Science & Technology

Cooling The Earth Could Make Global Warming Worse
  • Removing aerosol pollutants from the air could heighten global warming
  • Doing so could push globe's temperature to rise by half a degree C to 1 degree
  • This is problematic given that the earth has already warmed by 1 degree
  • Experts want earth's temp to remain 1.5 to 2 degrees above pre-industrial levels
Study Finds Women The Hardest Family Members To Live With
  • Researchers find that wives, sisters and mothers tend to 'nag' their kin the most 
  • Female family members are disproportionately thought of as 'difficult' because they're more likely to be emotionally invested in people's personal lives
  • Study participants ranked friends as the least difficult people in their lives
Study On Mercury's Orbit Reveals The Sun Is Losing Mass
  • The sun is getting older and losing mass, causing its gravitational pull to weaken
  • As the sun's gravitational pull diminishes, its grip on the solar system lessens
  • Mercury is more sensitive to the sun because it's the closest planet to the star
Scientists Reveal Worm With Three Sexes
  • Species of nematode is known to produce males, females, and hermaphrodites
  • Experts say the hermaphrodites are able to self-fertilize in rarely seen behaviour 
  • And, they appear to be 'manipulating the genetic dice' in their reproduction
  • Studying these worms could provide better insight on human genetics, too 
Us Tests Nuclear System To Sustain Astronauts On Mars
  • The first tests on the compact nuclear power system have been successful
  • Kilopower system could be used to power long-term human missions on Mars
  • Officials say a full-power run of the nuclear fission system is now set for March
Ripsaw Reveals Special Edition 'sports Tank'
  • Originally developed to help to avoid IEDs, has become a hit with car enthusiasts
  • New single seater version has a hugely updated 1500 horsepower engine and  improved suspension
New Artificial Intelligence Can See The Age Of Your Cells
  • Scientists from Insilico Medicine have created a formula that can tell a person's biological age
  • The formula reveals how lifestyle or medicinal changes will affect patients 
  • Experts say the formula could help cure age-related disease like dementia
Mystery Of Famous War Death Deepens After Fuel Tank Found
  • The tank has been in storage in a suburban Melbourne museum for 30 years 
  • It is believed to have belonged to infamous German pilot 'the Red Baron'
  • He took down more British and Allied planes than any other pilot in the war
  • Nobody has ever confirmed if he was shot down by a Canadian or Australian
'space Gps' Lets Nasa Navigate Using x-rays From Pulsars 
  • Sextant apparatus uses X-rays from pulsars to work out an object's position
  • It takes measurements from the spinning stars taken by the Nicer tool on the ISS
  • Sextant can locate an object moving at thousands of miles per hour in space
  • The breakthrough could lead to robots being sent to explore deep space
Stress Can Be Good For You, Psychologist Explains
  • Psychologist Dr Meg Arroll talks about how changing the way you view stress can help you feel less strung out
  • Stress isn’t always bad for you; sometimes it can be beneficial, especially at work
  • Seeing stress as helpful can improve performance and boost motivation
  • Stressful challenges can lead to opportunities for learning and achievement
  • Dr Arroll also explains what to do if you feel stressed but don't know why
  • When something feels difficult and stressful, see what you'll be able to learn from it. You probably can do more than you think, as T.S. Eliot famously said: 'If you aren't in over your head, how do you know how tall you are?'
  • Be compassionate to yourself – always. We are generally much harder on ourselves than others, so if you do face a challenge and trip a little, treat yourself as you would a good friend. With kindness and compassion.
  • Remind yourself every day about all the challenges you have overcome – this will strengthen the connections in your brain about accomplishments, so that when a new challenge arrives you'll be able to see it as an exciting experience, not an overwhelming stress.
  • But this doesn't mean you should say yes to everything – set boundaries and stick to them, whether at work, home or with friends and family.
Has Stephen Hawking Been Replaced With A 'puppet'?
  • Professor Stephen Hawking, 76, is one of the world's most well-known scientists
  • Conspiracy theorists claim the real Hawking is dead and has been replaced 
  • Suggest a lookalike is used instead - and point to six 'clues' to support the idea
$500 Smart Cat Feeder Can Recognize Each Of Your Pets
  • Catspad is able to read microchips to recognize different pets in the house
  • Users can program it to feed at specific times, or when a cat approaches it
  • It can keep track of their daily eating habits, so you can tell if they are overeating 
Dnp Unveils 'living Wall' With Color-changing E-paper
  • The firm showed off displays made by E-ink's electronic paper at CES Las Vegas
  • DNP displayed wall and dress with patches that changed from black to white
  • They also showed off 'sensing' walls with heat and breath-activated capabilities
Cloud Server Giants Mull Dumping Intel After Flaws Found
  • Intel chips back 98% of data center operations, according to one study
  • Providers including Amazon, Google and Microsoft are exploring alternatives
Controversial Surgeon Behind World's First Human Head Transplant Reveals Virtual Reality System To Help Prepare Patients
  • Dr Sergio Canavero plans to do the first human head transplant next year
  • Russian wheelchair user Valery Spiridonov will be the first patient
  • Virtual reality system will be used for several months before the operation 
  • The procedure for cutting the spinal cord is so delicate that a knife that can control cuts to a micrometre (one millionth of a metre) has been developed
Playbuzz Creates Trickiest Spelling Test Ever
  • Playbuzz's latest puzzle is a spelling test with a difference
  • Player must choose correct spelling from two versions of the same word 
  • But certain letters in each word have been replaced by digits  
Female Cats Are More Likely To Be Right-handed Than Males
  • A study of cats found there was a gender difference when it came to handedness
  • Male cats preferred using their left paw, while females used their right paw
  • It might be useful to know if an animal is left or right limb dominant
  • Researchers have just discovered that left-limbed dogs, for example, are more pessimistic in their outlook than right-limbed dogs  
Social Media Companies Accelerate Removals Of Hate Speech
  • Of hate speech flagged, almost half of it was found on Facebook, figures show
  • Report also found that 24 percent was on YouTube and 26 percent on Twitter
  • Firms accelerated removal, reviewing two-thirds of complaints within 24 hrs
Remote Greek Island Was Once Covered In Complex Monuments
  • Excavations around Keros show the technological prowess of Bronze Age Greeks
  • Researchers found the remains of terraced walls and giant gleaming structures
  • The structures were built using 1,000 tons of stone dug up six miles away 
  • Together they turned a tiny islet near Keros into a single, massive monument 
Compound Used For Poison Could Lead To Male Birth Control
  • Ouabain is found in two African plants, and has been used for poison arrows
  • But, researchers found that derivatives of it can affect fertility without toxicity
  • A new study on rats revealed it could inhibit the sperm's swimming abilities 
  • The method would be reversible, as targeted protein is only on mature sperm
The Cryptocurrencies That Could Boom In 2018
  • Bitcoin and ethereum have seen plenty of investors in recent months
  • Price of the pair have soared in recent months fuelling fears of a bubble
  • Many will be asking: can an alternative cryptocurrency boom in 2018?
  • We take a look at the credibility of the main alt-coins currently available 
Nasa Releases Stunning Image Of 'twilight Haze' Over Titan
  • NASA shared a stunning throwback photo of Titan today, captured by the Cassini spacecraft in March 2005
  • The image shows distinct layers in the massive moon's hazy atmosphere, which may hold ingredients for life
  • At the time it was captured, Cassini was roughly 20, 556 miles (33,083 kilometers) from the massive moon
Lifelike Robots Made In Hong Kong Meant To Win Over Humans
  • David Hanson worked as a sculptor for Walt Disney and created animatronic robots for their theme park shows before starting his own firm
  • He now aims to create machines that are life-like enough to win people's trust 
  • His 'masterpiece' is Sofia, a wise-cracking machine based on Audrey Hepburn
  • Previous works include a robotic Albert Einstein which teaches children science 
Could Going Gray Help You Kick Phone Addiction?
  • Ex-Google employee said to change smartphone display to grayscale
  • Suggested this could help curb your smartphone addiction
  • Comes as Apple under for for children becoming obsessed 
  • Grayscale could make checking your device constantly less appealing
Apple App Store Revenue To Eclipse Global Box Office
  • Asymco also says people will spend $100m a day on apps by the end of 2018
  • iOS economy will achieve the half trillion revenue rate in 2019 it claims 
The Future Of Gaming Revealed At Ces
  • Gaming firms showed of amazing new platforms at CES in Las Vegas this week
  • Augmented reality and virtual reality systems were popular across the exhibits
  • A firm unveiled 3D Rudder, which lets you control VR movement with your feet
  • Others showed off systems to make you a better athlete, or see what drone sees 
Facebook To Emphasize Friends Not News In Major Changes
  • Mark Zuckerberg announced the changes in a Facebook post on Thursday
  • Changes will mean a family video clip will be prioritised over company posts
  • It may mean that the amount of time people spend on Facebook will decrease 
  • Zuckerberg said it would be better for users and for the business in the long term
  • Posts from friends and family will get more prominence that video, news, and other content from formal Facebook pages, such as companies and celebrities
  • The number of comments on a post will count more than the number of Likes  
  • Posts where people have spend the time to write lengthy comments will be priotized over those with only short comments
  • While, news and video will still appear in News Feed, the number of friends sharing it will matter more than its overall popularity
You Could Talk To Your Dog In Ten Years Time
  • Scientists are using advances in artificial intelligence and machine learning
  • One researcher is collecting videos of dogs barking and moving around
  • He is using them to teach an algorithm to understand canine communication 
Harmony Sexbot Inventor Unveils New Personality Solana
  • Harmony inventor Matt McMullen demo'ed the sexbot's modular face during onstage interview with Engadget
  • The sexbot maker peeled off Harmony's face, and added a new one for 'Solana,' also switching out her wig
  • The creator said he is working to develop male sexbots, and bodies that can respond to touch and move  
Russia's Plans For A Base On The Moon: Nation Will Land Cosmonauts On The Surface By 2031 Ahead Of Creating A Lunar Colony
  • The bold claim was made by the boss of Russian rocket firm Energia
  • A series of unmanned flights could start as early as 2026  
  • Nation will begin building a human colony on the moon, says Russian space agency Roscosmos
Stephanie Hinton Reveals Her Best Kitchen Tricks
  • Recipe developer and naturopath Stephanie Hinton reveals her best tricks 
  • Shares there are a number of things you can do that can save time in the kitchen
  • The expert says her time-saving tricks can shave up to 30 minutes off meal prep
Samsung Patent Shows Bezel-less Phone Without Ugly Notch
  • Samsung patent details phone that has huge, front-facing display and no notch
  • Cutting-edge design features built-in holes that house cameras, other sensors
  • Apple has faced backlash from critics who say the iPhone X notch is unsightly
What Would Happen If Nuclear Missile Detonated Over Hawaii
  • Experts say North Korean bomb would be larger than that dropped on Hiroshima
  • A blast from a 200 kiloton weapon could cause over 150,000 deaths alone
  • And, this could be followed by a 'firestorm' as blast bounces off mountains
Amazon Narrows List Of Cities For Its Second Hq To 20
  • Atlanta, Austin, Chicago, L.A. and New York are on the list of 20 potential cities
  • Toronto is also on the list which is the only non-US city on the shortlist  
  • The company received bids from 238 hopeful cities which offered tax breaks and incentives  
  • HQ2, as it is known, will bring 50,000 jobs and $5billion to its host city 
  • The shortlist was announced a day after Apple revealed plans for its second campus
  • CEO Tim Cook announced the second base as part of a $350billion across the US on Wednesday 
  • Cook said the company could afford to spend the money after receiving a bumper tax break from President Trump 
  • Apple has not indicated where its second base will be or if it will accept bids  
Hidden Cameras Offer Unique Glimpse Of Animals In The Wild
  •  Hidden camera devices are getting ever smaller, cheaper and more reliable
  • Scientists across the U.S. are using them to document elusive creatures like never before
World's Largest Sea Turtle Could Come Off 'endangered'...
  • NOAA has been asked to move Northwest Atlantic's leatherback turtles down
  • If done, the sea turtles would be listed as 'threatened,' and not 'endangered'
  • The giant reptiles, which can weigh 2,000 pounds, would remain protected
Stunning Patterns On Chameleons' Heads Glow Blue Under Uv
  • Scientists have discovered rare bio-luminescence in many chameleon species
  • The study found the bony tubercles on their heads and bodies glow under UV
  • This likely helps them to recognize other members of their group or species 
Twitter Employees Admit They're Paid To Access Private Dms
  • A video released by Project Veritas shows Twitter employees expose top-secret details about their jobs
  • Several are paid to view direct messages which are analyzed and even sold to advertisers
  • Hundreds of employees are dedicated and paid to look at 'd**k pics,' one security engineer said 
  • 'You leak way more information than you think,' said one former software engineer
Geneticists Reconstruct Dna Of Man Who Died 200 Years Ago
  • Researchers reconstructed the maternal genome of escaped slave Hans Jonatan
  • He was born in the late 1700s on the island of St Croix, and died in 1827
  • As a young man, he was brought to - and escaped - Denmark, and fled to Iceland
  • He became the first person of African heritage to have lived on the Nordic island 
Apple's Park Takes Root Landscaping Inside The $5bn Hq
  • Building was the brainchild of Steve Jobs, who came up with the design months before his death in 2011
  • Landscaping has transformed the giant building site into a lush green park with over 9,000 trees 
  • Parklands offer two miles of walking and running paths for employees, plus an orchard, meadow and pond within the ring's interior grounds
Samsung's Galaxy S9 Specs Leak Ahead Of Launch Next Month
  • Samsung was expected to tease the handset at this week's CES tech conference 
  • The firm instead used the opportunity to announce MWC as the launch event 
  • The unveiling of the Galaxy S9 will come a month earlier than last year's S8 
  • That suggests sales of the next flagship phone could begin as early as March
Biggest Volcanic Eruption In 100 Years Went Unnoticed 
  • The Harve volcano discovered in 2002 lies 600 miles off the New Zealand coast
  • It sits on the sea-bed one mile (1,600 metres) below the surface of the Pacific
  • The eruption happened in 2012 and the only evidence was a floating raft of rock 
  • Experts used submersibles to study and collect samples from the volcano
  • They found undersea deposits are not an accurate measure of eruption sizes
Himalayan Stone Carving Revealed As Showing Supernova
  • For decades, the elaborate carving was thought to depict a hunting scene.
  • Now believed the image shows Supernova HB9 visible from Earth in 3600 BC
  • HB9 would have had a brightness comparable to the moon
Netflix Organises Altered Carbon Marketing Stunt At Ces
  • At the Psychasec booth at CES, what appeared to be human bodies were on display in glass cases and bags
  • The exhibitors introduced a plan for 'immortality,' by uploading your consciousness into lab-grown bodies
  • But, at the end of the booth, it is revealed to be a bizarre marketing stunt for the Netflix show, Altered Carbon 
Vladimir Putin Launches 4,000mph Supersonic Missile That Could Reach Uk In 13 Minutes
  • Object 4202 rocket was fired thousands of miles from the Yasny Launch Base in Russia to the far-east peninsula of Kamchatka
  • Kremlin officials called the test a 'success' in their boasts about weapon
  • It is being designed to sit atop Russia's largest ever nuclear missile
  • The RS-28 Sarmat missile - unveiled last month - has top speed of 4.3 miles per second and has been designed to outfox anti-missile shield systems