Satellite Images Show Precision Of Air Strike On Chemical Weapon In Damascus Syria

2 months ago
Satellite imagery taken before and after the airstrikes on Saturday show buildings in Syria reduced to rubble
The three sites included a bunker and storage facility outside Homs, the Shinshar Chemical Weapons Facility
The third and main target was the Barzah research facility in northern Damascus, which was hit by 76 missiles
Pentagon officials said the airstrikes were 'precise, overwhelming and effective' at a briefing on Saturday 
Russian President Vladimir Putin warned of 'consequences' and said said there was no evidence of the attack
President Donald Trump has vowed to carry out further strikes if Assad crosses the chemical 'red line' again
UK Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson defended Britain's decision to join the strikes and stand up to 'barbarism'
Labour's Jeremy Corbyn questioned their legality but the UK government said it was a humanitarian action

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