • Experts say astonishing rise in young adult obesity could 'bankrupt the NHS'
  • Unhealthy diets and mobile phone addiction blamed for rising obesity numbers
  • Thirty-nine per cent of 16- to 24-year-olds are overweight or obese, up from 27 per cent in 1993;
  • An astonishing one in six young men have a waist size of 40in or more – four times more than in the early 1990s;
  • The picture is just as worrying for women: almost a quarter have a ‘very high’ waist size of 34½in or more, up from a tenth in 1993.
Russia's World Cup Team Under Investigation For Doping
  • Entire Russian squad for Rio 2014 is under investigation by FIFA for doping
  • Four players are playing for Russia in this year’s Confederations Cup - a trial run for next year's World Cup
  • The Rio 23 and a further 11 current professional footballers are on a list of more than 1,000 ‘people of interest’
Student 'had Sex With Man Moments Before She Vanished'
  • Rebecca Coriam was reported missing from Disney Wonder vessel in March 2011
  • Disney claim the Liverpool student, 24, was swept overboard by a freak wave 
  • Police notes claim she had sex with a man in front of her lesbian lover before she vanished 
  • But parents Mike and Ann Coriam think their daughter was raped and murdered
  • Family, from Cheshire, are asking UK government to conduct an inquiry
Turkey To Stop Teaching Evolution Theory In High Schools
  • Turkey is to stop teaching Charles Darwin's theory of evolution in high schools
  • Chapter entitled 'Beginning of Life and Evolution' will be deleted from textbooks
  • The material will be available only to students who go on to higher education 
  • Critics say President Tayyip Erdogan is undermining secular modern Turkey
Eastenders Star Dean Gaffney Is Banned From Driving
  • Actor, 39, was handed nine-month ban after car was caught by speed camera
  • The Mercedes was travelling at 38mph in a 30mph zone in Liverpool in 2016
  • Gaffney was found guilty of failing to give police information and fined £1,000 
Food Packages That Contain Up To 87% Air 
  • C4’s Supershoppers highlighted how crisps brands filled their bags with air
  • This is legal, because food in the UK is nearly always sold by weight, not volume 
  • For some snacks, a cushion of air is needed to ensure they don’t get crushed 
Father Who Refused To Pay £60 School Fine Appears At Court
  • EXCLUSIVE: Jon Platt handed two parking tickets after losing legal battle
  • Case was returned to magistrates' court after Supreme Court rules against him
  • Platt's plea of having 'no case to answer' was rejected today by magistrates
  • He was given a 12-month community discharge and ordered to pay £2,000 costs
  • Speaking after the case, Platt said that he was 'relieved that it is all over' 
  • April 2015: Jon Platt refuses to pay a £60 fine to Isle of Wight Council for taking his daughter out of school on holiday to Florida
  • October 16 2016: Platt successfully overturns the fine at magistrates' court after the council prosecute him
  • May 13 2016: High Court judges rule in favour of Platt and Isle of Wight Council announce it will appeal the High Court's judgement in favour of Platt 
  • April 6 2017: The Supreme Court upholds the council's decision to fine Platt
  • June 23 2017: The case is returned to Isle of Wight Magistrates' Court, where Platt's plea of having no case to answer was rejected. He was given a 12-month conditional discharge and ordered to pay £2,000 costs plus a £20 surcharge
The Great Food Poisoning Scam Benidorm Tourists
  • Touts have been operating at poolsides and restaurants of Spain's biggest resort 
  • Since 2013 claims involving gastric illness have rocketed by a huge 430 per cent
  • Touts include Sean and Caroline Bondarenko from Darlington, County Durham
  • They lodged allegedly fake claim against  five-star Caldera Palace Hotel on Crete
  • Hotel is instead counter-suing the couple for £170,000 for injury to its reputation
  • Hotel says there is evidence that couple consumed 'large quantities of alcohol'
Hamilton Hits Out After Vettel Slams Into Him During Gp
  • Sebastian Vettel drove into the back of Lewis Hamilton when he suddenly braked
  • Furious Vettel gestured at Hamilton then deliberately barged him in the wheels
  • Vettel got a 10-second time penalty, hurting his drivers championship chances
  • A post-race investigation later showed that Hamilton had done nothing wrong 
  • READ: More F1 news, features and points tables 
Teenage Boy, 16, Charged With Rape Of Eight-year-old Girl
  • Boy, 16, was arrested in Moston, Greater Manchester, on Saturday night
  • It followed reports that the young girl had been raped and suspect chased
  • He has been charged and remanded in custody to appear in court on Monday 
Anger At The Bbc's Glastonbury Labour Love-in
  • Jeremy Corbyn, 68, became the first opposition leader to speak at Glastonbury
  • He spoke for 15 minutes to tens of thousands on the Pyramid Stage on Saturday
  • It has resulted in the BBC being accused of producing 'left-wing propaganda'  
Insomnia Is In Your Genes, Not All In Your Head
  • Study identifies seven genes that put people at increased risk of sleeplesness
  • Discovery reveals that such problems are biological rather than psychological
  • New approach gives hope to the third of UK adults who have sleep issues
We'll Kick Out Eu Killers After Brexit, Vows Pm
  • Threshold for deportation would see rapists and murders kicked out of UK
  • Around 5,000 EU nationals are currently in British jails for serious offences
  • Currently person jailed for more than 12 months subject to deportation
  • Mr Davis said tourists visiting the EU could be offered basic medical insurance by the Government after Brexit if current EU arrangements cannot continue;
  • A Panelbase survey for The Sunday Times showed 52 per cent of voters still back Leave, compared with 48 per cent Remain;
  • Labour’s Brexit stance was put into further doubt as Shami Chakrabarti said the party would not seek to end free movement;
  • Senior Tories dismissed calls from the Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby for a cross-party commission on Brexit as ‘naive’;
  • Mr Davis warned Tory plotters to fall in behind the Prime Minister, saying a leadership contest would be ‘catastrophic’ for the hopes of negotiating a good Brexit deal.
Camden Tower Residents Say They Won't Leave Tower Block
  • At least 34 tower blocks in England have been identified as potential deathtraps 
  • Some 4,000 residents in Camden, London, have been forced to abandon homes 
  • Hundreds of families were forced to spend the night at leisure centre on airbeds 
  • The Government has made u-turn on plans to cut fire safety standards in schools
  • Birmingham's council leader urged the Government to intervene with emergency funds, warning that people 'up and down the country are going to bed afraid';
  • Camden residents refusing to evacuate were threatened with removal by police;
  • Others were promised temporary flats in a development workmen said was 'still a building site';
  • It emerged Grenfell could have been prevented had fire safety rules in England been as tough as in Scotland;
  • One of the nation's leading businessmen, who is behind a Grenfell fundraising initiative, said the 'chaotic' response to the disaster had led to a 'breakdown of trust' between politicians and people. 
Steven Mnuchin Marries Fiancee In Dc Ceremony
  • Steven Mnuchin, 54, wed Scottish actress Louise Linton, 36, in Washington DC on Saturday
  • Pair tied the knot in a lavish ceremony at Andrew W. Mellon Auditorium, a historic building on National Mall
  • The 300-person guest list included Donald and Melania Trump and Vice President Mike Pence
  • Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner also attending the star-studded nuptials
  • It's the third marriage for ex-banker Mnuchin, who is worth upwards of $300 million
  • Linton, 36, divorced her Hollywood lawyer husband Ronald Richards back in 2009 
Grenfell Tower's Insulation As Dangerous As Cladding
  • Police tests showed insulating material was even 'more flammable' than panels
  • Comes as investigation shows Grenfell's stairwell was filled with a wall of smoke
  • At least 34 tower blocks in England have been identified as potential deathtraps
  • Some 4,000 residents in Camden, London, have been forced to abandon homes
  • Hundreds of families were forced to spend the night at leisure centre on airbeds
Diana's Stepmother Loyal Servant £75,000 And Rolls-royce
  • Diana's stepmpther Raine Spencer left £5.8 million in her will 
  • The gifts included a touching legacy of £75,000 and a Rolls-Royce
  • Countess Spencer, who died aged 87, left bulk of her estate to her four children
  • She promised 'devoted' butler Brian Davis 'whichever' car she owned at the time of her death
Susan Boyle Is Attacked By A Gang Of 15 Youths
  • Britain's Got Talent star Susan Boyle, 56, is being intimidated in her home town 
  • The gang of mainly boys, aged between 16 and 18, have been hounding Boyle
  • Witnesses have said they called her an 'ugly b****' at Mill Centre shopping mall
  • Same gang is said to have pelted bus she was riding in West Lothian with rocks
Scandal Of £100million Sex Crime 'cure' Hubs
  • Sex Offender Treatment Programme is psychological group-therapy course
  • Believed to have cost taxpayers over £100 million since it was set up in 1991 
  • Prisoners who take the rehabilitation courses are at least 25 per cent more likely to be convicted of further sex crimes than those who do not 
  • Paedophiles convicted of attacking children are especially likely to offend again 
  • The Ministry of Justice (MoJ) was initially reluctant to accept the bombshell findings, but after they were independently endorsed, it abruptly axed both programmes – but kept the decision secret;
  • Experts had for years been warning that the programmes were flawed, and there was no good evidence that they cut reoffending;
  • Paedophiles convicted of physically attacking children are especially likely to offend again after taking the SOTP;
  • The decision to keep the report secret was taken by former Justice Secretary Liz Truss, who rejected advice from officials.
Uk Weather: Parts Of Uk To Be Colder Than Christmas Day
  • Temperatures in Scotland and Northern Ireland could drop to just 12C tomorrow
  • That would see the June temperature drop below the 15C recorded on Christmas Day last year 
  • Parts of Scotland are set to be battered by winds reaching up to 50mph
  • The Met Office said 95 per cent of the UK will experience temperatures of 15C or 16C 
Wealthy Financier Drowned Himself In Lake Geneva
  • Michael Treichl was part of a rich and well-regarded family of bankers
  • An inferno gutted his stately home, Parnham House, in Dorset, two months ago 
  • To the shock of his wife and children Mr Treichl was arrested after the blaze 
  • His body was found in Lake Geneva and retrieved by police last Friday
Ascot Brawlers Wealthy Brokers
  • David Eves, 47, was filmed shouting 'Let's finish it off' as he threw punches at fellow spectators on Thursday
  • Two of the men caught up in the brawl have been identified as brokers Lee Marriott and Michael Darcy 
  • The suited men are brokers for PVM Oil Associates in London, which said they were trying to break up fight
  • Lee Marriott, 45, a father of one, from Brentwood in Essex, describes himself on Facebook as 'tea boy' for PVM
  • In the video, Mr Eves could be seen removing his shirt before engaging in a fight in front of onlookers
  • During the same incident a woman could be seen hitting the floor as she found herself caught up in the fight  
Police 'to Consider Arming Beat Bobbies With Pistols'
  • The National Police Chiefs' Council (NPCC) will meet next month to discuss plans
  • Critics have branded the idea of giving a sidearm to ordinary officers 'hysterical'
  • West Midlands Chief Constable Dave Thompson called on government to think 'very carefully'
  • Currently only highly trained firearms officers carry guns, but move would expand that 
Pakistan Oil Tanker Explosion Burns 153 Alive
  • People had rushed to scene of accident to collect fuel from overturned tanker
  • Police tried to cordon off area but were overwhelmed by villagers, official says
  • Many of the bodies were burned beyond recognition near Ahmedpur East 
Lee Rigby's Killer 'is Britain's Most Dangerous Prisoner'
  • Extremist Michael Adebolajo, 31, has been 'radicalising' other inmates 
  • Staff at HMP Frankland in County Durham say they lack resources to monitor him
  • Housing the depraved killer at HMP Frankland costs taxpayers £1500 per week
  • He brutally killed Fusilier Lee Rigby with accomplice Michael Adebowale in 2013
Jeremy Corbyn Says He Will Scrap Trident
  • Jeremy Corbyn boasts he will enter Number Ten by Christmas and scrap Trident
  • Corbyn, 68, said he believes he will become prime minister within six months
  • It comes as the Labour leader received a hero's welcome at Glastonbury Festival 
London Protesters Clash With Police And Set Bins On Fire
  • Edir Frederico Da Costa, 25, died six days after he was stopped in a car by police
  • Mr Da Costa suffered multiple injuries after alleged brutal beating in east London
  • Black Lives Matter protesters blocked roads during tense demonstration today 
Philip Hammond Lined Up To Take Over From Theresa May
  • Philip Hammond could  join forces with David Davis as his deputy and oust May 
  • Maneuverings comes amid growing concern that May lacks credibility in No 10
  • Boris Johnson was tipped for the top job but some think he has had his day
Heartbreak For Widow Of Tragic Pc David Rathband
  • Kath Rathband, 46, split from new husband after finding messages on his phone
  • John McGee, 47, was turfed out after Mrs Rathband found messages to old flame
  • Comes five years after hero PC David Rathband was found hanged in his home
  • He had been shot and blinded by fugitive Raoul Moat while he sat in a patrol car 
Tommy Robinson Is Filmed Punching A Man In Royal Ascot
  • Tommy Robinson was at Ascot yesterday when dashcam footage was filmed
  • Robinson, wearing a black suit, is seen appearing to throw seven punches
  • It was unclear today if a police complaint had been made against Robinson 
  • Robinson tweeted a statement that he had been acting in 'self defence'
Car 'ploughs Into Families' Near Newcastle Mosque 
  • Car crashed into people in a field by Westgate Community College in Newcastle
  • Site used as overflow car park by worshippers from Newcastle Central Mosque
  • Witnesses said woman had been praying in mosque before returning to her car
  • She went to move off but 'pressed the gas rather than the break' and lost control
  • Hit 6 people including three children before coming to a halt by edge of the field
  • Driver was arrested by police although officers say incident is not terror related 
  • Mosque thanked the emergency services and offered its prayers for the victims 
Durham Runner Suffers 'gruesome' Pus-filled Blisters
  • Julie Nisbet, 34, ran 69 miles along Hadrian's Wall while being cooked by the sun
  • When she finished 21 hours later she began to see small orange balls on her legs 
  • They soon grew into enormous pus-filled sacs and left her in complete agony
Boxer Dereck Chisora Breaks Up Brawl London Club
  • Derek Chisora features in the video shot outside the Toy Room in Soho, London
  • The former champion boxer is spotted near the scene where the fight broke out
  • Chisora, who was suspended from boxing in 2012, claims he was breaking it up
  • The 33-year-old is not a stranger to controversy both inside and outside the ring 
Jeremy Corbyn Arrives At Glastonbury In Convoy Of Suvs
  • Jeremy Corbyn addressed tens of thousands of music fans at Glastonbury on the main stage 
  • He pointed out a slogan that read 'build bridges, not walls', saying 'there's a message' for the US president
  • The Labour leader introduced American hip-hop act Run the Jewels before heading off to the Left Field Stage
  • He was later seen posing for photographs with fans as he walked around Worthy Farm in Somerset 
France Says No To Calais Centre For 600 Uk-bound Migrants
  • France has rejected pleas from charities for a new welcome centre for migrants 
  • Interior minister said only solution to build-up of asylum seekers was better security
  • Aid agencies say about 400 to 600 migrants are gathered and sleeping rough on the streets 
  • Minister said he is suspicious of centres that take people 'for a few days', then become permanent
Grenfell Tower Cladding Should Have Failed Safety Checks
  • Survivors of the Grenfell Tower inferno yesterday demanded to know why the building was swathed in cladding which has now failed all known safety checks
  • Insulation used in building was also blamed for the shocking speed of the blaze
  • Detectives are considering manslaughter charges as 79 people are feared dead
Camden Council To Evacuate 161 Households From Towers
  • About 4,000 people being evacuated from Chalcots Estate, Camden and put in temporary accommodation
  • Residents claimed they were told at 8.30pm that they would have to leave their homes for up to three weeks 
  • Five blocks on the estate have similar exterior plastic panels to those fitted to the 24-storey Grenfell Tower 
  • Cheap cladding on Grenfell Tower was blamed for fire spreading from fourth floor flat and engulfing building
  • Council leader Georgia Gould said: 'Grenfell changes everything and I just don't believe we can take any risks'
  • At least 11 buildings across eight local authority areas in England have been found to have flammable cladding and at least 25 are believed to have aluminium composite cladding, like that which was fixed to Grenfell. Hundreds more are being tested. 
  • Hotel chain Premier Inn said it has 'concerns' that cladding used on some of its buildings may not meet safety regulations, particularly hotels in Maidenhead, Brentford and Tottenham. 
  • The Charity Commission announced an initial £20,000 will be given to the families of each person who has died or is declared missing presumed dead, from the money raised from numerous appeals. 
  • It was confirmed a total of 151 homes were destroyed in the blaze, including 129 in the tower itself and 22 from nearby Grenfell Walk. 
  • 363 households have been placed in hotel accommodation in or as near to the Royal Borough as possible, 213 of which are from the cordon area which surrounds the tower.
Jeremy Corbyn Mania Sweeps Glastonbury
  • Jeremy Corbyn will address tens of thousands of music fans at Glastonbury
  • It is the first time a leader of the opposition has spoken on one of its stages 
  • Corbynmania sweeps festival site with crowds chanting Labour politician's name