May's Vow As She Hails 'new Sense Of Optimism' Over Brexit

7 months ago
Prime Minister will hail 'new sense of optimism' over Brexit and pledge trade deal
Mrs May to promise to ensure that UK 'takes control of border, moneys and laws' 
 Comes after Brexit Secretary said he wanted a 'Canada plus plus plus' deal  
The Irish government reacted furiously to Brexit Secretary David Davis’s claim that the deal was not legally enforceable, saying it was ‘binding’;
Labour was accused of planning to ‘betray’ voters by seeking to allow ‘easy’ EU migration, paying billions to Brussels indefinitely and accepting EU diktats;
Mr Davis said he wanted a ‘Canada plus plus plus’ trade deal, but fiercely rejected the idea of the UK copying EU rules and regulations;
Ministers were braced for a rebellion from ten or more pro-Remain Tories on a crucial amendment to the EU Withdrawal Bill this week.

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