German U-boat Crew Pictured Surrendering To The Raf

5 months ago
Images show U-570 on the surface of the north Atlantic with defeated crew stood on deck waving a white flag
Sub was captured during first ever patrol in 1941 and later recommissioned by the Royal Navy as HMS Graph
Photos discovered in an archive of Montague Whittle, who commanded an RAF base in Iceland during WW2
Archive includes logbooks, photos, and a letter of condolence on his death sent to family by King George VI
U-boat stands for ‘Unterseeboot’ (submarine). Germany built 360 during the First World War, which destroyed more than 11million tons of Allied shipping
On May 7, 1915, U-20 torpedoed and sank the line Lusitania off the west of Ireland. Almost 1,200 died including 128 Americans. The sinking was an important factor in the USA’s decision to join the allied cause
UB-122 had a crew of 34 and could travel at 16mph on the surface or 9mph submerged and dive to 150ft in 30 seconds.
It entered service in March 1918, made two patrols but failed to sink any targets.
U-boats were used in both world wars by Germany in an attempt to cut Britain’s North Atlantic lifeline to America. They hunted in groups known as ‘wolf packs’.
Patrols could take up to six months and crews were not able to change their clothes apart from a single change of underwear and socks
With limited space, crews often resorted to ‘hot-bunking’ – as soon as one person had crawled out, the next would crawl in 

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