Margot Kidder Dies Aged 69 After Superman Actress' Bipolar Struggle

2 months ago
The star was found dead in her Livingston, Montana home on Sunday
Someone had called the police from her home to report she had died 
It is not known yet what the Canada born actress has died from  
Her death is under investigation but no foul play is suspected 
She called into a radio show on May 9 saying she had been 'in bed with the flu'
She made four Superman films with Christopher Reeve in the 70s and 80s
She also worked alongside Reeve on two episodes of TV's Smallville 
Margot battled bipolar disorder for years and was very open about it
In 1996 Kidder had a manic episode leading to her being homeless for 4 days
The star was found by police and placed in psychiatric care
Later she became an advocate for mental health awareness
Margot continued to work in Hollywood with her last film being The Neighborhood with Danny Aiello, which came out this year

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