Suicide Notes Released In Triple Murder-suicide

10 months ago
New details emerged in July 13 South Carolina shooting spree that left four dead 
Shooter Jessica Edens left a cruel suicide note accusing her estranged husband, Ben, of causing her and her children tremendous pain 
Shot dead was Ben's girlfriend, Meredith Rahme, 28, as she parked her car outside his apartment
Edens went on the run in SUV with children, ages five and nine, in backseat
Mom and her kids were all found dead two hours later with gunshots to the head
Investigators concluded Edens used a gun she had stolen from her parents to shoot Rahme, both her children, then herself 
Murder-suicide was part of Edens' plot to get back at Ben, whom she said in the note she hated
Another note to her first husband - the father of her nine-year-old son - contained an apology  

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