Company That Agreed To Trump's Plea To Keep Carrier Jobs In The Usa 'wants To Stay In Good Graces With The Federal Government,' As President-elect Heads To Indiana To Tout Jobs Saved

1 year ago
Carrier Corp. has agreed to keep hundreds of American jobs at its Indiana plant after hearing a plea from President-elect Donald Trump over Thanksgiving
The move is a PR coup for Trump, who had promised to keep the jobs here
Trump visits Indiana Thursday to kick off his post-election 'victory tour' 
United Technologies, which controls the company, has multiple deals with the federal government – about 10 per cent of its business
'Carrier wants to stay in good graces with the federal government,' a source told the Indianapolis Star
'This is an enormous company with all kinds of subsidiaries that do' government work, and I am sure they want to keep it 
Firm is represented by Clinton-linked company Teneo 

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