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County Councillor, 72, Is Arrested Over Racist Facebook Posts That Call Diane Abbott A ‘monkey’
  • Richard Alderman called Dianne Abbott a monkey in one of a series of 'racist and bigoted' Facebook posts
  • In another he called for the Prime Minister Theresa May to be hanged for treason
  • He was arrested under the Communications Act 2003 and released under investigation
Irish Pm Mocked For Saying He May Ban British Planes From Airspace
  • Irish PM threatens to block UK planes from Irish airspace if there is no Brexit deal
  • Critics dismissed his sabre-rattling pointing out flights from Dublin go over UK 
  • Theresa May is delivering speech on Brexit during her visit to Northern Ireland
  • The Prime Minister will condemn the EU's plan for Irish border as 'unworkable' 
May's Brexit Mandarin Olly Robbins Was Paid A £20k Bonus Last Year
  • Mr Robbins has been given the controversial bonus despite the Brexit chaos 
  • PM's Chequers plan savaged by Brexiteers who threatened to oust her over it
  • But the PM signed off on the bonus despite the disarray engulfing EU strategy
  • Brexiteer Tory MP Bill Cash said it is 'breathtaking' the money was dished out 
Olympic Showjumper Lizzie Purbrick, 63, Reveals Lord Prior Is A 'madman' In Bed Chamber
  • Lizzie Purbrick, 63, drew a three-foot penis on the floor of the Tory peer's flat 
  • The former Olympic showjumper has said she 'did it for women everywhere' 
  • On Tuesda she was sentenced to 120 hours' community service in court case
  • But in candid interview admits she doesn't regret it as she felt 'a massive high' 
Meghan Markle Reportedly 'planning Solo Trip To The Us This Summer'
  • Meghan, 36, is allegedly taking a personal trip to her native country ahead of an official visit with her husband, Prince Harry, in 2019 
  • It was reported that she wants to 'see family and friends' in New York and Los Angeles during the unofficial trip 
  • Meghan allegedly wants to return home before she becomes a mom, and a source claims she and Harry will have a child by 2019 
  • The report comes a few days after Meghan's half-sister Samantha Markle published a furious rant on Twitter
  • She says the Duchess of Sussex is 'cold' and would be to blame if their dad died 
  • Thomas Markle celebrated his 74th birthday alone in Los Angeles on Wednesday, just days after he revealed he has lost all contact with his daughter
Police Reveal 12% Rise In Killings With Knife Crime Up 16%
  • Office for National Statistics have released official police crime figures today
  • It reveals 12 per cent rise in homicides and a 16 per cent increase in knife crimes
  • However official statisticians said overall crime levels are now 'stabilising' 
Canal Barges Are Left High And Dry After Boater Left Paddles Open At A Lock
  • Barges aground after a boater leaves a lock door open and water drains away
  • Paddles and the lock gates control the level of the water in the lock 
  • Incident was not malicious but because the boater was rushing through a lock
Emmanuel Macron Deputy Chief Staff Alexandra Benalla Caught Dressing As Police To Attack Protesters
  • Senior Elysee Palace official Alexandre Benalla was caught on video in Paris
  • He is seen attacking one male and one female protester at demo on May 1 
  • Official is seen pulling a man away from police and slapping him instead  
Australian Millennial Who Says She Can't Save Despite $122,000 Salary
  • Kate Donovan boasts a lavish lifestyle and a very healthy holiday budget
  • On an annual income of $122,200, she earns nearly three times others her age
  • Despite this, she says 'radical changes' were needed in order to have savings 
Holidaymakers Warned As 3.8m People Bid To Escape On 'frantic Friday'
  • More than nine million people are expected to take to the roads this weekend
  • An extra 3.8million holidaymakers are expected to clog up the highways 
  • Worst hit routes could be the busy M5 and westbound journeys on the A303
Mothers Who Vape Or Wear Nicotine Patches During Pregnancy Increase Their Baby’s Risk Of Cot Death
  • NHS guidance advises pregant women who smoke to use nicotine replacements 
  • New research suggests that vaping and nicotine patches have negative effects 
  • Figures show around 10 per cent of pregnant women still smoke while pregnant 
Boy Is Injured 'after He's Stabbed By A Teen At A School In Bristol'
  • Teenager arrested after allegedly stabbing pupil at St Matthias Park in Bristol 
  • The school has said in a statement that suspect was not connected to the school 
  • Victim rushed to hospital with serious incident following the alleged attack 
Former Air Hostess Wins £8k After Being Fired After Pregnancy Problems
  • Andrea Elcock was left in agony after maternity complications but lost her job
  • The former air hostess, 35, took Guernsey based airline Blue Islands to tribunal
  • The airline was ordered to pay the mother-of-three  £7,821.45 compensation
Lizzie Purbrick Who Daubed Pig's Blood Over Lover's Flat Is Homeless
  • Showjumper Lizzie Purbrick accused of breaking into Lord Prior's £1million flat and vandalising his apartment
  • She admitted daubing insults and rude symbols on the peer's home in pig blood including 'big d*ck lord'
  • Lord Prior has been married for 31 years and is Thatcher-era cabinet minister Jim Prior's son 
  • Purbrick, 63, was ordered to complete 120 hours unpaid work at and given a restraining order against ex
  • She moved from South Africa to be with Lord Prior and is living in a caravan after her brother killed himself
John Woodcock Mp Quits Labour Condemning 'witch Hunt' Against Him
  • John Woodcock resigned from Labour Party in protest at 'rigged' investigation
  • The MP has been suspended during probe into allegations of sexual harassment
  • Claimed hard left 'manipulating' investigation and condemns Corbyn leadership
Frantic Friday! Travel Chaos Expected As 3.8million Extra Drivers Clog Roads For Last-minute Escapes
  • Drivers on parts of the M40 are expected to endure up to 90-minute delays
  • More than nine million people are expected to take to the roads this weekend
  • An extra 3.8million holidaymakers are expected to clog up the highways
  • Ports and airports will be exceptionally busy as summer getaway starts
Wild West Britain: Police Failure To Crack Cases Sees Thousands Cheat Justice
  • Hundreds of thousands of criminals including rapists and thieves escape justice
  • Investigators closed almost half of the 4.6 million known offences with no arrests
  • Statistics show taxpayers endure record crime wave as police solve fewer cases
  • Officers failed to identify a suspect in more than 250,000 extra offences over the past year than the previous 12 months;
  • Just 443,000 crimes resulted in someone being ordered to attend court over the past year, the lowest number since 2015;
  • In rape cases just 3 per cent of complaints led to someone being charged.
Why Rudyard Kipling's Classic Poem 'if' Is Rightly Revered By Serena Williams
  • Victorian writer’s 300-word celebration of hard work is offensive to minorities
  • Kipling was born in Bombay in 1865 and was an advocate of the British Empire 
  • This in the eyes of modern critics is enough to render all of his work verboten
4 Indicted With Murder In Slaying Of Rapper Xxxtentacion In Florida
  • Rapper whose real name is Jahseh Onfroy was shot to death on June 18
  • Authorities say four men took part in what was initially planned as a robbery
  • Two masked men tried to take Louis Vitton bag with $50,000 in cash, police say
  • After a struggle, the 20-year-old rapper was shot numerous times
  • Broward County grand jury indicted four men, two of whom are missing 
Veterans Carry Coffin Of Royal Marine Commando D-day Hero
  • Aged 20 when he arrived at Juno beach, Mr Churchill was a radio operator with 4 Commando Royal Marines  
  • He was awarded the Legion d'Honneur in 2004 by French President Jacques Chiraq on return to Normandy
  • His funeral took place in Witney, Oxfordshire on Wednesday and was attended by dozens of his comrades 
Hybrid Air Vehicles Limited And Design Q Unveil Airlander 10 Photos
  • Hybrid Air Vehicles Limited (HAV) and Design Q unveiled pictures of Airlander 10 passenger cabin yesterday
  • The 150ft-long cabin is designed to accommodate up to 18 passengers and crew for a three-day expedition
  • Cabin features private en-suite bedrooms, onboard fine dining options, and horizon-to-horizon views
Queen Will Honour Eight Heroes From The London Bridge Terror Attack
  • Three knife-wielding terrorists launched an assault on June 3 last year, leaving eight dead and 48 injured
  • Spanish banker Ignacio Echeverria, 39, was killed while defending a woman by using a skateboard
  • Nurse Kirsty Boden, 28, from Loxton, Australia, was also killed while she tried to save someone's life
  • Two police officers will receive the George Medal in recognition of their bravery in fighting the terrorists
Roxanne Pallett airlifted To Hospital After Horror Car Crash
  • Roxanne, 36, crashed into a concrete wall on Wednesday
  • The former Emmerdale actress lost consciousness and had to be cut away from the wreckage after crashing whilst racing radio co-host, Ben Fry
  • She had to be airlifted 41 miles away to Hull Royal Infirmary
Manchester Students Paint Over Classic Kipling Poem 'if'
  • The Jungle Book author is considered one of England's greatest writers
  • Students at the University of Manchester painted over his poem 'If' 
  • They claim it is 'deeply inappropriate' to promote the work of Kipling
  • Fatima Abid, the general secretary of Manchester's SU, said: 'black and brown voices have been written out of history enough'
Mother Claims There's A Stigma To Having A Child In Your Twenties
  • Amy Nickell, 27, claims she's been mistaken for her son's nanny many times
  • She had her son Freddy at age 24 despite believing it would kill her career 
  • The Leeds graduate recalls feeling ashamed after discovering she was pregnant
  • She was working as a reporter and her son's father chose not to be involved
  • Amy shared how she turned being a young single mother into a positive thing 
Fuel Prices Soar To Highest Level In Nearly Four Years
  • The cost of filling up a typical family car with 55 litres of unleaded rose by £6.98 
  • The Office for National Statistics said fuel prices were affecting living standards
  • Average paid for a litre of fuel hit 128p last month, highest since September 2014
Dup's Ian Paisley Faces Being Commons Suspension After Sleaze Probe
  • DUP's Ian Paisley is facing a 30-day suspension from the House of Commons
  • Standards probe found he failed to declare two free trips to Sri Lanka in 2013
  • Watchdog said Mr Paisley later lobbied David Cameron on Sri Lankan issues
  • Mr Paisley has already apologised for 'unintentional' failure to register benefits  
Boris Johnson Launches Stinging Attack On May’s Timid Brexit
  • Theresa May is enduring yet another torrid day in politics after just surviving a Brexit rebellion yesterday
  • Boris Johnson has made a devastating statement on his resignation to MPs in the House of Commons
  • The former foreign secretary condemned Mrs May's 'fog of self doubt' and obsession with soft Irish border
  • He avoided calling directly for the Prime Minister to quit but insisted that it is 'not too late to save Brexit'
  • Mrs May was not in the chamber as she was facing a grilling on her Chequers plan from senior MPs elsewhere
Retired Horsham Teacher Denies Sexually Abusing 10-year-old
  • Roger Martin faces trial after pleading not guilty at Crawley Magistrates' Court 
  • Charged with indecently assaulting boy at Christ's Hospital School in Horsham 
  • The alleged attack at West Sussex school are said to have taken place in 1970s
May Braces For Boris Resignation Speech After Surviving Knife-edge Vote
  • Theresa May facing another torrid day after narrowly surviving Brexit challenge  
  • Five Labour Eurosceptics supported government to save the PM in a key vote
  • Tory Remainers rebelled to back the amendment but it was defeated 307 to 301
  • Vote took place amid dire warnings the defeat would collapse the Government 
Cliveden House Lawns Scorched Dry Uk Heatwave Continues
  • Rare long spell of hot, sunny, dry days has created perfect conditions for spectacular and long-lasting blooms
  • At Hopton Hall in Derbyshire, the Georgian walled garden is a sea of dazzling mixture of all different colours    
  • There are 23 varieties of 2,000 rose bushes and owner Julie Thomas says they're ‘the best they’ve ever been’
  • The UK is facing its longest heatwave since 1976 with searing temperatures and little rainfall causing issues  
Mps Vote To Grant Themselves Anonymity If Accused Of Expenses Fraud, Sex Harassment Or Anything Else
  • MPs give themselves anonymity if accused of sexual harassment or fraud 
  • Within minutes of the vote, a list of politician under investigation is taken offline 
  • Case of Labour MP Keith Vaz involving  cocaine and male escorts disappears
  • Now, politicians might not be named even if they are judged to be guilty
Last Indigenous Man Of Amazon Tribe Seen On Camera In Brazil
  • Indigenous man is believed to be last member of tribe killed by farmers in 1995 
  • He was captured felling a tree half-naked in the Amazonian state of Rondonia
  • 'Indigenous man in the hole' thought to have lived alone there for past 22 years  
Thomas Markle Sr. Celebrates His 74th Birthday Alone In Los Angeles
  • Thomas Markle Sr. celebrated his 74th birthday in Los Angeles on Wednesday
  • He was spotted buying a McDonald's Happy Meal and running errands at a Bank of America and UPS store
  • Duchess of Sussex's estranged father had driven six hours from his home in Rosarito, Mexico on Tuesday night to check into a $130-a-night motel in LA
  • His birthday celebrations came the day after Meghan and Prince Harry carried out royal duties by visiting The Nelson Mandela Centenary Exhibition in London
  • Meghan's father has repeatedly spoken out to the media ever since he infamously decided not to attend his daughter's wedding, citing health issues
  • Source close to Meghan has since claimed Markle Sr. was never ill and faked the operation as an excuse to not attend  
How Lipizzaners Horses Were Saved From Nazis And Russians
  • Spanish Riding School in Vienna was overtaken by German Army in 1942 
  • They transferred the handsome white stallions to Hostau in Czechoslovakia 
  • But officials were desperate to save the horses from Soviet forces 40 miles east 
Breaston Woman Needed Her Leg Amputated After A Cut While Shaving
  • Tanya Czernozukow, cut her leg while shaving but did not want to see a doctor
  • The wound became an ulcer then spiralled out of control into gangrene
  • Doctors diagnosed her with diabetes, which they blamed for the ulcer
The Bbc Behaved Like Idiots, But I Fear Ruling Could Let Police Raid Your Home, Says Stephen Glover
  • The BBC's coverage of Cliff Richard was intrusive and sensationalist
  • But the judgment delivered could threaten freedom of the Press
  • 'I am wary of allowing the police more latitude to operate unexamined'
Pensioner Is Fined After Launching Into Air-rage Attack On Stewardesses
  • Ronald James, 68, was incensed at the poor food options on his flight from Palma
  • Flying with his daughter and granddaughter he stood up and demanded a roll 
  • He also urged to see the pilot to complain about the lack of hot food available
  • Mr James fined £115 and told to pay £50 compensation at Exeter Magistrates
Nelson Mandela's Granddaughter Lays Wreath At Westminster Abbey To Mark 100 Years Since His Birth
  • Celebrations been been taking place on centenary of Nelson Mandela's birth
  • His granddaughter Zamaswazi Dlamini-Mandela looked emotional and wiped away tears as she attended the event
  • Princess Eugenie attended reception for anti-apartheid hero Andrew Mlangeni
  • The royal was dressed in a chic emerald green dress at the Strand on Tuesday
Burberry Burns £28m Of Excess Luxury Clothing Every Year
  • Burberry burns nearly £30m worth of clothes a year to avoid them sold cheaply 
  • Famous clothing brand, is known for it's £1,450 trench coats and checked design
  • Some £90 million of products have been destroyed over the past five years
  • Burberry claim it is an industry wide practice that prevents clothes sold for less 
Lgbt Issues Set To Be Taught In Primary Schools From 2020
  • Lessons will be mandatory in primary and secondary schools from late 2020 
  • Pupils will learn about mental health and how to cope with anxiety and bullying
  • Online safety, LGBT discrimination and sexting will all be covered by new plans
Diy Detective Snared String Of Would-be Killers
  • Bob Innes, 50, helped police catch man allegedly plotting hit on ex-girlfriend 
  • IT expert also helped them catch another who requested hit on three people 
  • They both contacted father-of-three through parody website  
  • He launched it in 2005 to advertise his company's internet risk analysis service
Widow Says 'lessons Must Be Learned' After Soldiers Killed In Tank
  • Corporals Matthew Hatfield, 27, and Darren Neilson, 31, died on training exercise 
  • Their gun fired despite missing a vital component designed to keep them safe 
  • Darren's widow Jemma said: 'No soldier should ever be killed in training'
  • Coroner rules out any suggested the men were 'fooling around' before deaths 
Sir Cliff Richard Wins Privacy Battle Against Bbc
  • BBC broadcast live from outside star's home during police raid in August 2014
  • Star always denied sex assault claims and was later told he wouldn't face action
  • He sued the police and the BBC for breaching his privacy in reporting the case
  • A judge today found BBC had breached star's rights and awarded £210,000
  • Judge found case was aggravated by BBC nominating story for a 'scoop' award
  • BBC could appeal the judgment, which they said could affect press freedom
Great Western Railway Guard Reduces Comedian To Tears By Forcing Her To Move Her Mobility Scooter
  • Tanyalee Davis, 47, was ordered to move her mobility scooter on a packed train  
  • A Great Western Rail guard announced the train would not move until she moved
  • The comedian was left sobbing and has called for a meeting with rail firm bosses