Florida Wants To Remove Virus-excreting Wild Monkeys
  • Animals' forebears were brought to an island in the Silver River early in the 1930s
  • Were designed as a tourist attraction due to the popularity of the Tarzan movies.
  • However, organisers didn't realise they could swim - so they spread
  • Now there are believed to be about 175 in Silver Springs State Park. 
  • New study found some of the monkeys have the Herpes virus in their saliva and other bodily fluids, posing a potential risk of spreading the disease
  • Herpes B can result in severe brain damage or death
Andrew Gamez-heath Reveals He Is Hiv Positive Via Facebook
  • Andrew Gamez-Heath took test as a precaution at the start of a new relationship
  • He was shocked to be told by nurse he was positive just 60 seconds later 
  • Andrew is now is happily married to nurse Ricardo Gamez-Heat
  • He stuck by him despite knowing him for a few weeks when he was diagnosed
  • Many of Andrew's friends did not even know he was gay when he shared the post
  • It has been shared thousands of times and he's received praise for his bravery
  • His illness is incredibly well-controlled and virus is now undetectable in his body
E-cigarettes Double The Risk Of Bronchitis In Teenagers: Experts Say They Release A Chemical Which Causes Permanent Lung Damage
  • Young e-cig users were twice as likely to suffer from persistent coughs
  • While those who stopped using them were 85% likelier to have symptoms
  • Experts believe they deliver diacetyl to the lung which can be toxic 
  • The aerosol also puffed out other irritants that cause breathing problems
Stephanie Theobald Discovered She Actually Had Cancer And Wasn't Pregnant
  • Stephanie Theobald was devastated when her baby's heart wasn't beating
  • The 35-year-old was told she could wait and give birth or undergo surgery
  • A biopsy revealed she had suffered from a complete molar pregnancy
  • Further tests revealed the abnormal growth of cells was actually cancer
  • She underwent chemotherapy, but it could stop her ever having children
Breast Cancer's 'achilles Heel' Discovered By University Of Zurich Scientists
  • Breast cancer is the most common cancer in women affecting millions 
  • Cells can lie dormant after treatment but 'reawaken' at any times 
  • Scientists have discovered a way to 'switch off' signals to stop cells dividing and eventually kill them 
The 13st Girl Whose Weight Loss Treatment Cost You £12,000... And The Mother Who Insists: It's Not My Fault
  • Destiny Deakin weighed a 'clinically obese' 13st when she was aged 12
  • She was enrolled in a £6,000 fat camp twice in the space of a year
  • Mother Beverley said her daughter's heath justified the cost of treatment
  • Destiny, now 15, weighs 11st, eats healthily and goes to the gym 
Queensland Woman Left With 6 Stone Of Excess Skin After Weight Loss Surgery
  • Emma Lovell, 35, weighed 34 stone before having gastric band surgery
  • Says she rare over ate and blames carbohydrate  intolerance  for her size
  • Lost 21 stone but was left with sagging skin on arms, legs and her stomach
  • Fundraising for surgery to have it removed it's left her more self conscious 
Could Homeopathy Help The Nhs By Stopping People With Minor Ailments Seeking Unnecessary Medical Treatment?
  • While homeopathy doesn't work, there is no evidence it causes harm
  • Can distract people allowing ailments that get better on their own to do so 
  • Stops people with minor illnesses seeking potentially damaging treatment 
Indian Mother Who Gave Birth To Conjoined Twins Sharing Nearly Every Organ Says She Is 'heartbroken'
  • Boy and a girl were born at a private hospital in east India on Wednesday
  • Doctors stabilised their condition before transferring them to city hospital
  • They have warned chances of survival are 'slim' and sent them home
Zika Virus May Be Transmitted By Oral Sex
  • 24-year-old tested positive for Zika after suffering a fever and rash
  • Her 46-year-old partner had returned from Rio de Janeiro 10 days earlier
  • Couple had sex seven times but the man only ejaculated during oral sex
  • French doctors believe woman may have caught the virus from his semen  
Dr Pimple Popper Sandra Lee Bursts An Egg-shaped Cyst On A Man’s Hip
  • Unidentified man has a wobbly, red, egg-shaped cyst on his right hip bone
  • Dr Pimple Popper cuts into it with a blade and it erupts with foul fluid
  • She explains he has an epidermoid cyst which has become inflamed
  • After squeezing all of the white paste out of the lump the procedure is done
Stroke Patients To Walk, Talk And Live A Normal Life After Stem Cell Treatment
  • Major breakthrough as doctors reverse the symptoms of a stroke
  • Patients regained the ability to walk, talk and live a normal family life
  • Stem cell treatment found to work up to 3 years after a stroke, say experts
  • Millions of people could benefit from the simple procedure, they believe 
What Are Your Chances Of Getting Cancer?  
  • Cancer prevalence is growing with 1 in 3 expected to get it in their lifetime
  • Global cases are expected to top 24 million by 2036 experts warn
  • But better diagnosis and treatment mean survival chances better than ever
  • Founder of medical blogging website Thea Jourdan explains who is at risk 
Dancer Suffering From Agonising 'nutcracker Syndrome' Can Finally Perform Again After Surgery To Untangle Her Kidney 
  • Jessica Wright always dreamed of being a dancer and took ballet classes
  • Started suffering stomach aches, back pain and had to give up dancing
  • Was diagnosed with nutcracker syndrome - where the arteries taking blood to the kidneys become wrapped around the veins and crush them
  • Had an operation to untangle the blood vessels and can now dance again 
How To Optimize Your Lunchtime Workout
  • Plan your outfit, your workout schedule and your lunch
  • You might be able to skip the warmup, stretching and showering
California Girl Dies From Infection Thought To Be Flu
  • Alyssa Alcaraz, 12, died from organ failure in December after septic shock took over her body caused by a strep infection
  • Doctors misdiagnosed her and told the family from California that she had the flu
  • The strep bacteria had entered her blood stream and symptoms including fever, body aches and fatigue resemble flu symptoms
Seattle Sets Sky High Sugary Beverage Tax
  • Seattle's sugary drink tax came into effect on January 1 and is now the second highest in the nation at 1.75 cents per ounce
  • Shoppers are beginning to notice, taking to Twitter in awe of the steep increases
  • Both regular and diet drinks with added sugar have been linked to risks of obesity and related diseases 
  • The health effects of diet drinks are not entirely understood, but research suggests higher taxes may help reduce sugar intake 
School's Meal Rule Sparks Debate: 'overweight' Children Are Given Just Vegetables While 'underweight' Ones Receive Milk And Meat 
  • A kindergarten in Shanghai gives its pupils food based on their weight
  • Headmaster said they carried out the rule for the sake of pupils' health
  • Many support the idea, but some said it could harm children's psychology
  • Prevalence of childhood overweight rose from 1.11 per cent to 9.62 per cent between 1985 and 2010
  • Overweight and obesity were found to be most common among boys living in urban regions (23.2 per cent)
  • World Obesity Federation expects China to top the world in childhood obesity in 2025
  • Obese children aged between five and 18 will reach over 48 million in China in a decade
Having Sleep Apnea Could Make Lung Cancer More Deadly, Study Finds
  • A lack of air during a night's rest releases increased amounts of exosomes
  • They are responsible for communication between cells in the human body
  • Sleep apnea sufferers also see their levels of exosomes increase rapidly
  • Experts say this makes tumours grow bigger and spread around the body 
Early Deaths From Heart Disease Set To Soar By A Third In A Decade
  • Early deaths from cardiovascular disease will soar by third in next decade
  • Men more at risk, with 34% increase in deaths compared to 30% in women
  • Trend will see millions succumb to heart attacks and strokes
  • But, experts say crisis can be averted if steps are taken to tackle smoking, obesity, diabetes and high blood pressure 
Scandal Of The 5,000 New Fast Food Restaurants That Have Opened Outside Schools In Just Seven Years
  • There are now 15,327 fast-food joints 5 minutes from schools over the UK
  • London saw the biggest increase, 89% rise in new outlets since 2009
  • Experts: If we don't stem obesity, children could die before their parents
  • In England, 17% of boys and 15% of girls aged under 16 are obese
Obesity Campaign In Crisis After Its Controversial Report Advising Us To Eat More Fat Leads To Four Outraged Board Members Resigning
  • Guidance was issued by the National Obesity Forum two weeks ago
  • Claimed that far from demonising fat, we should be eating more of it
  • Many scientists criticised the controversial  advice , calling it irresponsible
  • NOF board members said they had not seen the report before publication  
Mother Disowned By Her Husband After Facial Tumours Ravaged Her Looks Has Life-changing Surgery To Re-build Her Face
  • Samira Benhar, 39, suffers from rare genetic condition neurofibromatosis
  • Caused huge tumours to grow over her face, covering her right eye
  • Was flown from Morocco to Spain for a year of reconstructive surgery
  • Broke down in tears unveiling the results as she now has a 'new life'
Young Mother Who Beat Anxiety Is Miss Great Britain Hopeful
  • Karlette Palmer, 24, from Surrey suffered vicious attack aged 14
  • Was left traumatised and turned to self harm to cope 
  • Therapy helped her overcome trauma and she met fiance soon after
  • Is now in running for Miss Great Britain after winning Miss Greater London 
Girl, 6, Celebrates Being Cancer-free For One Year After Enduring 17 Gruelling Rounds Of Chemo To Beat A Giant Tumour On Her Ribs
  • Claire Russell, from Baltimore, became unwell on a flight to Washington
  • Tests revealed she had a box-shaped tumour on her spine and ribs 
  • High altitude could have put pressure on cancerous tumour causing pain
  • Four-year-old endured 17 rounds of chemo to finally go into remission 
Shift Work, Irregular Sleeping And Eating Patterns 'increase A Worker's Risk Of Stroke'
  • Shift work increases risk of heart attack and obesity, studies already show
  • New research reveals increased risk of severe stroke, experts warn
  • Ischemic strokes happen when blood supply to the brain is interrupted
  • Findings reveal men are more likely to suffer severe stroke than women 
Have Scientists Found A Cure For Alcoholism? New Virus Can 'repair The Liver Damage Caused By Drinking'
  • Scientists have created a bespoke virus which can be sent into liver cells
  • It targets  damaged  cells in the  organ  and converts them into healthy ones 
  • Could keep liver functioning longer - allowing patients to live for decades
  • A transplant is still the best cure but this is an 'exciting development' 
Fitness Fanatic Was Left Fighting For Her Life After A Small Bruise On Her Arm Turned Out To Be A Flesh Eating Bug That Ravaged Her Skin 
  • Erin Rhoades, 30, noticed she had a small bruise and mark on her left arm 
  • Bruise dramatically spread and she developed a fever and began to vomit 
  • Hours later doctors diagnosed her as having a deadly flesh eating bug 
  • Had surgery to remove the infected flesh leaving her with 200 stitches
Revealed, The 10 Best Foods To Eat For Clear Skin - And Why People Prone To Flare-ups Should Avoid Sugar And Dairy 
  • Too much dairy can worsen acne because cattle are fed hormones 
  • Sugar makes the skin more sensitive to acne-causing hormones
  • Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids from oily fish can reduce inflammation 
  • Proteins help build collagen and elastin – necessary for youthful skin
Fewer U.s. Teens Are Giving Birth, Cdc Finds
  • The number of teens having babies decreased 8% from 2014 to 2015, according to a new CDC report
  • There has been a sharp drop in teen births since 2007; experts credit the recession and better contraceptives
  • Fewer women in their 20s, and more women in their 30s and 40s, are having babies
Tb Vaccine That Killed Monkeys Given To 1,400 Babies
  • Nearly 1,400 given jab despite five of six primates dying during medical trials
  • Information given to parents of babies said vaccine was shown to be effective
  • The babies were not harmed by jab but it did not protect against tuberculosis 
Hospitals Must Ban Smoking On Entire Premises To Cut Rates Of Cancer, Warns Duncan Selbie
  • Duncan Selbie, head of PHE, revealed he wants a 'tobacco-free' NHS
  • Currently only dozens of hospitals are smoke-free in their grounds
  • But enforcing a blanket smoking ban would be a matter for local trusts
Is This Britain’s Most Fattening Sandwich? Meaty Sarnie Contains 8,000 Calories
  • George Pub & Grill in Teeside has £13.95 sandwich called Parmo Kebab
  • Sarnie contains four times more calories than woman should eat in day
  • The pub says if you die while eating sarnie, it will chip in for a headstone
Revealed, The Answers To Men's Most Popular Health Questions
  • Men are known to go to the doctors less - risking their health as a result
  • Experts advise you to visit your doctor regardless of what the problem is
  • Common conditions include eczema on the penis and an itchy bottom
  • Rest your testicles in the palms of your hands and compare one testicle with the other for equal heaviness. A lot of men have one testicle which is larger than the other, or one that hangs lower than the other, so don't worry if this is the case
  • Place your fingers behind the scrotum and gently roll your testicle between your thumb and fingers
  • You are looking out for any hard lump or swelling – or any particular changes in shape. Make sure you check each testicle individually
  • A normal testicle is oval shaped and feels firm, but not hard
  • Most cases of testicular cancer start with a painless lump in the testicle; though sometimes there can be pain or discomfort or a heavy feeling in the scrotum. Make sure you consult your GP as soon as possible if you experience any of these sensations, or if you find a lump
Nutritionists Reveal 8 Top Tips To Avoid The Vicious Circle And Shed Pounds
  • Do you crave a sweet treat after a long and hectic day in the office?
  • It can be easy to get caught in the vicious 'sugar, stress cycle'
  • But what's first? Sugar cravings, or stress, which causes more cravings?
  • Team of nutritionists reveal what causes the  cycle  and how to beat it 
The Chronic Pain Epidemic: 50 Million Americans Live In Agony.. But What Is Chronic Pain And Why Is It So Hard To Treat?
  • 50 million Americans suffer the agony of chronic pain, according to NIH
  • That's compared to 21 million diabetics and 14 million cancer patients 
  • But unlike treatments for diabetes, cancer and heart disease, therapies for pain have not really improved in hundreds of years
  • Professor Robert Caudle from the University of Florida explores the issue 
Rise Of The Scrotal Lift: Demand For Op To Remove Saggy Skin Soars Among Body Conscious Men 
  • Scrotoplasty is performed to reduce, repair or reconstruct the scrotum
  • Clinics have reported rise in men having procedure for aesthetic reasons 
  • Consultant plastic surgeon Gerard Lambe said it was popular with over-50s
Revealed, The Masturbation Hotspots Of The Uk: Women In The South East And Men In London Indulge The Most Frequently
  • Women in the South East masturbate an average of seven times a week
  • London men indulge six times a week, a survey of 3,000 adults found 
  • Women in the UK spend three time as much on sex toys than men
  • Experts claim masturbation can ward off diseases like diabetes and cancer
'fountain Of Youth' Pill Could Be Available In Just Two Years: Blend Of 30 Vitamins And Minerals May Reverse Ageing Of The Brain
  • Formula contains ingredients including vitamins B, C and D and folic acid
  • Early tests found it abolished brain cell loss and reversed damage
  • Supplement led to fewer free radicals, which cause ageing, being produced
  • Hopes it could one day be used to treat Alzheimer's and Parkinsons 
Weight-loss Surgery Does Save Lives, Lowering Rates Of Heart Disease And Cancer
  • Obese patients who have weight-loss surgery are more likely to live longer
  • Being obese increases risk of death from various disease, including cancer
  • Gastric bypass decreases risk of death by 57% compared with not having it
  • Difference seen in lower number of deaths from heart disease and cancer 
Surgery-obsessed Model Pixee Fox Gets Implants To Make Her Eyes 'cartoon Green' 
  • Pixee Fox, from North Carolina, has just had her 19th cosmetic procedure
  • The 26-year-old says she has 'always wanted' to change her eye colour
  • Last year she had six ribs removed to create the perfect hourglass shape
  • The model now plans to break the world record for the smallest waist
Potential New Breast Cancer Drug 'doubles Survival Time By Stopping Tumor Growth' 
  • Promising new drug could have important implications for cancer therapies
  • Drug doubles the survival time of breast cancer patients by halting spread
  • Halts spread of cancer cells and helps kill off existing diseased cells  
  • Experts say the treatment could work against other forms of the disease 
Boy, 8, Has Every Bone In His Face Broken To Stop His Brain From Being Squashed - And Can Now Breathe Normally For The First Time
  • George Ward has Crouzon syndrome - which causes skull to fuse early
  • Rare genetic disorder can cause breathing, vision and hearing problems
  • Has had 30 operations to treat it including one breaking 14 bones in one go
  • Wore an adjustable face frame for four months to help reset his face
Mother-of-two Says A Miscarriage Masked Her Symptoms Of Cervical Cancer And Now Has Just Months To Live
  • Helen Dixon, 32, tragically suffered a miscarriage in February last year 
  • Continued to bleed afterwards but claims was told it was part of recovery
  • Went for overdue smear months later and doctors noticed abnormalities
  • Tests revealed she had stage 4 cervical cancer which is now incurable
Regularly Eating After 8pm Can Add Two Inches To Your Waistline Claims Chile Scientists
  • Late eaters often have waistlines two inches bigger than early eaters
  • Scientists say we have evolved to use up energy during daylight hours
  • This means the rate at which we process food is diminished at night