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Man Released On Bail On Suspicion Of Murdering Gaia Pope
  • Student Gaia Pope, 19, last seen in 'distressed state' at Rosemary Dinch's house 
  • Teen went missing without a coat on Tuesday, November 7 in Swanage, Dorset   
  • Her friend Nathan Elsey and his gran Rosemary Dinch were arrested for murder 
  • Pair were later released then 2 days later Nathan's uncle Paul Elsey was arrested
  • All three have now been released by Dorset Police under investigation   
  • Today it was revealed clothes found 'dumped in field' are feared to be Gaia's 
  • Her father and cousin urged people to come forward in an emotional TV appeal
Sussex Off-duty Police Officer Arrests Aggressive Driver
  • Off-duty police officer forced to wrestle a hysterical motorist to the ground
  • Dramatic footage captures the moment the policeman tackles the larger driver
  • Filmed on the A27 in Worthing, the clip begins midway through the altercation
  • The driver complains he cannot breathe but continues to resist arrest forcefully
Father Crushed To Death At Cornwall Recycling Plant
  • Dale Mcclelland has been named locally of tragedy at plant in Redruth yesterday
  • Friends and family have paid tribute to the 'legendary hard working' father
  • Recycling plant boss is 'devastated' and cooperating fully with investigation 
Wimbledon Tennis Chief Becomes First Woman Black Rod
  • Wimbledon tennis director Sarah Clarke has been named as the new Black Rod
  • She becomes the first woman to take on the ceremonial role in 650-year history
  • Duties include calling MPs for Queen's speech and 'keeping order' in chamber
'driver' In Ringwood Murder Case 'did It For Drug Money'
  • Businessman was shot in front of his husband at their rural home in April
  • Three men said to have broken into the property are now on trial for murder
  • One of the  accused allegedly said he'd 'burgled f****ts' on the night of the raid
  • Another, who waited outside in the car, told fellow prisoner he'd taken part
  • But he told police he got 'steaming drunk' at home with his wife that night
London Couple Ditch The Hectic London Life For Bali
  • Patrick and Hannah Canavan have moved with their daughters Esmae, Eira and Elfie from south London to Bali
  • Personal trainer Mr Canavan quit his job and the family jetted off to idyllic Indonesia with their £5,000 savings
  • Children were home-schooled but Mrs Canavan says travelling is a better education that what is on offer in UK
  • They live 'comfortably' on £1,000 a month - and say more could do the same if they realised how easy it was
Army Dog Gets Victoria Cross For Service In Afghanistan
  • Mali, an eight-year-old Belgian Malinois, will receive the Victoria Cross
  • It helped flush out the Taliban from a tower in Kabul, Afghanistan in 2012 
  • Attack dog served alongside troops from Britain's Special Boat Service
  • It detected insurgents and sniffed out explosives while under ferocious fire 
Nhs Considers Deliberate Three-month Waits For Routine Ops
  • Critics said bosses were hoping patients would go private – or die – before their operation so NHS would never have to pay
  • Scheme being considered by five health trusts in East Midlands and Greater Manchester which collectively cover almost one million patients
  • NHS England defended the rules and said managers were facing ‘difficult choices’ over how to spend money
Strike Threat To Virgin West Coast Line
  • Virgin Trains' West Coast staff have voted to walk out over a pay dispute
  • The RMT union said the plans involve nearly 1,800 staff
  • Virgin Trains said it is 'disappointed' by the result of the ballot  
Winter Wonderland: Security Beefed Up Amid Terror Fears
  • There were fears last year that huge crowds around the site could be targeted
  • Concrete barriers and metal gates are in place this year ahead of opening night
  • Comes after terrorist in a lorry drove into German Christmas market killing 12 
Former Home Of Leonardo Da Vinci's Salvator Mundi
  • EXCLUSIVE: Grandson of a man who sold painting for £45 wishes that he had it
  • Leonardo da Vinci's Salvator Mundi has sold at auction for a record £342million
  • It was in England for 400 years and belonged to King Charles I and 2 other kings
  • But it vanished in around 1900 and resurfaced in 1958 when it was sold for £45 
  • It had been kept in London mansion Doughty House as part of Cook Collection
Thai Boxing Coach Jailed For Abusing Girl In Rochdale
  • Peter Feeley, 56, exploited his position at a Thai boxing gym to seduce the girl 
  • The 14-year-old called Feeley 'husband' and her called her his 'young wife' 
  • His creepy behaviour in the gym earned him the nickname 'Mr Touchy Feeey'
  • Feeley was jailed for six years at Minshull Street Court in Manchester 
Benedict Allen's Wife Reveals Toll On Their Children
  • Benedict Allen has not returned from a solo expedition in Papua New Guinea 
  • He was scheduled to travel home from his jungle trip on Sunday but did not 
  • His family are ‘very cross’ with he refused to take a phone or GPS tracking device
  • Mr Allen’s agent said the tribe he was searching for were a ‘scary’ and remote
  • His wife said their youngest daughter keeps trying to ring him from her mobile 
Up To 8,000 Women To Benefit From New Cancer Drug
  • Up to 8,000 a year will benefit from two life-changing breast cancer drugs
  • Major victory for the NHS, with two pharmaceutical giants forced to lower prices
  • Normally cost £35,000 a year per patient but Nice negotiated an undisclosed, lower fee
Police Search For Uncle Of Teen Arrested Over Gaia Pope
  • The 19-year-old student was last seen in Manor Gardens, in Swanage, Dorset, at 3.40pm on November 7 
  • Paul Elsey, 49, not been since Tuesday shortly before police searched his mother's home and seized his car
  • Rosemary Dinch, 71, and her grandson Nathan Elsey, 19, were arrested on suspicion of murder but released 
  • Her actress mother Natasha Pope today launched an emotional Facebook appeal to help trace her daughter 
Norway's Richest Woman Fined £23k For Drink Driving
  • Katharina Andresen was three times over the legal limit driving to family chalet
  • Forbes puts her fortune at $1.23 billion, making her richest woman in Norway
  • She risked a fine of £3,673,319 in the country, which fines according to assets 
Chris Kamara Finds Suspected Car Thief Hiding In Garden 
  • Suspect was found by police in Sky Sports commentator's garden in Wakefield
  • Officers had been following the alleged car thief when he failed to stop in Leeds
  • The driver is accused of driving the wrong way down the M1 in West Yorkshire
  • After abandoning the car, the 24-year-old man made off on foot over a verge 
Thieves Rob Toy Birmingham Store Of Star Wars Lego
  • Thieves escape Birmingham toy store with £900 worth of Star Wars Lego
  • Three men raid Smyths in what is thought to be a 'planned and targeted attack'
  • A store attendant was left shaken after one man said he would 'knock her out'
Uber Driver Guilty Of Murdering His 2 Children With Cloth
  • Endris Mohammed killed his two young children using a petrol-soaked cloth
  • The bodies of Saros, eight, and Leanor, six, were found by emergency services
  • Mohammed drove off in his car and set fire to the vehicle to try and kill himself
  • He was treated at Sandwell General Hospital and Birmingham for severe burns
  • The father claimed he was not guilty of murder due to diminished responsibility
  • But he was found guilty just 30 minutes after the jury retired to deliberate  
Tusk Warns May That Brexit Trade Talks 'not A Given'
  • Prime Minister Theresa May attending summit in Sweden with fellow EU leaders
  • Mrs May is due to hold talks with European Council president Donald Tusk
  • Mr Tusk will warn that progress to trade talks by Christmas is 'not a given' 
Passerby Shoves Thief Off Motorbike In London
  • The clip shows three men wearing black riding mopeds waving to the camera  
  • A passer-by is then seen shoving the man driving a white moped off the bike 
  • The footage comes just days after the Home Secretary pledged that police will get stronger legal protection to chase violent moped criminals 
Gaia Pope: Suspect's Father Hits Out After Clothes Found
  • Student Gaia Pope, 19, was last seen in Manor Gardens, in Swanage, Dorset, at 3.40pm on November 7 
  • Her friend Nathan Elsey, 19, and his grandmother, 71, were arrested on suspicion of murder but later released
  • Nathan's uncle Paul Elsey, 49, was arrested on Thursday on suspicion of murder and is now in police custody 
  • His father Greg Elsey, 69, claims his son thought Gaia and her family were trouble but says he is innocent 
  • Comments come after Dorset Police discovered clothes believed to belong to Gaia in fields near 70ft cliffs
Chris Riddell: John Lewis 'helped Themselves' To My Book
  • John Lewis' hotly-anticipated Christmas advert featured a blue monster, Moz
  • Moz bears a close resemblance to Mr Underbed, from Chris Riddell's 1986 book
  • Both are blue with big bulbous noses and two fangs pointing out of their mouths 
  • The children in the stories also have similar names, Joe (advert) and Jim (book)
  • Joe and Jim both quiver in fear as their beds unexpectedly shake at the start 
  • Mr Underbed and Moz both keep the youngsters up at night with their snoring
  • But as they become more comfortable with each other they both befriend them
  • John Lewis says 'the main thrust of our story is utterly different to Chris Riddell's'
Government Could Drop Bid To Write Brexit Date Into Law
  • Theresa May announced last week she wanted to write the plan into Brexit laws  
  • David Lidington was asked today if the Government would abandon its plan 
  • The Justice Secretary said only that ministers were listening to Tory critics 
  • And he said the amendment only clarified something that was already EU law  
Labour Would Not Spend Any Money Preparing For No Deal
  • Shadow Chancellor claimed preparing for no deal would 'waste resources' 
  • McDonnell said Labour was committed to getting a good deal from  Brexit talks 
  • May has insisted Britain must be able to walk away to secure EU concessions 
Leeds Teacher Ann Maguire's Last Words Revealed
  • Ann Maguire was fatally stabbed by then 15-year-old Will Cornick in April 2014
  • Statement by head of languages at Corpus Christie School, Leeds, was read out
  • A police officer testified that Cornick showed no emotion when he was arrested
  • Cornick was jailed for 20 years later that year and later had an appeal rejected
  • The hearing at Wakefield Coroner's Court continues
Oadby Police To Want Lights Turned On After Burglar Raids
  • Police have requested Leicester County Council to keep streetlights on all night
  • Officials were trialling a cash saving measure to switch off the lights at midnight
  • Locals reported a spike in burglaries targeting gold, jewellery and fast cars
  • Police have raided 46 addresses searching for suspects linked to the crime wave 
Kent Child's Battle Through Chemo Captured In Images
  • Poppy Martin is partially sighted because of a tumour growing behind her eye
  • The toddler has had chemo almost every week since she got ill 17 months ago
  • The footage shows her crying as she sits in hospital beds and her with no hair
  • UK doctors have told family there is nothing more they can do for her
  • Parents Ellena and Robbie, from Kent, launch £300,000 appeal for help abroad
Duke Of Windsor’s Will To Be Unsealed At Last
  • Duke of Windsor's will has been hidden away from prying eyes since 1972 death
  • Now a senior family court judge has ruled that it can be looked at by an archivist  
  • One reason is to establish who owns copyright to his letters so Netflix series The Crown can republish his words
All Labour Officials On Local Committee Resign
  • Every member of a Labour Party executive committee in Bexhill and Battle quit
  • They resigned to support a colleague who was allegedly bullied by a campaigner
  • The unnamed male activist is said to have harassed women's officer Anne Ruzylo
Ann Maguire Killer Winked Before Stabbing Her
  • 15-year-old launched horrific attack on Spanish teacher during lesson in 2014
  • He has since been jailed for murder, by jury is now hearing inquest into death
  • Teacher's family hope future attacks in school can be prevented by the case
  • Coroner told killer showed his knife to a fellow pupil shortly before the attack 
Jesse Jackson Reveals He Has Parkinson's Disease
  • Civil rights activist Jesse Jackson, 76, revealed he has been diagnosed with Parkinson's disease in a letter released on Friday
  • Jackson noticed changes three years ago and plans to focus on physical therapy
  • The incurable neurological disease also affected his father
  • 'Recognition of the effects of this disease on me has been painful, and I have been slow to grasp the gravity of it,' Jackson wrote
  • 'As my daily physical struggles intensified I could no longer ignore the symptoms, so I acquiesced,' he said
Helicopter And Plane Collide Mid-air In Buckinghamshire
  • Emergency services rush to scene after locals hear a huge bang over woodland
  • An aircraft and a helicopter collided in mid-air shortly after midday today
  • The two people in the helicopter are feared dead, as well as the pilot of the plane
  • A large cordon has been thrown around the crash site as police investigate
  • Both aircraft had taken off from a nearby airfield and were flying at low altitude 
Morrisons Manager Hanged Himself Over Gambling Addiction
  • Philip Tomlinson spent money he set aside for holiday on his gambling addiction
  • Mr Tomlinson, 29, would spend up to £1,000 a time playing betting machines 
  • He was to see the Northern Lights with his girlfriend but spent cash on gambling
  • Tragic Mr Tomlinson was found hanging from a tree with suicide notes in his bag 
  • For confidential support call the Samaritans on 116123, visit a local Samaritans branch or see for details.  
Robert Mugabe Pictured For First Time Since Zimbabwe Coup
  • Robert Mugabe was detained in his own home after the military staged a 'bloodless correction' yesterday
  • Deposed 93-year-old was holed up in £7.5million Blue Roof estate overnight amid calls for him to step down
  • Wife Grace is with him and the pair are insisting on the dictator finishing his presidential term, a source claims
  • A Catholic priest is mediating a potential political exit for Mugabe, but the president 'wants a leadership vote'
  • Pictures show a suited Mugabe locked in talks with military chief General Constantino Chiwenga and officials
  • Army chief visited Beijing last week sparking speculation that he asked China for approval to launch the coup
Bbc Workers Snapped While Asleep At Their Desks
  • A colleague collated evidence of several journalists brazenly asleep on the job
  • Whistleblower said it's 'very difficult to work with someone snoring next to you'
  • The pictures were all taken at the BBC newsroom in Broadcasting House, London
  • The source claimed they saw someone asleep at their desks at least every night
Bill For Protecting Mps Rises To £2.5m After Jo Cox Murder
  • The spending on protecting MPs has increased 15-fold since the tragic murder
  • Labour MP Jamie Reed was the highest claimer overall, with a total of £243,279
  • Alex Salmond was the second highest expenses claimant with total of £235,128
Wife Of Missing Explorer Benedict Allen Speaks Of Relief
  • Benedict Allen failed to from his expedition in the jungles of Papua New Guinea
  • The missing adventurer was spotted by tribal chiefs in the remote Enga province
  • He does not carry a GPS or phone as he considers the devices to be 'cheating'
  • His wife, Lenka, and their three children had been pining for his safe return
Germany Faces Snap Election As Merkel Can't Form Coalition
  •  September election left Merkel's party weakened and needing coalition
  • Chancellor and would-be coalition partners have had until today to agree
  • But the three parties are disagreeing on migration caps and environment issue
  • If CDU/CSU, FDP and the Greens can't agree, there will be a snap election
Japanese Train Leaves 20 Secs Early And Company Apologises
  • The 9.44am Tsukuba Express left at 9.43:40 prompting apology from company
  • Rail company boss said it was 'deeply' sorry for 'severe inconvenience' caused
  • Staff have been spoken in order prevent a recurrence, the Tokyo company said
  • Leaving a small time away from schedule is rare in highly efficient rail system
Father Of Missing Dorset Girl Gaia Pope Breaks Down
  • Student Gaia Pope, 19, was last seen in Manor Gardens, in Swanage, Dorset, at 3.40pm on November 7
  • Items of clothing believed to belong to her have been found near cliffs today but no body has been found
  • Rosemary Dinch, 71, and grandson Nathan Elsey, 19, were arrested on suspicion of her murder but released
  • Police have now arrested 49-year-old man on suspicion of murder who has been named as Paul Elsey, 49 
  • His father Greg Elsey, 69, has protested his son's innocence and slammed the police for 'disgusting' behaviour
  • Paul Elsey, had not been since Tuesday shortly after police arrested his mother and actor nephew Nathan 
  • Gaia's father Richard Sutherland said his family is 'distraught' but are still hopeful they will find her alive
Belfast High Rise Tower Block Is Engulfed In Flames
  • A high rise tower block in Dunmurry, near Belfast, was engulfed by huge flames
  • Four residents were injured after the blaze as emergency services battle the fire
  • The fire comes just five months after the Grenfell Tower tragedy in west London
Amir Khan Takes His £1.2million Mansion Off The Market
  • British boxer Amir Khan takes his £1.2million mansion in Lancashire off the market after reuniting with wife
  • He and Faryal Makhdoom had been feuding for months with accusations she slept with Anthony Joshua
  • But pair appeared on Instagram cuddling on a sofa as they revealed they were back together again 
Nhs Cuts Are Blamed For 120,000 Extra Deaths
  • 120,000 patients died after cuts were made to health and social care budgets 
  • The majority of them, who were over 60, died in care homes or their own homes
  • Experts from Cambridge University likened the recent cuts to 'economic murder'
Pcso Who Helped Catch Hit And Run Driver Suspended
  • John Cannon, 62, hailed a hero for catching driver who injured a pedestrian 
  • But Mr Cannon was accused of misusing police car's blue light during incident  
  • And for eight months he has been suspended pending an IPCC investigation
  • He said he is only receiving half his pay and feels like his life has 'collapsed'