Pennsylvania Boy 'shot Dead His Mother And Brother While They Slept'

1 year ago
Jacob Remaley, 14, charged as an adult with two counts each of criminal homicide and third-degree murder
Remaley has allegedly confessed to shooting dead his mother, Dana Remaley, 46, and brother, Caleb Remaley, eight, in their sleep 
Teen allegedly said had his Iraq War veteran father, David, been at home, he would have killed him too 
Court documents state after gunning down his family, Jacob called 911 and said his father shot his mother and brother
He met paramedics in the front yard wearing a T-shirt and boxer briefs, and repeating the word, 'Mom'
Police say Jacob and his parents were not getting along well lately 
A family friend described Jacob as a straight-A student and a 'good kid' who was devout and  involved  in sports
Jacob's step-grandmother said months earlier, he told her he was bothered his mother was 'mad at God' for the death of her own mother

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