Nhs Boss Warns Of Cannabis Addiction Risk For Kids After Former Tory Leader Calls For Legalisation

4 weeks ago
Simon Stevens said legalising cannabis risks making children think it is safe
Emphasised in speech that it increases risk of long-term psychiatric problems
Comes as government announced a review of rules around medicinal cannabis
Downing Street slapped down Lord Hague, saying it had ‘no plans’ to relax the laws on recreational use of cannabis;
Mr Javid said 10,000 children with drug-resistant epilepsy could benefit from using cannabis-based medicines;
Alfie’s mother Hannah Deacon wept with joy and relief when she was told the Home Office was giving her a licence to treat him with cannabis oil;
Critics warned cannabis use was already being decriminalised ‘by the back door’ with levels of seizures and prosecutions plummeting;
Barack Obama’s former drug policy adviser said selling cannabis on the open market risked a public health disaster.

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