Trump Plans Clinton Foreign Policy Rebuttal
  • Donald Trump says he plans to rebut Hillary Clinton's foreign policy speech
  • Trump labeled protesters involved in violent clashes at his campaign events "thugs"
Politicians Respond To Passing Of Muhammad Ali
  • Ali was known not only for his boxing prowess but for his outspokenness on political issues
  • President Barack Obama and first lady Michelle Obama said in a statement that Ali "shook up the world"
Feds At Odds Over Charges In Eric Garner Case
  • Federal prosecutors disagree over whether to bring charges in the Eric Garner case
  • Objections from the U.S. Attorney in Brooklyn shelved a Justice Department plan to bring civil rights charges
Ryan Endorses Trump
  • Ryan says he is now convinced Trump will advance the Republican agenda
  • A source close to Ryan said the speaker didn't give Trump a heads up
Clinton It Staffer Intends To Take The Fifth In Upcoming Deposition
  • The move comes even after the staffer, Bryan Pagliano, accepted an immunity deal with the FBI earlier this year
  • Pagliano's attorneys said their client is now "caught up in a lawsuit with an undisputed political agenda"
Former Top Aide: 'not Aware' Of Any Discussion Over Clinton's Email Use
  • The nearly seven-hour deposition was conducted as part of an ongoing lawsuit filed by Judicial Watch
  • Mills' deposition came just days after a State Department watchdog criticized Clinton for violating State Department policy
How The Gop Lost California Latinos
  • Lessons for Trump in the effect of California's Prop 187
  • Steep decline of registered Republicans in California after anti-immigrant measure
Eight Is Enough? Supreme Court Adjusts To The New Normal
  • Supreme Court nears end of its term with only eight justices, wrestling with cases on abortion, affirmative action and immigration
  • The even number of justices raises the prospects of a 4-4 tie along ideological lines
Sizzling Summer Of Politics Ahead
  • The end of the primary season offers a preview of the fall clash
  • The primary season wraps up June 7
Boeing Air Refueling Tanker Again Falls Behind Schedule
  • Boeing was expected to deliver 18, fully functional KC-46 tankers by August 2017
  • The last of those 18 planes will not be handed over until January 2018
Trump Casts Shadow Over Ryan's Policy Goals
  • Ryan is still wrestling with when he'll lock arms with the billionaire businessman
  • As more Republicans jump aboard the Trump train, the speaker risks growing more isolated
Trump To Speak At Rolling Thunder Motorcycle Rally In D.c.
  • Donald Trump will spend Memorial Day weekend saluting the nation's veterans at the Rolling Thunder motorcycle rally
  • The event is a tribute specifically to prisoners of war and Americans missing in action
  • Donald Trump has now reached the threshold of 1,237 delegates to clinch the Republican presidential nomination
  • He becomes the official nominee once delegates cast their votes on the convention floor in July
Lawmakers Press Obama Officials On Iran Nuclear Deal
  • Republican and Democrats on the Hill are skeptical
  • The administration says it's holding Iran's feet to the fire
Dems Worry Dnc Chair 'too Toxic' After Sanders Blast
  • DNC Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz is under fire
  • But there appears to be no organized effort to oust her
Clinton Plans Unity Push After Tuesday's Contests
  • Hillary Clinton says she plans to ramp up efforts to unify Democrats after Tuesday's primaries
  • Sanders says he can't "snap my fingers" to usher his supporters into Clinton's camp
Clinton: Trump Deserves Some Blame For Violence Outside Events
  • Clinton said Trump, who at times has appeared to egg on his supporters, has "set a very bad example"
  • Protesters and supporters of Trump clashed in the streets of San Jose Thursday night
Mcconnell: Trump Could Have Goldwater Effect
  • Mitch McConnell worries that Donald Trump could hurt the GOP's relationship with Latinos beyond repair
  • He said Trump could push Latinos away similar to how black voters distanced themselves from the GOP in 1964
Millennial Voters Rise Up
  • The number of millennials is skyrocketing
  • But other age groups are more likely to vote
Clinton To Deliver Trump-focused National Security Speech
  • The speech will look to cast Trump as a foreign policy lightweight and security risk
  • Recently, Clinton has directly challenged Trump's ability to handle foreign policy issues
Clinton Unloads On Trump University, Calls It 'fraudulent Scheme'
  • Hillary Clinton blasted Trump University in a tweetstorm Wednesday
  • Her aides say she plans to focus more on the now-defunct, scandal-plagued business
Kristol's White Knight: David French
  • Bill Kristol hopes to make David French a presidential candidate
  • Kristol has searched for an alternative to Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton
Sanders Labels Trump 'mr. Macho'
  • Bernie Sanders derisively called Donald Trump "Mr. Macho" for backing out of a one-on-one debate
  • Sanders has hunkered down in California, the site of his last big match-up with Hillary Clinton
Trump Jabs At Bill Kristol Over Independent Candidate Prediction
  • William Kristol is a persistent critic of Donald Trump
  • On Twitter Trump slammed Kristol as a "dummy" and "an embarrassed loser."
Libertarian Party Convention Tests Former New Mexico Gov. Gary Johnson
  • Johnson was criticized for his vice presidential pick
  • He also brushed off critics who say he hasn't been a great messenger for the party
Libertarian Party Set To Pick Nominee At Convention
  • The Libertarian Party will to hold its national convention in Orlando, Florida
  • Many expect Gary Johnson to once again secure the nomination
Ruth Bader Ginsburg: 8 Is Not A Good Number
  • Ruth Bader Ginsburg spoke Thursday to an audience of judges of the Second Circuit Judicial Conference in New York
  • Her comments mark the furthest a sitting justice has gone to push for a fully staffed court since Antonin Scalia died
In Trump Attacks, Clinton Finds Her Voice
  • Clinton has amped up her attacks against Trump while campaigning in California this week
  • "The fact is Donald Trump thought he could make money off of people's misery," she said
Obama Offers To Beatbox For Vietnamese Rapper
  • President Barack Obama held a town hall in Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam
  • He spoke with a young rapper named Suboi who rapped in Vietnamese
Here's Who Buys The Most Weapons From The U.s.
  • Middle East countries are top recipients of weapons
  • The U.S. accounts for one third of global arms sales
Sanders Hints At Contested Convention
  • Clinton currently has 2,313 total delegates is expected to clinch the nomination in the next few days
  • Sanders says he can still woo enough of her superdelegates between now and the Democratic convention
California Tests Clinton Political Machine
  • Clinton is relying heavily on her relationships with California politicians
  • Widespread support that Clinton is receiving from local officials is in stark contrast to Sanders
'historic Mistake'
  • Hillary Clinton has taken to labeling Donald Trump as a "loose cannon"
  • She is looking to use her international experience to hit the GOP candidate
The Battle For California: Clinton, Sanders Barnstorm The Golden State
  • Clinton is set to attack Trump in the start of a 5-day swing through California
  • Sanders is hoping for a win here to help persuade Democratic superdelegates he should be the nominee
Obama Dives Into 2016 Fight, Lambasts Gop On Economy
  • Obama listed every major economic achievement of his presidency
  • A White House source said Obama was chomping at the bit to get out and "get people fired up"
Aide Defends Trump's Media Bashing
  • Trump ripped the press this week
  • His spokesperson said many liked that
Clinton: Trump Shamed Into Making Donations To Veterans Groups
  • "Look, I'm glad he finally did it, but I don't know that he should get much credit," Clinton said
  • Trump on Tuesday unveiled $5.6 million in donations that he gave to veterans groups
Never-trump Conservatives Search For Alternative
  • Rep. Adam Kinzinger would have run "literally to save the union," according to a source
  • Ballot deadlines for independent candidates have either passed or soon will
Could Grumpy Electorate Breed Libertarian Wild Card?
  • GOP leaders are pushing Marco Rubio to run again for his Senate seat
  • It's a big week for Hillary Clinton, based on what happened in 2008
Trump Asks Why Obama Didn't Mention Pearl Harbor During Japan Trip
  • Obama this week became the first sitting president to visit Hiroshima
  • "Does President Obama ever discuss the sneak attack on Pearl Harbor while he's in Japan?" Trump tweeted
What Is Libertarianism?
  • Libertarians are hoping the rise of Trump might mean they get another look from conservatives
  • But what is libertarianism?
Key House Spending Bill Fails Over Lgbt Controversy
  • The controversial social debate could jeopardize future efforts to pass spending bills
  • House Republicans had scrambled last week to defeat a similar Democratic proposal
Trump Has A Woman Problem -- 3 Of Them
  • Trump slammed New Mexico Gov. Susana Martinez
  • He called Sen. Elizabeth Warren "Pocahontas"
A City's Plan To Fight Heroin By Allowing It
  • Ithaca, like much of the country, has been touched by a heroin epidemic
  • But this idyllic city has a very different idea bout how to address the problem
Sanders Campaign Manager: 'messy' Does Not Mean Violent
  • Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders said Monday that he expects the Democratic convention to get "messy" this summer
  • Sanders and his campaign manager said the comment did not refer to or condone violence at the convention