Philip Hammond Unveils Higher Growth Forecasts In Spring Statement

2 months ago
Chancellor Philip Hammond is delivering his Spring Statement to the Commons 
Britain's economy is set to confound the sceptics as the country leaves the EU
Mr Hammond is unveiling upgrades to gloomy forecasts for the UK economy
His Spring Statement will cast aside his reputation as the Cabinet's Eeyore figure
Condemned Labour's 'doom and gloom' about the economy, and made fun of his own 'Eeyore' reputation on Brexit saying he was at his most 'Tigger-like'. 
Pointed out that manufacturing was enjoying its strongest run for 50 years and the government had achieved the first sustained fall in debt for 17 years. 
Highlighted the resilience of the economy amid uncertainty about Brexit negotiations and said the deficit reduction target will be reached this year. 
Suggested he is ready to pump more money into key services at the Budget in November as long as the prospects of UK plc do not take a turn for the worse. 
Announced consultations on cracking down on single use plastics and an overhaul of the VAT system to benefit small businesses.

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