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Investigators Probe What Brought Down Red Arrow Jet At Raf Valley
  • Defence Accident Investigation Board will look into what caused crash yesterday
  • Pilot ejected safely at RAF Valley in North Wales and is being treated in hospital
  • Witnesses described 'heavy police presence' today after 5ft fence was put up 
  • Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn both paid tribute to the engineer who died
Drunk Businesswoman Spat Soft Drink Over Ba Stewardess
  • Beverley Chapman spat her drink over a stewardess and tried tripping her up
  • Chapman, a company director, had been refused more alcohol on the flight  
  • She had continuously pressed the button to call cabin crew to demand alcohol 
  • Pilot was eventually forced to leave the cabin and speak with the Chapman 
  • Flight crew then called Gatwick ahead of landing where she was later arrested 
  • At court, she admitted threatening, abusive, insulting or disorderly behaviour  
Ant And Dec Super-fan Has Pairs' Face Tattooed Onto His Leg
  • Ant and Dec superfan Kelvin Jackson-Bowers hoped to land Florida holiday prize
  • To be in the running he tattooed the pair onto his leg ahead of Saturday's show 
  • But Ant McPartlin was arrested on suspicion of drink-driving and entered rehab
  • Now with the show cancelled Mr Jackson-Bowers is left with the tattoo on his leg 
Police Searched Ant Mcpartlin And His Smashed-up Mini For Drugs
  • Beleaguered star pictured today for the first time since his drink-driving arrest
  • 42-year-old leaving his £1.6m home in London where he has been in lockdown
  • The presenter was searched for drugs before arrest on suspicion of drink-driving
  • Co-host Declan Donnelly seen strolling through London with wife Ali Astall today
Suicide Clinics 'to Be Made Legal In Guernsey'
  • Politicians on Guernsey will vote on the issue of assisted suicides in May 
  • The island's Chief Minister Gavin St Pier said his supports the controversial plan
  • He said his father suffered from cardiovascular disease and it was traumatic 
  • Mr St Pier said 'It was not the death he would have chosen had he the choice'
Feminist Germaine Greer Suggests Victims Are 'career Rapees'
  • Germaine Greer discussed the #MeToo campaign on Radio 4's Today programme
  • The feminist, 79, branded alleged victims of Harvey Weinstein 'career rapees'
  • She said they had 'extraordinary exposure' and #MeToo has 'not got anywhere'
Felon Who Was At Wheel Of Killer Self-driving Uber Car
  • Rafaela Vasquez, 44, was in control of the self-driving Volvo SUV on Sunday 
  • She is one of Uber's 'safety drivers' and is a safeguard for the self-driving car
  • Vasquez has felony convictions for attempted armed robbery after plot with Blockbuster video store co-worker to seize their own shop's taking's at gunpoint
  • Vasquez was convicted under her original name Rafael but now identifies as a woman 
  • Relatives said she was troubled and had contemplated suicide when she was first jailed 
  • She has told police she did not see Elaine Herzberg, 49, until it was too late
  • Herzberg walked out in front of the vehicle with her bag-laden bicycle, Vasquez has told cops
  • Videos taken by cameras mounted on the Uber support her story, police say 
  • No one has been charged yet but the investigation into her death is ongoing 
Stormy Daniels Goes Further Than Ever With Trump Sex Claim
  • Daniels, whose real name is Stephanie Clifford, threw a brush-back pitch Tuesday at Donald Trump on Twitter
  • She wrote that he had 'lied' and 'broke the law' to keep her quiet about a sexual fling she claims happened in 2006 and 2007
  • Clifford took a polygraph test in 2011 about her claims that she bedded Donald Trump years earlier, according to her lawyer 
  • The U.S. Supreme Court has ruled that 'lie detector' tests are unreliable and allows state courts to ban them
  • Trump has denied her claim, along with others like it
  • Clifford was responding to a Twitter critic who blasted her for being 'a slut' who claims to have 'slept with POTUS 12 yrs ago'
  • 'Technically I didn't sleep with the POTUS 12 years ago. There was no sleeping (hehe),' she responded
Cambridge Analytica Chief Executive Alexander Nix Is Suspended
  • Senior executives, including CEO Alexander Nix, were filmed by Channel 4
  • Mr Nix told reporters they can 'send some girls around to the candidate's house'
  • Also boasted of firm's work for Trump campaign and said they created 'crooked Hillary' brand 
  • Mr Nix has since been suspended and replaced by Alexander Tayler, who was also secretly filmed 
  • Cambridge Analytica allegedly tapped more than 50m U.S. Facebook profiles 
  • Company 'entirely refutes' it uses bribes, entrapment, or any untrue information
  • 'We routinely undertake conversations with prospective clients to try to tease out any unethical or illegal intentions,' a spokesman said 
Boyzone Founder's Ex-girlfriend 'screamed Abuse At Sobbing Nanny'
  • Charred remains of Sophie Lionnet, 21, found in garden in South West London
  • Designer Sabrina Kouider, 35, and Ouissem Medouni, 40, both deny her murder
  • They are said to have held her prisoner at their £900,000 home in Wimbledon
  • Miss Lionnet's mother Catherine Devallonne became upset and left courtroom
Holly Willoughby And Phillip Schofield Address Ant Mcpartlin Arrest
  • ITV presenter Ant, 42, was arrested after crashing his car in London after a dog walk on Sunday at 4pm
  • The presenter failed breathalyser test at the scene of the crash and was arrested 
  • He has subsequently made the decision to check into a treatment facility and take some time off presenting on ITV
  • On Monday, This Morning presenters failed to address the news despite his arrest making national headlines
  • ITV shows Good Morning Britain and Lorraine discussed the incident while viewers hit out at This Morning for not acknowledging the accident   
  • Saturday Night Takeaway will not broadcast this coming weekend, while a decision has yet to be taken about the remaining episodes in the series
29 Per Cent Of 15-year-olds In Uk Come From Immigrant Backgrounds
  • The OECD found 28.55 per cent of UK 15-year-olds had immigrant background 
  • Figure is above the EU average of 21 per cent but similar to France and Germany 
  • Findings come amid a new Government push to integrate different communities
Bbc Weather Veteran Bill Giles Criticises New Graphics Map
  • Bill Giles has branded the new BBC weather graphics a 'severe disappointment'
  • The 78-year-old who led BBC weather from 1983-2005 prefers Channel 5
  • Giles criticised the fact that the UK appears much smaller than it used to 
Four Men Arrested In Turkey With £50million Of Radioactive Material
  • Turkish police seized 1.4kg of the radioactive material Californium
  • Four men were arrested after a search of a car in the capital Ankara
  • Group had reportedly agreed to sell it for £49million on the black market
Girl, Three, Dies In Hospital After Being Found In Submerged Car
  • Dyfed-Powys Police say the car, silver Mini, was found in the River Teifi, Cardigan
  • On Facebook, numerous posts claimed a silver Mini had been stolen from town
  • Police also said child was receiving medical attention after being saved from car 
  • Tragically, girl - three-year-old Kiara - has now died, her mother's partner said
Wife Who Washed Asbestos Worker’s Overalls For Years Died Of Cancer
  • Annette Farnham inhaled the particles when she cleaned her husband's overalls
  • Husband Leonard, 81, received a six-figure payout after she died suddenly
  • Mrs Faram was a stay-at-home mother. She began struggling for breath in 2014
Disabled Hampshire Man Was 'beaten And Tortured By Couple'
  • Daniel and Katy Whelan and Gavin Buckle on trial at Portsmouth Crown Court
  • Alleged victim claims the trio subjected him to physical and mental torture
  • He was 'kept prisoner', beaten and filmed for humiliating videos posted online
Law Firm Boss Quits Over Sexual Messages Sent To Married Woman
  • Bill Voge was the London-based global chairman at law firm Latham & Watkins
  • He stood down last night after admitting sending sexual messages to a woman
  • Lawyer 'sent graphic messages to the woman, then threatened her with jail'
Poor Children Are Fatter Than Rich Kids Because Of Cheap Junk Food
  • The trend of well-off parents having portly children has been reversed 
  • University College London study tracked more than 56,000 children across UK
  • Poor children born recently weighed 4.6lbs more than those who are better off
  • Lead autor Dr David Bann blamed changes in diets and physical activity levels 
British Surgeon’s Computer Was Hacked ‘to Find Syrian Hospital'
  • London-based David Nott operates on victims of conflicts without pay for weeks
  • Consultant suspects computer was hacked to find coordinates of M10 hospital 
  • Weeks after footage of an operation aired the Aleppo hospital was destroyed
Families Of Boys Killed By Ira Say The Deaths Are 'symbol For Peace'
  • Tim Parry, 12, and Johnathan Ball, 3, were killed in an IRA bombing 25 years ago
  • Families paid tribute to their loved ones who died in Warrington, Cheshire
  • Johnathan's brother said that his mother died of a broken heart 16 years later
  • Tim's father Colin said that his son 'has become a symbol for peace over the past 25 years'
Fbi Agents Swab Down Fedex Near Austin After Earlier Explosion
  • FBI agents were seen swabbing down the door handles of a FedEx outlet store in Sunset Valley, Texas on Tuesday 
  • Authorities believe it could be where the latest bomb packages were sent from
  • A parcel 'containing nails and shrapnel' exploded at FedEx facility in Schertz, San Antonio, at about 12.30am on Tuesday
  • One female employee was taken to hospital after suffering a mild injury
  • The package, bound for Austin, detonated while moving between conveyor belts
  • Authorities say the blast is likely linked to four other attacks this month in Austin that have left two people dead and four others injured
  • Latest blast follows a Sunday night explosion that was triggered along a street in Austin by a nearly invisible tripwire 
  • The first three were parcel bombs dropped off in front of Austin homes 
  • Male
  • Detail orientated and takes pride in planning and abilities
  • 'Motivated by spectacle through destruction as opposed to merely destructiveness'
  • Poor at intimacy
  • Socially isolated and quiet
  • Obsession with the media and how it reports
  •  They want to draw attention to themselves, and enjoys creating fear in a community
  •  He may justify the crime by attaching it to a cause he believes in
Stephen Hawking's Ashes Will Be Interred At Westminster Abbey
  • Alongside the great scientists, he will be near Shakespeare, Chaucer and Purcell
  • Dean of Westminster, Reverend Dr John Hall, said it was a 'fitting' resting place
  • On Easter Sunday, his funeral will take place at Cambridge University's church 
Church Of England Introduces Contactless Card Readers For Donations
  •  The Church of England will soon be accepting contactless payments nationwide
  • Last year, the church tested the electronic payments system across 40 churches
  • Each electronic terminal will be able to process 500 payments on one charge 
  • However, the church expects most donating to continue by standing order
Warrant Is Sought To Search Cambridge Analytica Offices
  • Mr Zuckerberg asked to face MPs about data scandal at  Cambridge Analytica
  • Information Commissioner Elizabeth Denham needed warrant to search CA's HQ 
  • Mrs Denham was also forced to ask Facebook to 'back off' from its own search 
  • Cambridge Analytica allegedly tapped 50m Facebook profiles without consent 
  • Firm builds psychological profiles to categorize individual voters for campaigns
  • Its bosses were also secretly filmed claiming they could entrap politicians 
  • US Federal Trade Commission investigating Facebook over use of personal data
  • The hashtag #deletefacebook is trending online as calls for boycott increase 
  • Facebook's shares plunge again and Zuckerberg's wealth plunges by billions
  • Wikileaks's Julian Assange will given evidence to parliamentary committee
Declan Donnelly 'devastated' Over Ant Mcpartlin's Return To Rehab
  • Ant McPartlin, 42, was arrested after crashing his car on Sunday at 4pm 
  • The presenter failed breathalyser test at the scene of the crash and was arrested
  • Ant says he'll go into rehab and won't appear on TV for forseeable future
  • Saturday Night Takeaway will not broadcast this coming weekend amid review
  • They are up for two awards at ceremony tonight, but Ant is expected to miss it
Cambridge Analytica Executives Filmed Saying They Could Dig Up Dirt
  • Senior executives, including chief executive Alexander Nix, filmed by Channel 4
  • Mr Nix told reporters the 'send some girls around to the candidate's house'
  • But he knew meeting was a sting and was trying to bring it to an abrupt end 
  • He said: 'When someone starts going off like this you humour him a bit and leave'
  • Film also revealed they have worked in more than 200 elections across the world
  • Nix admits he may resign but says they were targeted because of Trump election
  • Cambridge Analytica allegedly tapped more than 50m U.S. Facebook profiles 
  • Company 'entirely refutes' it uses bribes, entrapment, or any untrue information
  • 'We routinely undertake conversations with prospective clients to try to tease out any unethical or illegal intentions,' a spokesman said 
London Burglar Tells 90-year-old Woman He Is Looking For Jewellery
  • CCTV footage shows a brazen burglar taking items from a 90-year-old's home 
  • The Alzheimer's sufferer was in bed when the man broke in through a window
  • She asked him what he was doing and he told her he was 'looking for jewellery' 
Cheshire Police Inspector Played 'cat And Mouse' After Wife's Death
  • Officer Darren McKie admitted to the manslaughter of his wife, Leanne, 39
  • The mother-of-three's body was discovered in Poynton Lake, Cheshire
  • Leanne had found out her husband had applied for a loan in her name
St Leonards Shooting Sees Man Charged For Mother And Daughter Murder
  • Heather Whitbread, 53, and daughter Michelle, 32, died at their home on Friday
  • Sussex police say Craig Savage, 35, has been charged on two counts of murder
  • Police confirm Savage has also been charged with robbery a rifle on same day
  • Their family said they were 'beautiful people' and 'filled our family with laughter'  
  • Two other women, including Heather's daughter Raven were lead to safety
How Men Behind Cambridge Analytica Are Linked To Royalty And Tories
  • Old Etonian 'smoothie' Nigel Oakes, 55, was Lady Helen Windsor's boyfriend
  • Queen said to have been appalled when Mr Oakes was smuggled into palace'
  • After fleeing Indonesia he met Alexander Nix and set up SCL Group in 2005
  • Fellow founders include Nigel's younger brother and wine expert Rollo Gabb
  • Shareholders include former Tory ministers and ex-Army and Navy officers 
Dec Confirms He'll Host Final Saturday Night Takeaway Shows Alone
  • Dec, 42, has been forced to break an agreement never to appear without Ant, 42
  • He said: 'Everyone at ITV feels we owe it to the audience to complete the series' 
  • Takeaway co-stars Stephen Mulhern and Scarlett Moffatt will appear as usual   
Austin Bomber Blows Himself Up With Seventh Device
  • The Austin bomber, a 24-year-old white man, blew himself up as police tried to arrest him on Wednesday
  • Police do not yet have a motive for the attacks, but say the man was not previously known to them
  • Public are warned more bombs could still be out there as they do not know the bomber's final movements
  • Death comes after CCTV emerged showing suspect posting two packages at a Austin FedEx office on Sunday
  • Two people were killed and six injured in bombings that began on March 2 and targeted ethnic minorities
Police Officer Caught Using Phone Behind The Wheel In Bradford
  • West Yorkshire Police officer allegedly filmed using his phone behind the wheel
  • Footage was recorded by stunned passenger in Bradford, Yorkshire on Thursday
  • The police force said it is investigating and the officer has been identified 
'drink-drive' Tv Star Ant Mcpartlin Is Holed Up Undergoing Rehab
  • TV star Ant McPartlin, 42, was arrested after crashing his car on Sunday at 4pm
  • The presenter failed breathalyser test at the scene of the crash and was arrested 
  • Saturday Night Takeaway will not broadcast this coming weekend amid review 
  • He has reportedly been on lockdown in his home in West London after the crash  
  • Friends say the crash shows how strained he is about his impending divorce
Florida Shooter Nikolas Cruz's Brother Appears In Court
  • Zachary Cruz, 18, faced court in Florida on Tuesday charged with trespassing
  • He was arrested at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School on Monday
  • It is the same school where his brother Nikolas Cruz killed 17 people last month
  • Zachary was recorded by security cameras riding his skateboard at the school 
  • Prosecutors said it was the third time he had visited the campus even though he was warned to stay away 
  • He said he went to the school to 'reflect on the school shooting and soak it all in'
  • Court heard he visited his brother in jail after the shooting and they spoke of setting up a fan club for the gunman
  • His bond was set at $500,000 and he is being held in the same jail as his brother 
Career Women Must Not Infantilise Their Husbands Warns Head
  • Vicky Bingham said that women with demanding jobs often 'micro-manage'
  • The head teacher said the idea that men were bad at domestic tasks was a myth
  • She said: ‘What kind of blueprint are some of us providing for our daughters by infantilising men?’
Supreme Court Justices Refuse To Analyse Case of Alfie Evans
  • Tom and Kate Evans failed to persuade the Supreme Court to analyse their case
  • Alfie was born on May 9, 2016, and has been in a 'semi-vegetative state' since
  • Justices decided the case is not worth arguing and refused 'permission' to mount a further appeal
Ex-eurovision Song Contest Host Katie Boyle Has Died Aged 91
  • Italian-born personality presented the contest in 1960, 1963, 1968 and 1974
  • Arrived in Britain in 1946 and began modelling career including work for Vogue
  • The household name also spent a stint as an agony aunt writing for the TV Times
Red Arrows Jet Has Crashed After Incident At Raf Station In Wales
  • Red Arrows jet crashes after an incident at RAF Valley in North Wales, MoD says
  • Crash involved Hawk jet and defence officials are investigating what happened
  • It is believed there were two people on board jet before it crashed this afternoon
  • August 2015 - Eleven men were killed when a vintage Hawker Hunter jet plummeted on to the A27 in West Sussex during a loop-the-loop stunt at the Shoreham Airshow. A further 13 people, including the pilot Andy Hill, were injured. The disaster led to the cancellation of the Red Arrows performing stunts at the Farnborough Air Show for the first time in more than 50 years over safety fears.
  • August 2015 - RAF-trained fast jet pilot Kevin Whyman, 35, was killed when his Folland Gnat aircraft plummeted during an aerial display at the CarFest event in Oulton Park, Cheshire.
  • November 2011 - Highly experienced Red Arrows pilot Sean Cunningham, 35, was fatally injured when he was ejected from the cockpit of a Hawk T1 aircraft while on the ground at RAF Scampton, Lincolnshire. A coroner ruled that the safety pin on the ejector seat had been "entirely useless".
  • August 201 1 - Red Arrows Flight Lieutenant Jon Egging, 33, was flying a Hawk T1 when it came down into a field after he pulled six times the force of gravity at an air show near Bournemouth Airport, killing him instantly.
  • September 2007 - James Bond stuntman Brian Brown, 49, died when he crashed a Second World War Hurricane after carrying out an unplanned barrel roll at a re-enactment of the Battle of Britain at Shoreham Air Show, West Sussex.
Dick And Angel Strawbridge Show Off Their 45-room French Chateau
  • Dick and Angel Strawbridge returned for fourth series of their Channel 4 show
  • The ambitious pair are renovating the 45-bedroom Château-de-la-Motte Husson 
  • Bought the house in the Loire region of France for £280,000 over two years ago
  • It has a moat, a walled garden, a private forest and seven outbuildings  
  • Preparing to host seven weddings and 14 food lovers' weekends in the summer
Young Tory Mps Have Started A Campaign To Win Over Millennial Voters
  • A group of young Tory MPs have started a campaign to win over millennial voters
  • The ‘Freer’ campaign will make the case for free markets and free speech
  • It will be run by Lee Rowley and Luke Graham, both state-educated MPs
Troubled Kids Likely To Favour Radical Socialist Policies As Adults
  • Those with troubled childhoods more likely to favour radical socialist policies 
  • The findings overturns that political views are formed in the teenage years
  • Childhood conduct problems led to political discontent in adulthood
English Businessman's Identity Revealed As Judge Calls Him Dishonest
  • Bella Bloom said a judge should publish three rulings made following hearings
  • Businessman Baron Bloom lost anonymity fight after a judge ruled against him 
  • The judge said parties involved in divorce court cash disputes had a duty to provide 'full and frank' disclosure of information
Brother Of Florida Shooter Nikolas Cruz Is Arrested For Trespassing
  • Zachary Cruz, 18, was arrested Monday afternoon for trespassing, police said 
  • Cruz was taken into custody at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School  
  • He told authorities he was there to 'reflect on school shooting and to soak it in'
  • Cruz is the younger brother of Nikolas Cruz, 19, who has been charged with 17 counts of first-degree murder in connection with the February 14 shooting