'band Of Builders' Club Together To Help Give Family Of Sick Baby Extension

1 month ago
Rhiannon Atkinson's daughter has rare condition called Epidermolysis Bullosa
Incurable condition causes Pippa's skin to blister at lightest touch and is painful
Suffers from 60 blisters a day which need to be lanced, needs specialist facilities
Family had raised £35,000 towards the extension but a group of tradespeople dubbed the Band of Builders heard about their plight and finished work for free
EB simplex - where blistering occurs in the upper layer of skin. This affects 70 per cent of sufferers
Dystrophic EB - where blistering occurs in the upper layer beneath the skin's surface, which affects 25 per cent of patients
Junctional EB - where blistering occurs in the lower layer of the inner skin, which is usually the most severe form of the condition 

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