Science & Technology

Controversial Surgeon Behind World's First Human Head Transplant Reveals Virtual Reality System To Help Prepare Patients
  • Dr Sergio Canavero plans to do the first human head transplant next year
  • Russian wheelchair user Valery Spiridonov will be the first patient
  • Virtual reality system will be used for several months before the operation 
  • The procedure for cutting the spinal cord is so delicate that a knife that can control cuts to a micrometre (one millionth of a metre) has been developed
Asteroid That Killed The Dinosaurs May Have Punctured The Earth's Surface
  • Researchers studied the famous Chicxulub crater in Mexico
  • They drilled into the remnant bowl of the crater and analysed its rocks
  • They created a simulation to show how the Earth surface was thrown up and sloshed back and forth like a liquid within minutes of the impact  
  • This could explain how surfaces of other rocky planets are formed
The Smart Earplugs That Are Giving 20,000 Us Soldiers 'super Hearing'
  • Earbud tips sit in ears for 15-20 seconds to expand to full capacity
  • Some models link to radios for two-way communication
  • TCAPS cuts noise down to 85 decibels, a gunshot is 150 decibels
Utah Man Claims To Have Found Fossilised Skull Of Sasquatch
  • Spotted a 'hand print' on top of a rounded surface and dug up the skull
  • Todd May claims to have had 2 run-ins with Bigfoot in the past
  • Describes it as an 8- to 10-foot tall red-furred apelike creature
  • Experts say the skull is nothing more than a weathered rock 
Nintendo's Super Mario Brothers Is Harder Than Calculus
  • The study compared the game Super Mario Bros to PSPACE puzzles
  • Constructed levels from the raw materials of 'Super Mario' world
  • PSPACE puzzles are widely considered the most challenging algorithms
  • Constructed level in Super Mario was found to be just as challenging
From Brothels To An Apple Store: Interactive Site Reveals The Evolution Of New York's Greene Street Over 400 Years 
  • Study examined the economy of a block on Greene Street over the past 400 years
  • It transformed from red-light district to become the centre of New York's garment industry
  • It later became an artists' sanctuary, and has now been transformed into a luxury shopping neighbourhood
Sun May Have Stolen Mysterious 'planet 9'
  • An unknown world at the edge of our solar system is an exoplanet, scientists believe
  • Computer-modeling suggests Earth's sun stole the planet from another star
Koko The Gorilla's Bond With Her San Francisco Zoo Trainer Revealed In Bbc Documentary
  • Penny Patterson first met Koko the gorilla as a newborn at a zoo in 1971 
  • Pair struck up a remarkable bond with the gorilla learning sign language
  • Now Koko can understand thousands of signs as well as English words 
  • A new documentary is set to air never-before-seen footage of their long relationship 
  • Koko: The Gorilla Who Can Talk will appear on BBC1 on Wednesday, June 15 at 8.30pm.
What Is Hiding In The Last Wonder Of The World? Scans Using 'cosmic Particles' To Reveal Secrets Of The Great Pyramid Of Giza
  • Scientists are using muons to peer through the stone of the Great Pyramid
  • Infrared scans showed a heat anomaly within the 480 feet tall pyramid
  • Experts say this could be a hidden chamber within the famous structure 
  • Last month scans of the Bent Pyramid revealed its interal structure
Will You Soon Need A Government Id To Log Into Facebook? Europe Commission Proposes Controversial Scheme To Access Social Media Sites
  • National ID cards would be needed to log in to online services like Twitter
  • The idea has been presented by Andrus Ansip who is from Estonia
  • The main reason is to prevent fake user reviews that mislead consumers
  • Many people are unhappy saying it will eradicate online privacy
How To Make Someone Fall In Love With You In Five Steps
  • Psychotherapist and author M. Gary Neuman has shared five steps to love
  • They include maintaining consistent eye contact and being a good listener
  • Making someone feel validated could also set you on the path to love 
Android Will Start Telling Users Which Apps They Can Delete To Save Space: Google Is Testing 'uninstall Manager' That Helps You Free-up Storage
  • Shows how much space app is using and what is needed for new item
  • Uninstall manager has been out since mid-May just to beta testers
  • Only suggests apps, no media files
Apple Iphone 7 Plus Leak Reveals A 'supercamera' With Two Lenses
  • Instead headphones jacks, users will connect via the Lighting dock port
  • iPhone 7 will not have dual lens, just iPhone 7 Plus or Pro 
  • Smart Connector can hitch to ports on the bottom of the 7 Plus  
Google Teaches Its Self Driving Cars When To Honk At Other Drivers
  • Google taught cars difference between false positives and tricky situations
  • Learned types for certain situations, quieter pips and sustained honks
  • Cars also have a  distinguished  hum to let others know it is in the area 
Facebook's Ai Could Be Reading Your Messages To Teach Itself How Humans Communicate
  • DeepText is currently being tested in Messenger and can read the chat
  • Will soon understand text in Facebook statuses 
  • Has the ability to perform world-level and character-level based learning
  • AI can use word embedding instead of  assigning  numeric ID
Russia's Plans For A Base On The Moon: Nation Will Land Cosmonauts On The Surface By 2031 Ahead Of Creating A Lunar Colony
  • The bold claim was made by the boss of Russian rocket firm Energia
  • A series of unmanned flights could start as early as 2026  
  • Nation will begin building a human colony on the moon, says Russian space agency Roscosmos
Battleview 360 Lets Soldiers Plot Enemy Routes Behind Heavily Armored Walls
  • BattleView 360 aims to get around  visibility  issues for soldiers under cover
  • The technology is an extension of that already used by F-35 fighter pilots
  • Streaming video to the  display enables troops to 'see through' vehicles
  • Its makers say it protects troops in the field and gives them the advantage
Fbi Under Fire Over Privacy Concerns For Secret Project To Recognise People By Their Tattoos
  • Electronic Frontier Foundation discovered FBI is building software 
  • Algorithm has proved to be 90%  accurate  with identifying and matching
  • FBI gave images of inmate tattoos to third-parties, without permission 
  • Civil rights agency say this technology violates the First Amendment 
Google's Ai Team Is Developing 'big Red Button' To Switch Off Threatening Systems
  • Researchers say AI agents are 'unlikely to behave optimally all the time' 
  • Machines could deliberately wipe out the human race or do so by   misinterpreting an instruction,  because  our  language  is so subtle   
The Violent Death Throes Of A Supernova Revealed: Stunning Supercomputer Simulations Show Star Dying In 3d
  • Animation aims to help shed some light on the mystery of supernova
  • Up until now, researchers have modeled supernova in one-dimension
  • 3D model addresses detailed shape of star by modelling real-world data
  • Model shows how an inert iron core, which can't be used for fuel, causes a star to collapse from its own tremendous gravitational pull
Bronze Age Celtic Instruments Found In Traditional Indian Music
  • Horns like the c-shaped kompu are used in traditional music in south India
  • They greatly resemble instruments used by Bronze Age Europeans
  • It suggests there were links between India and Europe 2,000 years ago
Elk Charges At Yellowstone Visitor After She Gets Too Close
  • A tour group captures video of an elk charging at woman who approached too close
  • Park officials have said on Facebook that elk could be aggressive because of calving season
Siberia's Tattooed Princess Revealed: 2,500-year-old Mummy To Go On Public Display, But Will Be Draped In Fur To Hide Her Modesty
  • Mummified remains of Siberian princess were discovered 20 years ago
  • She was found in an icy tomb on the Ukok Plateau in the Altai Mountains 
  • She will be put on display in a special  sarcophagus  and draped in fur
  • Local ethnic groups have objected to the plans to show her body in public 
Self-driving? Try Self-flying! Autonomous Helicopter Makes First 30 Mile Journey In Connecticut
  • A Sikorsky S-76 commercial helicopter flew using MATRIX technology
  • The flight was monitored, and executed by an operator using only a tablet
  • This could reduce aircrew size, and change the type and length of training
The Final Frontier In Golf: Brands Turn To Space Technology To Improve Your Swing
  • Cobra Puma uses technology used on the International Space Station
  • Callaway works with Boeing to improve the aerodynamics of the XR driver
  • Rules prevent space technology taking over from the skill of the game
Natural Substance Found In Plants Can Fool The Body Into Believing It Is Full
  • Natural substance found in plants could help those on a diet lose weight 
  • Food scientists discovered tart-tasting chemical fools body into feeling full 
  • The plant is a trade secret but supplement could be on sale in three years
The Lost City That Never Was: Ancient Underwater Greek 'ruins' Were Created By Bacteria Feeding On A Prehistoric Gas Leak
  • Remains of 'stone columns' and 'paving stones' were found by snorkelers
  • They were discovered just off the Greek holiday island of Zakynthos
  • Analysis, however, has revealed the structures are natural formations
  • They were created by bacteria feeding off  gas leaking from the sea bed
The Vikings Are Back In North America! Replica 'dragon' Ship Reaches Newfoundland After Month-long Atlantic Crossing
  • The Viking ‘dragon’ vessel is a real-life reconstruction of a ‘Great ship’ from the Norse Sagas
  • It left on April 26th, stopping at Shetland and Faroe Islands before reaching Iceland, Greenland, and Canada
  • Called Draken Harald Hårfagre , the longship sailed in the wake of the infamous Viking explorer, Leif Eriksson
The $850 Gadget That Can Folds Your Laundry With Robot Armsand Can Even Steam Out Creases - And All In Under A Minute
  • It is 32in tall and 28in wide and can fit in most laundry rooms 
  • Users hang clothes and tell machine what type of garment it is  
  • Will be on the market in 2018 for $700 to $850 
Uav-freezing Gun Will Soon Be Trialled By Airports Across The Us
  • Three British companies developed the Anti-UAV Defense System
  • Can detect a drone 6 miles (10km) away using electronic scanning radar
  • Tracks drones using thermal cameras and blocks with radio waves  
  • Technology will be tested at several airports to be selected by the FAA
Vladimir Putin Launches 4,000mph Supersonic Missile That Could Reach Uk In 13 Minutes
  • Object 4202 rocket was fired thousands of miles from the Yasny Launch Base in Russia to the far-east peninsula of Kamchatka
  • Kremlin officials called the test a 'success' in their boasts about weapon
  • It is being designed to sit atop Russia's largest ever nuclear missile
  • The RS-28 Sarmat missile - unveiled last month - has top speed of 4.3 miles per second and has been designed to outfox anti-missile shield systems
How Game Of Thrones Took Over Twitter For Each Episode
  • Interactive chart shows how frequently characters have been mentioned
  • It also shows connections to each other and the Game of Thrones universe
  • Circle size indicates which names were mentioned the most frequently
Instagram Under Fire As It Rolls Out Controversial New Algorithmic Feed
  • The new feed will roll out over the next month, ditching chronological order
  •  It will use an algorithm to show you 'the moments you care about first'
  • Since the plan was first announced, many users have expressed anger 
Minecraft Creators Reveal The Game Has Sold Over 100 Million Copies Worldwide - With Over 53,000 Copies Sold Every Day
  • Mojang revealed there have been over 106,859,714 copies sold to date
  • Since the beginning of 2016, it's sold an average of 53,000 copes every day
  • Figures combine sales from PC, console, and mobile versions of the game
Is America's Railgun Doomed? Claims 'superweapon' That Can Shoot Projectiles At Six Times The Speed Of Sound Could Be Abandoned For Cheaper Alternatives
  • U.S. has spent more than a half a billion dollars on the railgun program
  • Uses powerful electromagnets to drive projectile at incredible speeds
  • Claimed  same ammunition could be used in conventional cannons instead
Us Navy Reveals Latest Hi-tech 'iron Man' Diving Helmet For Elite Soldiers (which Unfortunately Makes Them Look Like A Minion)
  • Helmet has high resolution heads up display built in
  • Operators can send soldiers images and video during missions
  • Allows divers to send live video back during secret missions 
The Man Who Really Did Have A Skeleton In His Closet: Home Owner Discovers Bones Of 2,200-year-old Warrior In His Basement
  • The skeleton was found by a man in a village in Kazakhstan
  • He found human bones, including a skull, along with some clay bowls
  • Archaeologists believe the skeleton is that of an ancient Usun warrior
Fish Gobble Plastics Like Teenagers Eat Junk Food: Young Creatures Prefer Harmful Man-made Materials Which Stunts Their Growth
  • Microplastics are almost indestructible, invisible fragments of plastic
  • Enter the oceans as litter including discarded plastic bags and other waste
  • Young fish have been found to prefer microplastics to natural food sources
  • This starves the fish of nutrition and causes their growth to be stunted
Could Homes That Float Solve The Housing Crisis? Radical 'flood Free' Housing Estates May Be Built In Berkshire By 2021
  • Planners are looking to build 224 homes, 24 of which would be 'can-float' 
  • A target deadline for a decision on the application has been set for August
  • The houses would be built in four phases, completely finishing in 2021
Snails Make Complex Decisions Using Just Two Brain Cells: Simple Neuron Network Helps Creature Find Food And Save Energy
  • Simple brain circuit of just neurons helps snails make complex  decisions  
  • One cell tells it if food is available, while a second tells it if it's hungry
  • Scientists say the findings could lead to more efficient robotic brains
Rosetta's Duck-shaped Comet 67p Continually Tears Itself Apart And Reforms
  • Comet 67P/Churyumov–Gerasimenko spins once every 12 hours at present
  • As its spin rate changes, the stress on its two giant lobes increases 
  • This causes the comet to regularly break up and then reform on its journey
  • Scientists estimate it would have a lifetime of 5,000 years as this erodes it 
Apple's Icloud Comes Crashing Down: Music And App Stores, Streaming Service And Photos Go Offline For Users
  • Outage began around 12:30pm EST, with the majority of services affected
  • Some services were fixed later in the day - but problems remain
  • Apple also re-released iPad Pro update today after it bricked devices 
Pluto's 'twilight Zone' Image Reveals Mysterious Wisps Of 'cloud'
  • Taken only a few minutes after closest approach on July 14, 2015, it shows the 'twilight zone' or haze of the planet
  • It also appears to show a cloud - which Nasa describes as ' an intriguing bright wisp measuring tens of miles'
  • Could be the only cloud yet identified in New Horizons imagery
The Incredible Image That Shows How Global Warming Is Turning The Arctic Green
  • Nasa analysed 87,000 images taken from Landsat satellites of plant life across Alaska and Canada
  • Converted  them into data that reflects the amount of healthy vegetation in the area 
  • Western Alaska and Quebec became greener between 1984 and 2012
Mystery As Scientists Reveal The Universe Is Expanding 9% Faster Than They Thought
  • Hubble found universe is expanding 5% to 9% faster than expected
  • May reveal new information about dark matter or new particles
  • Could even show Einstein's theory of gravity is incomplete