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Crime Soars By 13% To 5.2m Offences In The Past Year
  • More than 5million crimes were reported to police in England and Wales last year
  • The number of sex offences reported rose by nearly 20% to 129,700 in 12 months
  • Violent crimes also rose by 19% with more than 1.2million cases reported 
  • Knife crime is now at its highest level since 2011, with a 26% rise to 36,998 cases
  • Terror cases see a near 60% rise in the number of attempted murder offences
Jihadis Returning From Syria Should Not Be Prosecuted
  • Max Hill said was vital to help radicalised teenagers reintegrate back into society
  • Revealed that thousands returning from Iraq and Syria have not been charged 
  • Supporting a terrorist group such as Islamic State is a criminal offence in the UK 
Protesters Crash Church Service In Honour Of Slave Trader
  • Five police officers stood across the porch entrance to historic Bristol church 
  • Only two protesters from Countering Colston campaign turned up at event
  • The service was to honour philanthropic slave trader Edward Colston 
Putin Says Russia Has 'caught Up With Us Capabilities'
  • Putin said Russia will respond immediately and symmetrically if the United States quits the intermediate-range nuclear forces treaty
  • Moscow is also ready to develop new weapons systems, both nuclear and non-nuclear 
  • The Russian leader condemned North Korea's nuclear tests but insisted the crisis around the Korean peninsula should be resolved through dialogue 
Manchester Paedophile Mother Dawn Davies Jailed
  • Dawn Davies, 36, abused an 11-year-old child over a 'depraved' two year period
  • Her partner filmed the abuse before the footage was sold on a market stall
  • Judge said her behaviour was 'extremely wicked' and it was 'corruption and depravity at the expense of a vulnerable child'
Why Do So Many Women Have Cold Bottoms In Bed?
  • The question went viral, with men asking why women's bottoms were so cold
  • Nick and Stephanie Harding talk about their theories behind an icy derriere
  • Writer Alice Smellie gets to the bottom of the science behind a cold bum
Brexit Standoff On Eurocrat Pensions As May Goes To Summit
  • Theresa May is heading for a crucial EU summit in Brussels amid Brexit deadlock
  • The Prime Minister will use the gathering to urge EU leaders to unblock talks
  • Negotiations said to be in standoff over 11bn euro pensions for Eurocrats 
  • The UK should keep paying into EU coffers until 2021 - after we formally leave - because that is when budgets have been set until. 
  • Farm subsidy payments and EU administration fees for 2019 and 2020. 
  • Britain should fund agreed loans that have already been agreed to poorer EU states.
  • Paying for relocation of EU agencies to other states after Brexit. 
  • UK to be denied a share of the bloc's assets, such as buildings, which could have brought the sum down.
  • Accepting liabilities of around 11billion euros for generous pensions for Eurocrats. There are some 1,730 Britons among around the 22,000 retired EU officials, and more pensions will start being paid over the coming years.
Driver Pulls In Front Of Car At 70mph On Devon Expressway
  • Jay Lee Lashbrook, 24, could have caused a huge pile-up, the court was told
  • He braked suddenly causing traffic to slow from 70mph to 22mph 
  • But his dangerous driving was filmed and the footage was shared with the police 
  • He was driving on the Devon Expressway near Kennford and on to the M5 
Ryanair Begs Ex-pilots Who Deserted The Airline To Return
  • Ryanair has denied a shortage of pilots has forced it to cancel 700,000 bookings
  • The budget airline has now pleaded with the pilots who have left to come back  
  • It is stressing that pay and working conditions have improved since they left
Is World's Oldest Tortoise On St Helena Gay?
  • Long-term relationships often lead to slowly uncovered secrets about partners
  • But Jonathan, the world's oldest tortoise, was in for a shock after 26 years of enjoying a physical relationship with what keepers thought was a female
  • Elderly Frederica who lives on St Helena with Jonathan is actually Frederic
Conspiracy Theory Suggests Melania Is Using A Body Double
  • Conspiracy theorists have suggested that Melania Trump has a body double that appears with the President out in public
  • Claims sent Twitter into overdrive on Wednesday with 'Melania' becoming a trending topic
  • Critics zeroed in on footage of Trump from Friday as he addressed the media about hurricane relief for Puerto Rico as Melania stood behind him
  • Some have questioned the shape of Melania's nose, saying she doesn't appear to look like her usual self in the footage 
'handsome' Hull Student, 21, Died After Taking Ecstasy
  • Family pay tribute to Calum Gill, 21, who died after taking drugs at festival
  • Tests showed he had taken lethal amount of ecstasy at Radio 1's Big Weekend 
  • Relatives said he was an 'intelligent, beautiful son and beloved brother' 
Mother 'visited By A Unicorn' Loses Bowel Cancer Battle
  • Sammi Fox, 29, died in hospice surrounded by her family early this morning
  • She had been given days to live after doctors could do nothing more for her 
  • Mother-of-two was visited by a 'unicorn' at hospice in Newcastle last week
Jenson Button Says Richard Branson Touched His Girlfriend
  • Jenson Button details incident from 2009 in his new autobiography
  • Alleges Richard Branson drunkenly approached his then-girlfriend
  • He claims Branson put his hands on model Jessica Michibata's face 
  • Button says Branson apologised afterwards and quit drinking 'for months'
  • Branson himself writes in his own book that he was 'very, very inebriated'
  • Also detailing the night, he writes he's 'never been that drunk before or since'
Injured Ed Sheeran Faces Record Bosses After Axing Tour
  • The singer, 26, stepped out wearing a cast and a sling after a bike crash before attending the Q Awards later that evening 
  • The star is nominated for three awards, including Best Song and Best Artist 
  • Ed who was reportedly struck by a car in London on Monday
  • On Tuesday, the singer took to Instagram to confirm he will not perform live for the 'foreseeable future' due to injuries sustained in a bike accident
  • The Shape Of You hitmaker has fractured his right wrist and left elbow 
  • His planned concerts in Taipei, Osaka, Seoul, Tokyo and Hong Kong have been postponed
  • He now faces weeks of pysiotherapy to get his arms back to full strength
Probe After A Stone Slab Falls Off Parliament Building
  • Tory MP Will Quince revealed the incident today after spotting the damage 
  • He said it was 'unthinkable' what might have happened if a person was hit 
  • Commons authorities have launched an urgent probe into what happened 
Quebec Bans The Burqa
  • Quebec will become North America's first province to ban its citizens from wearing face coverings
  • The Quebec National Assembly moved to adopt Bill 62 on Wednesday
  • The bill bans anyone from covering their face while giving or receiving public services such as medical care, public transport or using the library
  • The legislation passed 66 to 51 with the majority Liberal party pushing the law
  • Montreal's Mayor Denis Coderre denounced the bill, saying his city will be affected the most by the new legislation
  • Critics also say that Bill 62 targets a small minority for nothing more than political gain
  • Supporters of the bill say the law enshrines respect for public discourse and communication
David Schwimmer Praised For Offering Film Critic Chaperone
  • Washington-based Nell Minow interviewed David Schwimmer in 2010
  • Hotel restaurant was too noisy so he suggested continuing in his hotel room
  • Immediately asked if she'd like a third person to be in the room with them
  • Minow remembered incident in wake of Weinstein allegations  
3-bedroom Lincolnshire House Can Be Raised 5ft In Flood
  • Three-bedroom home can be raised 5ft off the ground in only minutes in the event of an impending flood
  • Creators have completed the design and say they will build a prototype in Lincolnshire next spring
  • The 65-tonne building will have a steel frame and sit on a steel ring beam instead of normal foundations
Missing Pr Worker Found Dead Near Suicide Spot
  • Suzannah Jane Brown, 28, from Chiswick was reported missing on Wednesday
  • Her car was found by Sussex Police officers at the notorious Beachy Head site
  • This morning officers found her body from the water near the Eastbourne area 
  • The talented PR manager studied at the nearby University of Sussex in Brighton 
Hull Girl Went Missing After Being Put In Isolation
  • Leah Taylor went missing from Marvell College in Hull for more than 24 hours 
  • She fled school after being put in isolation but was found the next afternoon 
  • Grandmother Lynn Weatherill was left fearing worst as she searched for her
  • She has now issued warning about new Facebook craze the 48-Hour Challenge
Lincolnshire Dancer Left 'brain Dead' Makes Recovery
  • Beth Johnson was involved in a car accident which left her fighting for her life 
  • Her mother was told to say her final goodbyes after brain scans limited activity
  • She had a brain operation and spent two years in hospital recovering from ordeal
  • The 21-year-old has since relearned how to walk, talk and eat and dreams of becoming a dance techer
Manchester Trainee Chef Hanged Himself To Have 'last Word'
  • Sean Russell, 18, had been smoking cannabis since he was 15, an inquest heard
  • It led to him becoming increasingly volatile and argumentative with his family
  • His father, John, had an argument with his son the day before his death
  • He then went to his bedroom and was found hanged by his mother the next day
  • Father said: 'I do believe it was an accident and he was doing this for attention'
Fca: 4m Are 'living On The Brink Of Financial Meltdown'
  • Report says more than four million people live on the brink of financial meltdown
  • People struggle to get by each month and would be pushed over if they lost a job
  • Many are forced to take out large payday loans or borrow from family and friends
Cops Warn Of Active Shooter In Baltimore Business Park
  • Radee Labeeb Prince, 38, was arrested in Delaware on Wednesday night
  • He had been wanted for shooting five people at Emmorton Business Park at around 9am Wednesday
  • All five worked at Advance Granite Solutions; three died. Prince had worked there for the last four months
  • Prince fled in a black GMC Acadia with Delaware license plate PC64273; police said not to approach him
  • He then drove to a used car lot in Wilmington, Delaware, and shot a man two times there
  • That man survived and identified Prince to police; Prince had been living in Wilmington until May this year 
  • The victims all knew Prince, police said; the Delaware car dealer had a 'beef' with Prince, police claimed
  • Prince has a long criminal record including burglary and illegal possession of a firearm by a felon
  • In early 2017 a colleague took a peace order out after he was attacked by Prince, who was fired from that job 
  • A worker from near the scene said that the shooting had followed an argument but other details are unclear
Harry, Meghan And A Very Discreet Tea Party With The Queen
  • Encounter happened on Thursday last week and inevitably set tongues wagging
  • Suggests couple are making plans for future together 18 months after meeting
  • Couple were said to have been whisked up to the Queen’s private sitting room 
Fears For Pr Worker After She Disappeared At Beachy Head
  • Suzannah Jane Brown, 28, from Chiswick was reported missing late last night
  • Her car was found by Sussex Police officers at the notorious Beachy Head site
  • The talented PR manager studied at the nearby University of Sussex in Brighton
  • Anyone with any information on her whereabouts are asked to call police on 101 
  • Anyone with any information is asked to call 101 
Filthy Flat Landlord Revealed As London Beauty Salon Boss
  • Farrah Naz, 43, and her husband own four bedroom house in Edgware, north London, crammed with 28 Romanian migrants
  • The beauty salon owner said they began renting the property to a family of five in August
  • But the family has reportedly illegally sub-let the property and allegely charged rent for more people to stay
  • Council inspectors raided the flat above a shop and found people including a young baby living in overcrowded squalor
  •  Property had no working smoke detector alarms and rubbish had been 'fly-tipped into a rat infested backyard 
Cardiff Teacher Accused Of Excessive Force Against Pupil
  • Adrian Dursley, 33, is accused of using excessive force against a pupil at school
  • He is accused of 'swinging the boy' to stop him from climbing out of a window
  • Mr Dursley teaches at school in Cardiff for children with behavioural difficulties 
Duchess Of Cambridge Joins William And Harry  
  • Duchess of Cambridge stepped out for the second time in a week 
  • Joined William and Harry to meet young sports coaches at London Stadium
  • Came just days after she danced with Paddington Bear 
  • Royal sources say she's feeling better and taking things 'day by day' 
Therapist 'allergic To Wi-fi' Has To Move To Chichester
  • Rachel Hinks claims she suffers from electromagnetic hypersensitivity 
  • Says Wi-Fi signals from internet hubs and phone masts cause severe pain
  • she moved from Chichester, West Sussex to the Welsh Valleys to escape
London Pensioner Admits She Rubs Urine On Her Face
  • Stella Ralfini claims that rubbing urine on her face keeps her looking young 
  • Used the method while suffering with skin cancer and has since had the all clear 
  • Is now on the look out for love after her last partner couldn't 'get it up' 
Us Tourist Fears He Was Hit In Cuba Years Before Diplomats
  • Chris Allen, a US tourist from South Carolina, was staying in a Havana hotel in 2014 
  • On his first night in the Cuban capital, Allen felt numbness overtake his body
  • He cut short his trip after numbness spread through all four of his limbs within minutes of climbing into bed at the same hotel where US diplomats were housed
  • Americans urged to stay away from Cuba because of unexplained health 'attacks' it says have caused hearing loss and dizziness among 22 diplomats
  • State Department has received reports of several citizens who visited Cuba and say they've developed symptoms similar to what embassy victims experienced
Overweight Officer Who Quit Over 'bleep Test' Loses Case
  • Detective Constable Rebecca Tiffin said she felt she was being 'over-scrutinised' 
  • 39-year-old had been suing Surrey Police for disability and sex discrimination
  • Said under-active thyroid gland caused her to gain weight and she had anxiety
  • Detective called 'Blue Moon' due to frequent periods of health-related absence
Uk Weather: Atlantic Weather Bomb To Bring Misery
  • 'Weather bomb' expected to form over Atlantic today could bring Britain's second named storm of season 
  • 70mph winds, two inches of rain and surging tides could endanger lives as people risk being swept away 
  • Britons have been urged to avoid taking 'storm selfies' with dramatic breaking waves in front of sea walls
  • Many areas will see more rainfall this weekend than they have done in the whole month of October so far 
  • South Western Railway has told passengers to check journeys due to 'exceptionally poor rail conditions'
British Tourist Dies After Legionnaires' Disease Outbreak
  • 19 tourists have been struck down with the killer Legionnaires' disease in Spain
  • Outbreak is in the resort of Palmanova, popular with Brits and next to Magaluf
  • Health authorities reveal man who died was a 70-year-old British tourist
  • They also said 13 of the 19 affected so far are from the UK
Children Filmed Dangling Over A High Bridge In Yorkshire
  • Children risked their lives as they clung precariously from the vertiginous bridge
  • They were filmed as they dangled in the air as the river Calder river raged below
  • Footage of the stunt was shared on social media sparking fury from parents
Colchester Soldier Avoids Jail Due To 'exemplary' Record
  • Lewis Jeanes avoided jail after a number of sordid videos found on his phone 
  • Jeanes filmed himself masturbating while standing near women
  • Previously guilty of sending a picture of his penis to women 
Isis Fanatics 'plotting New 9/11' Warns Us Security Boss
  • Elaine Duke, Donald Trump's Secretary of Homeland Security, issued a warning
  • She said recent attacks are keeping jihadis engaged ahead of 'big explosion'
  • Terrorists plotting to take down planes to inflict mass civilian casualties, she says
  • Yesterday, MI5 boss Andrew Parker warned UK was facing biggest terror threat
Grieving Aunt Of Slain Us Soldier Hero Calls Trump An Sob
  • Sgt La David Johnson's aunt Katrina Johnson called Trump an 'S.O.B' Wednesday
  • The 42-year-old said she believes what her niece said of the phone call with him
  • Trump had denied reducing the Sgt's widow Myeshia Johnson to tears by telling her he 'knew what he signed up for'
  • Johnson said that her nephew was a 'hero who died fighting for his country' and that Trump's comments are insulting
Police Plan Fraud Hotline Modelled On 999 Emergency Number
  • In the future victims of bank fraud could be able to dial a special new 555 hotline
  • It would alert the banks to illegal money transfers and help crack down on scams
  • Ministers, financial chiefs and police officers are currently developing the idea
Nhs 'not Screening For Some Forms Of Cancer Costing Lives'
  • Just 29 per cent of women with ovarian cancer offered genetic testing 
  • Ovarian Cancer Action said just one in six cases linked to mutated BRCA gene
  • Ovarian cancer is the fifth most common cancer among British women
Nottinghamshire Niece 'wiped Ex-milkman Clean' Of Savings
  • Amanda Graffeo was jailed for a year after 'systematically robbing' great uncle 
  • Horace Oscroft, of Nottinghamshire, had spent 41 years gathering his savings
  • He felt betrayed and spent his final years in debt until he died at nursing home
  • Graffeo, 46, pleaded guilty to theft and was jailed for two years in June this year
Uk Weather: Waves Up To 34 Feet To Smash Into Britain
  • Forecasters warn of flooding to homes, power cuts and delays to road, rail, air and ferry transport
  • Intense low pressure system will bring a swathe of strong winds over southern areas on Saturday
  • Temperatures won't get above 59F (15C) all weekend - a stark contrast to 72F (22C) last weekend
  • Wave swells approaching 35ft could strike the South West coast of England at 9am on Saturday
Bake Off Viewers Left Outraged As Liam Is Booted Off Show
  • Youngest baker Liam Charles, 20, was in tears as he was booted off on Tuesday
  • Fans felt that the decision by judges Paul Hollywood and Prue Leith was unfair
  • They said Kate Lyon should have gone instead for dropping one of her bakes
  • They used memes to express their outrage, using hashtag 'JusticeforLiam'