Family Of East River Helicopter Crash Victim Sue Aviation Company

3 months ago
Family members to a late victim in Sunday's East River helicopter crash are suing the company
In a lawsuit filed by Trevor Cadigan's family, they claim the company didn't have enough knives for passengers to get out of harnesses
The family said that the sole survivor in the crash, pilot Richard Vance, 33, could not 'maintain proper control'
Cadigan, 26, died, and Daniel Thompson, 34, Tristan Hill, 29, Brian McDaniel, 26, and Carla Vallejos Blanco, 29 
The medical examiner ruled the cause of death for all five victims was accidental drowning
The medical examiner's office came under fire by victim Hill's family for refusing to allow them to view his body
Rescue divers found the five passengers trapped inside the crashed helicopter   

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