Royal Navy Submarine Hunted By Russia In 'cat-and-mouse' Pursuit

2 months ago
Russian Kilo-class submarines chased British Astute-class vessels backed up by two frigates and an aircraft 
They hunted the UK vessel as it carried Tomahawk missiles with a range of up to 1,000 miles close to Syria
Britain joined the U.S. and France in airstrikes against the Assad regime and its chemical weapons facilities
Russian President Vladimir Putin warned of 'consequences' and said said there was no evidence of the attack
President Donald Trump has vowed to carry out further strikes if Assad crosses the chemical 'red line' again
Assad met Russian politicians today and told them the West was spreading 'lies and misinformation' at the UN 
Theresa May has faced criticism for authorising the military action without a vote in the House of Commons
Boris Johnson defended the PM but said the UK would take 'precautions' amid fears of Russian cyber-attacks
Labour's Jeremy Corbyn questioned their legality and demanded a 'war powers' law to give Parliament a say

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